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just a little baby o to help your day

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THIS WAS NEVER A JOB MEANT FOR ONE PERSON : This week has been one of the most inspiring weeks I’ve had in this industry .... ive gotten out of my comfort zone / and started conversations with stylists that i REALLY want to get to know and actually meet in person ... WHAT? I know right ... no way you actually DM’d another stylists and said hi right ... JUST hi ... how are you and would you be interested in meeting ... N O T what’s your formula or tell me all your secrets ... just LET’s be friends and start supporting one another. It’s been incredible and honestly i have an amazing feeling about the year 2019 and my new friendships that are in the making ... Comment the Raise your hand emoji and TAG a stylist you’d LOVE to meet in a FUN way! LETS GET THE CONVERSATION GOING

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DONT forget to jump on  @eentertainment and catch the newest season of  @totalbellas ; ill be supporting my girl  @whatlolalikes & her beautiful family! Hair : 🙋🏼‍♀️ Makeup :  @zac_phoenix Photo :  @amaes_photography

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7 MONTHS today. growing by the second. i honestly wonder what has changed every single morning I wake up. the hair + the cheeks + the shoes + the sitting up + the ALMOST CRAWLING + the almost eating haha. a l s o ...  #whatiwearbehindthechair baby addition. why is dressing a baby so much more fun than dressing yourself?

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how can i NOT be the happiest momma that there ever was. pinch me this little lady is truly the coolest girl ive ever known.

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another beautiful transformation last week ... transitioning this gorgeous client out of tape ins and switching her over to 2 rows of hand tied extensions + freshened up her color. if you have any questions about hand tied extensions or want to book a consultation send a text to my salon phone line 480.280.3331 Hainsworth & Co. I am SO looking forward to the transformations booked this month.

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 #whatiwearbehindthechair this jumpsuit ive had for 2 years and still can’t stop wearing. but let’s take a second to chat about this $30 jacket from  @amazonfashion ; my client  @thenikkibutler wore it in the salon and I instantly purchased it ... cant stop wearing it! hope all of your fashion inspo is off to a good start for 2019!

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there’s not many things i love more than pampering this beautiful lady!!  @whatlolalikes always showing me love & endless support. i don’t know i got so lucky. give me a high five if you’d found yourself with an “unexpected friend” ✋🏻

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2018 i became a mother and a parenting partner with the love of my life. i will never forget the joy + challenges + memories + growth + unimaginable love this year has given me. 2018 was the BEST. YEAR. OF. MY. LIFE. YET ... 2019 i have a feeling you will give it a run for its title.

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transformed my very own stylist  @thechristinapeek assisted by  @themelissastyle : only a peek into the process

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i don’t know of a caption that is worthy of this photo ... LOVE = my whole world + my whole heart. Eric & Olive Jay