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7 day ago

Happy New Year!! I know I’m a little late to the game with wishing everyone a happy new year but I’m finally seeing the light... in more ways than one. The end of 2018 was a tad rough for us but when I think about how difficult so many other people’s lives are I’m reminded that our hardships are only a season. I’m reminded of other’s losses and hardships and thank God for all that we have. This is our first picture of 2019 with all 4 of us in it. We might be tired and just coming up for air but here we are. 2019, let’s do this.

17 day ago

Real life, my friends. As I lay sick in bed with the flu, I am feeling so incredibly humbled. I have quite a bit of time to think and just be. I’m also voice typing my end of year blog post. Hopefully it will be posted sooner rather than later. And if not, that’s ok too. This is me and my babes yesterday before I felt even worse. Theo is still recovering, Penelope is hanging in there & Derek is terrified to catch what I have. December has been a month for the books—like, the book that collects dust at the library. The one no one in their right mind wants to check out. BUT, it could be so much worse. I know this for a fact. I could be in the hospital or even worse, one of my babies. I can say with pretty certainty that the Jensen household is more than ready to say ✌🏼 to 2018. What I’m looking forward to: fresh starts, fresh water, new sheets, less booger crusted kids and more time snuggling. That’s it’s for now 👋🏼

20 day ago

Baby Jesus is finally in his manger after all month of adding straw, doing acts of service for others & patiently waiting for His arrival. Over the years and especially since having children, I’ve placed less value or importance on gifts and more on giving to others. Gifts are nice and all but honestly, we really have everything we NEED. Good health, a roof over our heads and food to fill our tummies is so much more than so many others don’t have. Penelope absolutely loved having  @thegivingmanger out all month long. I really wish there was another way to keep something tangible out to add to all year long for our acts of service to others. Any ideas? I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with full hearts, full homes and full arms ❤️

21 day ago

This girl. This wall. This phrase. x a million 💖

23 day ago

This is what Penelope & Theo wore for their... I mean our Christmas card with Santa. Derek & I are still in the Santa card. Maybe next year? Merry Christmas Eve! 🎄💫🧝🏼‍♂️

1 month ago

Who else loves Christmas, reading & Amazon Prime 🙋🏼‍♀️ over on my blog, I shared our favorite Christmas books you can snag on  @amazon & have them at your doorstep fast... like really fast 💨 head over to the blog and check them all out! Happy Saturday!

1 month ago

Theo is under the weather (but still smiling). The house is a mess. Ritz lives like a king. Christmas music is on—that’s about it for now 👋🏼

1 month ago

Alooooooha 🤙🏼 it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted over on my blog ( I shared our recent family trip to the Big Island of Hawaii— also, if you’re going somewhere warm soon or want to snag some good deals on warmer weather clothes, I linked lots of cute things for the entire fam at the end of my post 👌🏼

1 month ago

Friends— I legit sobbed like a baby while I read Penelope  @thegivingmanger book. She looked at me and said, “mommy, I know it’s really nice but I’m not crying” ...thanks hormones. This little manger and straw that comes with the book is so meaningful. Starting December 1st, this little manger gets filled with the straw and on Christmas the little baby Jesus gets placed in it (also included). There’s so much more to this than just filling a manger with straw... it’s about giving to others, helping, putting strangers before yourself— it’s absolutely incredible and it’s a beautiful way to introduce & include your child(ren) in the season of giving ❤️

1 month ago

The older I get, the more I enjoy the simpler things in life. For several years now I’ve felt like lots of color and things feel like chaos. I love having less. When I can clearly see what’s all around me it’s so much easier to give back to others—I’m loving this holiday season of giving to those in need and watching the joy on Penelope’s face as she gives things that were once hers to others in greater need. It’s wild how you really get so much more by giving than receiving ❤️ do you have any holiday traditions of donating or giving to others?

1 month ago

This rainy weather, my babies helping setting up the tree, Christmas Spirit in the diffuser and Christmas music on in the background. All we need are yummy cookies and we’re set. Forget the presents, forget the stockings— we’ve got each other ❤️

1 month ago

That cabana life 🤙🏼