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Total Bellas Season 4 January 13th, 9/8c only on E! “Always listen to your heart. It may be on your left, but it’s always right.”

1 day ago

Families are suppose to put you on blind dates right!!!??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t Miss a brand new episode of  @totalbellas this Sunday 9/8c only on E!

1 day ago

She can’t ever get in trouble 😊

2 day ago

Bird is finding her inner Picasso!!! My cabinets are her canvases 🙈😬🎨

3 day ago

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4 day ago

Hello NYC 🍎

4 day ago

Guess what!!!?? Birdiebee Kids is here!!! Love how my sweet Bird is rockin’ the camo pull over!! There’s mommy size too 🙌🏽💚  #mybirdiebee  #kidsclothing  #sweater  #comfort

4 day ago

Hope you loved tonight’s season premiere as much as I love my  @honeybeileen glam 💋💋💋 love you all!!! Until next week...  @totalbellas  #totalbellas  #Repost  @honeybeileen ・・・ Hope you’re all watching  #totalbellas season premiere today!! Love glamming my girls!  @thebriebella .  #honeybglam

4 day ago

Marriage lol 45 mins away from the season PREMIERE of Total Bellas!!  #Repost  @totalbellas ・・・ Leave a 😂 if you think Bryan's BEEN ready for baby #2. Don't miss the season premiere of  #TotalBellas tonight on E!

5 day ago

Get a hubby who’s has a big heart, is an amazing father and a crazy environmentalist 🤪🖤 Total Bellas tonight 9/8c only on E!  #family  #reality  #itshere  #entertainment  #totalbellas  #life  #love  #fatherdaughter

6 day ago

Already in position to watch  @totalbellas 💛 TOMORROW season premiere 9/8c only on E!  #family  #reality  #television  #cousins  #countdown  #entertainment  #love

6 day ago

Love adventure with this one  @thenikkibella 💜  #Repost  @unleashed_world ・・・ Entering 2019 with unrivaled excitement to share our new projects featuring female trailblazers 💪 ~ STAY TUNED, plenty inspiration to come! ~  #TotalBellas season premiere this SUNDAY 9/8c only on E!

7 day ago

LOVE this lol!!! 🖤🙌🏽  #Repost  @whatlolalikes ・・・ @bryanldanielson and I are joining a band... haha but really ... family is all about being our weird selves together | 3 days until the season premiere of  @totalbellas only on  @eentertainment.  #totalbellas