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Once, I was but an innocent egg. Until I was penetrated by a hockey-jersey-wearing sperm...
20 hour ago

On the brand new  #SModcast: it’s the excellent  @annafaris! Me and the most  @unqualified podcaster I’ve ever met offer you 2 hours of glorious oral during which Ms. “Mom” floats from topic to topic while I try like Hell to get a linear story out of one of the funnest guests I’ve ever enjoyed. Not bad for a onetime “Local Hire”! To listen, click the link in my bio. Next week on SMod:  @samosier returns!  #KevinSmith  #annafaris  #unqualified  #podcast

1 day ago

My kid  @harleyquinnsmith is in a terrific new flick with  @mollyringwald that comes out TODAY, entitled ALL THESE SMALL MOMENTS! The Teen Screen Queen of my adolescence is in a movie that also stars the teenager who lives in my very house! The kid’s been doing press all week, popping up on  @ktla5news like I’ve done dozens of times during my career. It’s oddly comforting to see my only begotten daughter carrying on the family business. And I’m additionally happy for Harley because she’s getting some well-deserved, sweet reviews (thank you  @variety) for her performance. Way to go, Kiddo! You are a never ending source of joy in my life!  #KevinSmith  #harleyquinnsmith  #allthesesmallmomentsmovie  #allthesesmallmoments  #mollyringwald

3 day ago

Last night,  @harleyquinnsmith and I presented the premiere of  @deadlyclasssyfy, the wicked new series by  @therussobrothers! Based on the  @imagecomics, the show follows the students of Kings Dominion - a sort of Xavier School for the Gifted but for killers in training instead of heroes. It’s an insanely stylish 80’s-set adventure you can see on  #syfy TOMORROW NIGHT, January 16th! I got to meet the incredible cast (including the mohawked Billy, played by avid  #fatmanbeyond listener  @realliamjames), talk to creators  @rickremender and  @milesorion1, and roll up on  #anthonyrusso - who I’m sure I scared the shit out of after nearly crushing with a grateful hug while gushing about the 53 times I’ve watched  @avengers  #infinitywar! I got to tell one of my favorite filmmakers on the planet how important the work he does with his brother  #joerusso is to me. I told him that Winter Soldier, Civil War and Infinity War not only vastly entertain me and make me happy, they also make me feel like a kid again. I’m 48 and after doing it myself for 25 years I know how movies are made: It’s my vocation. And yet, any time I watch a  #russobrothers joint, I’m no longer a professional - I’m just a movie fan again, transported back to the 80’s, when the flicks that shaped my life and worldview loomed large and were all that mattered to me. Now I’m a grown-ass man, long past the time I’m supposed to put away childish things. I’m not supposed to care this deeply about movies and tv shows because I should be thinking about mature, closer-to-the-end-than-the-beginning kinda shit. But when the Russo Brothers make their magic, I drop adulthood for a few hours and get to return to a time of pop culture wonder and cinematic discovery. So the hugs (plural) I trapped the younger Russo in came from an honest place: I am sincerely grateful when a storyteller can make me feel like a kid again. And last night, surrounded by the next generation of talent, I felt maybe 15 years old, 16 tops.  #KevinSmith  #deadlyclass  #syfy

4 day ago

Me, myself & I.  #2009vs2019 - thanks to @ww, going Vegan and Runyon hikes.  #KevinSmith  #wwambassador #ww (Photo on right by  @allanamato!)

5 day ago

I was “directing”  @thegoldbergsabc all last week, so today I’m back to my Runyon hikes. Practically needed 3 barrels on me to drag me up there, so I chose this genius Jaws and It’s a Small World  @teepublic mashup (shirt 12 of 30) drawn by  @thesteele, entitled “It’s a Small Boat.” The same artist was responsible for my other Jaws shirt (Beaches Closed) so it’s safe to say I’m a fan! Later today, thanks to the good folks at @ww, I’m doing a photo shoot for the second least likely magazine I ever imagined I’d be featured in. Can’t say what it is yet but it’s further proof that a little healthy change can go a long way!  #KevinSmith  #wwambassador  #jaws  #teepublic  #thesteele  #runyoncanyon

6 day ago

I touched Greatness! Thanks to the the fine folks at  @upperdecksports &  @upperdeckent, I met and interviewed my hockey hero,  #WayneGretzky! I first fell for the  @edmontonoilers icon back in 2008-ish, when  #zackandmirimakeaporno didn’t light the box office on fire. I went through what was either a mid-life crisis or a semi nervous breakdown. Locked away in my office and questioning myself as an artist, I watched old hockey documentaries. And for reasons I don’t fully understand, I was profoundly impacted by the story of the life and times of the greatest scoring genius the world has ever known. Even though I’m not an athlete and I’ve never dominated in anything, let alone in my industry, I nonetheless identified with the boy from Brantford, who always tried to give a little more and accommodate as many as he could. Gretzky’s life story became my gospel, and the advice his Dad Walter gave him became my creative mantra, leading to both  @tuskthemovie and  @yogahosers: “Don’t go where the puck’s been; go where it’s going to be.” Ten years back, I was looking for a savior - so I wrapped myself in  #oilers colors and made #99 my higher power. On Wednesday night, I sat on a stage and talked to  #waynegretzky only to discover that up close, The Great One smells like victory and Canadian Christmas. Before he skated off into the night, he signed the pictured piece of artwork that hangs in my bathroom - and if it creeped him out, he didn’t show it.  #KevinSmith  #upperdeckhockey  #upperdeckcards  #upperdeckent  #thegreatone

7 day ago

Spent the week with Philly’s funniest family, getting undeserved credit for “directing” my third episode of  @thegoldbergsabc! I was about to direct an ep back in February of last year but I had a heart attack instead. With one day left to shoot, so far, no cardiac problems - except my heart skips beats from laughing so much at the relentless comedic genius of  @wendi_mclendon_covey, the funny force of nature that is  @jeffgarlin, the Barry brilliance of  @troygentile08, the sassy secret weapon  @hayleyorrantia and the sweet silliness of  @seangiambrone! Throw in a soupçon of jolly  #GeorgeSegal and you have a family I love spending time with almost as much as my own!  #KevinSmith  #thegoldbergs  #wendimclendoncovey  #jeffgarlin  #troygentile  #hayleyorrantia  #seangiambrone

9 day ago

Day 1 of JAY & SILENT BOB REBOOT! (Actually, this bit of brilliance was posted on  @reddit yesterday by redditor Icemann0. We don’t start shooting  @jayandsilentbob Reboot for real until the end of February. I only pray that this photo and caption are not funnier than our movie...)  #KevinSmith  #jayandsilentbob  #jayandsilentbobreboot

9 day ago

Come join us as we honor the life and legacy of our beloved friend and Father of Fandom,  @therealstanlee! EXCELSIOR happens JANUARY 30th at the  @chinesetheatres, brought to you by the folks at  @legionmofficial,  #SModCo,  #powentertainment,  @agentsofmayhem as a benefit for  @heroinitiative! Limited tickets are available at the  #legionm website.  #KevinSmith  #stanlee  #tclchinesetheatre  #chinesetheatre

12 day ago

We finally sprung my Mom from the hospital yesterday! For the first time since Thanksgiving, and after three different hospitals, two different post-surgical rehab units, and one emergency helicopter ride, it was homecoming time! Mom’s recovery from the hernia surgery (where they had to pull her stomach down out of her chest) has been a bitch, to say the least. She lost 34 pounds during her month-long ordeal, so her 73 year old body has taken a beating. But last night, over vegan tidbits for me and French Toast ice cream for her, Mom and I celebrated the fact that - though it certainly tried - 2018 could not kill Amazing Grace or her baby boy! The two of us just stubbornly refused to answer when our numbers were called last year. I got many things from my Mom (my heart, my giving nature, my childbearing hips) - but perhaps the greatest gift Grace passed on to me was her utter invulnerability!  #KevinSmith  #gracevsmith #mom  #wwambassador  #teepublic

13 day ago

Jay & Silent Bob Hike Back! Brought my hetero life-mate  @jaymewes to Runyon and to hide our nakedness, we pulled on a pair of  @jayandsilentbob t-shirts from  @teepublic (shirts 10 and 11)! We’re getting our middle-aged bodies ready for all the  #jayandsilentbobreboot antics that start in a month and change! I’m sure it’s gonna be weird for some folks to watch two old men pretend to be overgrown children - but to be honest, it’s even weirder to *live* as two old men pretending to be overgrown children. Rebootch to the Nooch!  #KevinSmith  #jasonmewes  #jayandsilentbob  #wwambassador  #teepublic  #runyoncanyon  #jaymewes  #jayandsilentbobreboot

13 day ago

Posted this on  @twitter Jan 1 but including it here for posterity. Spent the first day of 2019 having a  @jayandsilentbob Reboot pre-pre-production meeting at our holiday-roomy  @wework office!  @jaymewes took this pic of me and  @jordanmonsanto to both mark the moment and to document that we were the only dopes in Hollywood working on the holiday. Topics covered: living accommodations, cameo list, animation, and when to notify fans about opportunities to be extras in the flick (watch this space for details in early Feb)! 2019 is the Year of the Reboot!  #KevinSmith  #jayandsilentbob  #jayandsilentbobreboot  #wework  #jordanmonsanto  #preproduction  #movie  #moviemaking