Woke up this morning and  @thetennesseekid_13 said dad can we work on pop ups and throw outs? Happy to kid. Working in a new approach for the next few months in only trying to be critical with positive feedback, what I'm seeing is on mistakes or errors he is waiting to be corrected and waits to see of I'm going to say something, nope. If you see it, then you know what to fix , what good is my yelling?  #morningworkout  #morningreps  #catcherslife  #workhardplayhard  #wantitmore  #baseballlife  #baseball  #baseballplayer  #baseballyouth  #utilityplayer  #firstbase  #outfield  #catcher #8u  #travelbaseball  #positivelearning  #positivefeedback  #positiveresults

10 day ago

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    • @ley_love1210 day ago

      Bro is just so professional and good!

    • @mojomotives10 day ago


    • @dapringle._10 day ago

      glad to see a young yin putting in work for what he loves💦

    • @shawnriggans10 day ago

      Love this!! Great job

    • @zmck61510 day ago

      @dapringle._ he finished this and went straight to the team workout. Gotta keep grinding.

    • @zmck61510 day ago

      @shawnriggans 🙌thanks brother

    • @zmck6157 day ago

      @runyon_ 😋

    • @runyon_3 day ago

      I need 103 more views please

    • @zmck6152 day ago

      @runyon need 100 more

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    7 day ago

    We don’t get ready, we stay ready! An all new season of  @TheLastOGtbs premieres on  @TBSnetwork April 2nd!  #TheLastOG

    18 hour ago

    Reppin’ the East.

    1 day ago

    NYで色を捨てました。 Is this a New Yorker style?? -14℃でバカ寒いビル風が強く吹き、顔面飛んで行きそうでした。ヒートテック2枚、ヒートテックタイツ超極暖1枚、ウルトラライトダウン1枚中、ネックヒートテックウォーマー、ヒートテック手袋、中がもっこもこの激厚手ブーツでやっと街を楽しく歩けました。マジでUNIQLO様様です。ヒートテック様。ただ、ニット帽買うの忘れてて、外出て2分で頭飛んで行きそうだったので激ヤバフードおじさんになっちゃった。リボン結びで可愛さを演出したけど余計ヤバさが増した。 しかも、街で2mくらいあるニューヨーカー男性が、正面から早歩きで、私のパーソナルスペースをぶち破り、ハグするぐらいの距離で、私の顔面にWhat's up!!!man!!!How you doing!!!!!!!!!って笑顔全開、つば全飛びで言ってきた。まじ怖かった。普段私がやってるやばいやつと全く同じ動きしてた。ヤバい同類だと思われたのかな。 とりあえず男性に見えたのは間違いない。 NY二日目超楽しんでます?  #SOHOのUNIQLOとMUJIは人パンパン大人気でした流石

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    Shuffle up the deck mi a the queen inna the pack  #Romanticmood will now be my stage entrance song  #capturedmixtape subscribe to my vevo  #SpiceOfficialVevo more new video coming soon

    3 day ago

    Holy throwback ???  @tylerbaltierramtv and his popped collar lmao ?

    9 day ago

    Troddiando gamberetti  @simonepicchi_ @moschino

    2 day ago

    Thanks for the shout out  @hollywoodreporter and thanks to everyone who went out to see  @glassmovie movie over the MLK weekend in America and the normal weekend across the rest of the world. A lot is made of the box office returns but they’re just an indication that bums are on seats. A lot of movies these days struggle to find a crowd at the theatre and to know so many of you went out to watch this weekend is the greatest reward/award this actor could hope for. All the best tell your friends. James  #glass  #movies  #split  #brucewillis  #samualljackson  #sarahpaulson  #shyamalan  #hollywoodreporter  #boxoffice

    8 day ago

    Кто угадает ?‍♀️ куда мы летим большой компанией? ??‍♀️??‍♂️

    13 day ago

    7 дней я провёл без телефона. 7 дней я писал книгу «Как я 7 дней провёл без телефона”... Всех с наступившими!!! #7Я  #семьЯ  #РА  #всемдобРА  #отдых  #ааааа

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    11 day ago

    Grow through What you go through...? Yaşadıklarınızla büyüyün ?❤️ #tb  #tulum ?

    6 day ago

    ??  #Shaq  #Shaqiri #LFC  #LiverpoolFC  #Liverpool