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Richard Kinsley

Buy my new book and become almost as great as me*. Visit the website set up by the cretins in the Mount Richard marketing department.
4 day ago

This cartoon was constructed to represent the current state of my persons as I have gained the power of telekinesis due to my investment in occult witch doctor ceremonies with my vast wealth. I am surrounded by the vast quantity of money procured by selling my excellent new book.

10 day ago

This is the book in which my new religion would be scripted upon. This book will be mandated in Kinsley city and Kinsley mountain and it’ll be called ‘Richard Kinsley’s Book of Richology and Proof That I’m Very Rich and am Far Richer Than You Meaning I am Very Rich™’. Many people have been saying falsehoods against my person saying i am not rich. I am in actuality very rich.

13 day ago

I am currently perched atop one of my many mansions admiring the view. Soon, this view would be covered in snow as i am relocating to the vicinity of Mount Richard© in which the location of my colossal vault consisting of gold bars is located.

14 day ago

I was bored one day, well today, and i purchased myself this rather large mountain. Cretins know this mountain as Mount Everest, meanwhile, i shall reinstate the name to Mount Kinsley, named after yours truly. I shall prohibit cretins from scaling said mountain and shall also keep it as storage for my private jets and larges mansions. I am very rich.

26 day ago

I was rather bored and bought this whole city. I am very rich and now own this place.

1 month ago

I bought this rather cheap picture to put in my mansion containing many photos. Cretins call this the Mona Lisa. I found this rather cheaper than people said. 100 million isn’t that expensive at all. I am very rich.

1 month ago

This vehicular machine was one of the first Ferraris i have ever purchased. Now, i have procured many more ever since. I am very rich.

1 month ago

My means of transportation... oh the kids love it.

1 month ago

I am very rich. This is merely one of the many houses i have possession of. You are poor in comparison.