PBR in Waco. #uncommitted #prospect #baseball #rbi #player

PBR in Waco.  #uncommitted  #prospect  #baseball #rbi  #player

Waco, Texas9 day ago

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    • @monicanikolebush9 day ago

      Nice! Is that his first PBR event?

    • @khrisrollins88229 day ago

      @monicanikolebush no, been to a few! We just missed last weeks so decided to make this a quick one

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    14 day ago

    Did you always know you were gonna be a photographer? No.. Life takes us on some pretty weird journeys. I always love sharing something unexpected.. it’s what make us interesting... that’s usually the thing that draws me to other people honestly... their backstory. At 19 I had a scholarship to an automotive school in Wyoming, it was my dream to restore old cars in my teens. I bought and sold vintage cars through high school.. kinda a side hustle. But when the perfect opportunity presented itself through auto-shop competitions I turned it down.. I couldn’t go through with it. It would have definitely been a different career path & probably would have made me happy but I decided to I needed more time. I found photography. Fast forward 8 years into my career as a photographer & my wife introduced me to Yoga... I practiced for years & years.. watched her grow as a teacher & practitioner. Finally I got convinced to do a teacher training... I was wayyyyy out of my comfort zone ( like outer galaxy) and it felt really good. I left a lot of emotion on the mat. For a split second I even felt like teaching could be my thing .. a way to reinvent myself in what felt like a less competitive atmosphere than surf photography. But as soon my training ended & my certificate was in my hand I realized just how little I actually knew about myself.. about yoga.. about anything really. It’s amazing how life constantly gives us opportunities for growth. Take em. . What shaped you?

    9 hour ago

    aquarius season ♒️ 10 days until my birthday! what’s your sign?

    2 day ago

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    8 day ago

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    7 day ago

    Signature red❤️  @hamiyetakpinar

    4 day ago

    LiNK iN BiO. ?

    2 day ago

    Put in the effort.

    11 day ago

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    6 day ago

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    10 day ago

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    2 day ago

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    7 day ago

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