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It’s a beautiful day to be alive 🌸 I run on sarcasm + lifting heavy things but you'll never see me actually running 🏃🏼‍♀️💨 ▫️YouTube ▫️Gymshark

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Evolution of a selfie 😭😩😂  #10yearchallenge  #2009vs2019

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It’s a beautiful day to be alive💕 all about upper body day latelyyyyyy 😅👏🏼 combining exercises into supersets and tri-sets to hit more muscle groups, keep my heart rate up and break a bomb sweat 💦 workouts like this are perfect if you want to hit a bit of everything and are short on time/have limited equipment Don’t forget to double tap to support 💚 let’s get it 1️⃣ superset | 3 sets of 10 1 & 1/2 lat raises into 10 diamond front raise 2️⃣ superset | 3 sets of 10 bent over wide grip row into 10 hammer curl into bicep curl 3️⃣ tri-set | 2 sets of 10 close grip chest press into 10 wide grip chest press into 10 skullcrushers. All about the chest and tri here 👏🏼 can also be done on a bench 4️⃣ superset | 2 sets of 10 bent over dumbbell row each arm into 10 rear delt raise. Can also be done on a bench Song is Want You Back by  @greymusic  #shoulderworkout  #upperbodyworkout  #armworkout  #workout  #workoutmotivation  #circuittraining

6 day ago

shoulder day babyyyyyy 🤤🙌🏼 I still have 1 workout a week dedicated to shoulders and growing the delts... lol well trying really hard to at least 😂 Here’s some bomb sets to blast your shoulders Don’t forget to double tap 💚🥳 let’s get it 1️⃣ 3 sets of 10 | around the world to y-press... palms face forward through entire exercise. Press past shoulder width apart to make a Y at the top 2️⃣ superset | 3 sets of 8-10 shoulder press into front raise! Can also be done with dumbbells 3️⃣ superset | 2 sets of 10 diamond front raise... notice my arms are in a diamond position from start to end, this will target your rear delts and is HOT FIYAAA. Move into 10 lateral raises each side. I love doing these on the cables because you’ll feel constant tension through entire movement 4️⃣ one of my fave lat raise burnouts! Choose a bit of a lighter weight... 1 & 1/2 lat raises with a pause at the top Wearing  @gymshark high rise flex... no release date yet but I’ll let you know as soon as I know! Song is Vibe by  @tovestyrke  #workout  #workoutroutine  #workoutmotivation  #armworkout  #shoulderworkout  #upperbodyworkout

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kicking the week off with a bombbbbbb, extra sweaty and high intensity leg & booty day 😅💦🥵 no machines or equipment needed Don’t forget to double tap to support 💚 let’s get it 1️⃣ TRI-SET | complete all 3 exercises before resting!! 3 sets of 10 dumbbell pull through... all about the glutes here into 10 sumo goblet squat and finishing off with 15 side to side jumps to keep your heart rate up 2️⃣ superset | 2 sets of 10 Bulgarian split squat into single-leg RDL each leg!! Finish off the set with 12 jumping lunges woohooo 3️⃣ one of my favorites here!! Another tri-set 😂 2 sets of 10 banded sumo box squat into 10 with just a butt tap into 10 jumping squats WOWZAAA 4️⃣ and finally... your hamstrings will be toast after this! 3 sets of 5 single-leg into 10 with both legaroooos Wearing  @gymshark camo seamless 💚 song is Damn Good Liar by Emily Burns  #fullbodyworkout  #workout  #workoutroutine  #workoutmotivation  #legworkout  #bootyworkout

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about to demolish you with this one 😅🥵💦 upper body day babyyyyyyyyyy! I love to superset exercises together on upper body day to hit more muscle groups and keep my heart rate up Don’t forget to double tap 💚 to support your girl 😩 let’s get it 1️⃣ sorry I keep doing this one, it’s been my number one for biceps 🙈 3 sets of 12... 1 & 1/2 bicep curls into bent over tricep extensions with barbell. LMAO I know it looks crazy BUT JUST TRUST ME.... holy guacamole it’s good. Can also be done with dumbbells 2️⃣ superset... 2 sets of 10-12 | bent over dumbbell row into wide row 3️⃣ TRI-SET | exactly like a superset but with 3 exercises! Complete each exercise back to back before resting. 10 svend press into 8 cross body front raise into 12 overhead tricep extensions 4️⃣ superset | 3 sets of 10 leaning lateral raises into 10 Arnold presses Song is Easy by  @alicelk 🤩  #workout  #workoutroutine  #workoutmotivation  #upperbodyworkout  #armworkout  #backworkout  #chestworkout  #shoulderworkout

13 day ago

this year I challenge you to put your health first. To take care of yourself. To focus on bettering yourself not only physically... but mentally💕 be kind to yourself. Instead of being your worst critic... be your biggest supporter. These are a few things I’m focusing on for 2019 🥳💜 new YouTube video is now LIVE with a few tips to get you fit for the new year plus my first physique update 🥰 Link in bio! It’s a beautiful dayyyyyy to be alive ily

14 day ago

kicking off the new year with a hot fire flamessssss ab circuit 🥳😅💦 I’m so excited for the new year.... new goals, fresh start, loads of motivation 👏🏼 LETS GET IT! Start today! Get moving and start working on yourself... your physical and mental health 🥰 Here we gooo 1️⃣ 15 opposite knee to elbow crunch on exercise ball... repeat on other side! You can also do these on the floor without the ball so no excuses here 👊🏼 I find adding the ball ups the intensity just a bit because of core stabilization 2️⃣ moving straight into 20 crunches... also can be done on the floor. The ball adds a bigger range of motion here 3️⃣ can’t lie... these are pretty difficult 😅😅😅 12 tuck ins 4️⃣ finishing off with 15 floor crunches with a big squeeze at the top into 15 side-to-side heel touches to target your obliques Rest and repeat if you’re up for the challenge 👊🏼 wearing  @gymshark high rise flex leggings and sports bra... no release date yet. Song is Easy by  @alicelk  #coreworkout  #workout  #workoutroutine  #workoutmotivation #abs  #absworkout  #newyear

15 day ago

grateful for these 3 for supporting me through the lows and celebrating the highs with me all year long❤️ I’m so excited for what 2019 has to come... I think you will all be hehe... very excited 😉🙃🥳 happiest new year!! Please be safe tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow with all the fit tips with whit your heart could desire. I loves you so much. It’s a beautiful day to be alive 🥰

16 day ago

THAT WILL WHOOP YOUR 🤪😂  @jadapinkettsmith 🤣 I’m overwhelmed, SPEECHLESS EVEN... but most importantly, full of gratitude for the opportunity to be on  @redtabletalk with these AMAZING women tomorrow 😭❤️ Thank you for spreading so much positivity and allowing me to talk about my biggest passion... living a healthy lifestyle and how it changed my life ❤️  @adriennebanfieldnorris  @willowsmith  #redtabletalk

20 day ago

a post thiccccccmas sweat session 🥵💦 10 minutes is all you need for a bomb full body sweat workout. Amazing for getting your heart rate up and blasting calories Don’t forget to like 💚 the video to support your girl 😩 let’s get it 1️⃣ 30 seconds | sumo squat jump into oblique crunch. Focus on speed throughout this workout. Don’t worry about hitting a deep squat (it’s not a leg workout girrrrrl), get your heart rate up and keep going woo Rest 30 seconds 2️⃣ 30 seconds | 8ish toe taps into half burpee Rest 30 seconds 3️⃣ 30 seconds | plank walk out, in and straight into jump squat. Remember... speed! Rest 30 seconds 4️⃣ 30 seconds | side to side toe tap jumps Rest 30 seconds 5️⃣ 30 seconds | high knees are so underrated 😭😭😭 they’re so gooood Rest 30 seconds and repeat circuit for a 10 minute workout NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO WENT LIVE TODAY 🥳🥳 my current favorite clothes! Athleisure, normal clothes lol and workout gear!! Wearing new  @gymshark camo seamless that released today 🙌🏼💚 link in bio to shop and to those who took the extra step to shop through my link, thank you. It truly means so much. I hope you love the new sets 😩 the quality, fit... it’s amazing. Song is Hope by  @thechainsmokers  #hiitworkout  #hiit  #hiitcardio  #fullbodyworkout  #workout  #workoutroutine

22 day ago

happiest of holidays from our old scottish soul  @navysimmons... my love bug miss indigo and I 🥰❤️ the best chicken nuggs a girl could ever ask for. Our first Christmas together as a little family 💚 s/o stefan for the photo he’s also in the family but someone had to take the photo you know??

29 day ago

It’s a beautiful day to be alive💕 Feeling all sorts of motivated to absolutely demolish this week... kicking it off with this BOMB leg & booty workout 👊🏼 LETS DOOOOO IT 1️⃣ 4 sets of 5 | double pause squats! This clip is sped up so it appears I’m not pausing as long BUT GIRL!!! Pause at the bottom of the squat, half way up... that’s 1 rep. Stopping just short of a full rep to keep all tension in the glutes. I also show how you can do this if you’re a beginner! Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell and give it a go 2️⃣ HIP THRUSTS! A staple to every single leg day I do and it’s made the biggest difference 🥰 3 sets of 8, drop the weight and move straight into 5 single-leg each leg 3️⃣ WOWZA! So much hammies and glutes on this one 😅 2 sets of 10 sumo RDL into sumo straight leg 4️⃣ amazing burnout 🔥 2 sets of 10 hamstring curl in into 10 hip ups lol I was dying ENJOY Wearing new  @gymshark camo seamless, hopefully dropping soooon 🤞🏼 I’ll let you know as soon as I know!! Song is Vibe  @tovestyrke  #legdayworkout  #legworkout  #bootyworkout  #workout  #mondaymotivation  #workout