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I’m home

13 hour ago

I’m 1000% there @broccoliCity and  @childishgambino  #BCFEST19  #BroccoliCity

2 day ago

name this weirdo

4 day ago

Saturday Night = chug more water

6 day ago

Get in loser, we’re going shopping

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8 day ago

Guysssssss 2019 is in full swing

11 day ago

“ I've been reading the most amazing book, It says that the future is already written. It's all there. And the proof lies in premonitory dreams. “

13 day ago

“Industry” Noah

16 day ago

Got pulled over in half moon bay but made friends so it’s all okay (still got a ticket though)

17 day ago

We cliff jumped, repelled, and slid down natural slides for 3 hours and then hiked our exhausted asses out of the ravine. The craziest part was that Aaron actually jumped 😂and I think Tomer found his new life passion. Thank you again  @eddiebauer for the opportunity  #liveyouradventure P.S. been road tripping for the past few days, will continue to do so and I’d deadass be freezing rn if it wasn’t for the gear we got. 📽  @andrewmaguirephoto

24 day ago

Teide - The worlds 3rd largest Volcano and highest peak in Spain. A 2 day journey and a lifetime to remember it.  @adrianballinger is a champion. This guy has been to the summit of Everest 8 times. 8. That’s 1 more than 7. He’s a wild man and is the reason I will forever be changed by this trip. I will always think of a be grateful of the wisdom, knowledge and experience that he endlessly and abundantly supplied to Tomer, Aaron and I. All I have is gratitude. Thank you  @eddiebauer  #liveyouradventure 📽  @andrewmaguirephoto

25 day ago

I’ve never been into brand deals because I dislike the idea of becoming an advertisement. BUT when  @eddiebauer reaches out to me and says they want to take me and my two brothers on an adventure trip across the world to Spain and Morocco....saying no was not an option. Over the past 3 days we’ve rock climbed massive cliffs, ascended the 3rd largest volcano in the world, and went on a 5 hour canyoneering expedition that is ending in a long van ride home which is where I’m reporting to you now. More than just the wildness of the past 3 days, I’ve learned so much about technical apparel, safety, trusting myself, pushing myself and just how much I love these two fuckers here with me. But there’s one last aspect to this massive rant that I’m shocked you’re still reading...I’ve acquired a new passion for these sports and if it wasn’t for  @eddiebauer giving me this opportunity..that would not have happened. Thank you so much for these experiences, lessons and passions that I won’t soon forget about.  #liveyouradventure @andrewmaguirephoto