The Yankees have reportedly agreed to sign 2-time All-Star & 3-time Gold Glove infielder DJ LeMahieu to a 2-year, $24 million deal. Thoughts?
#Yankees #NYY #MLB #Sports #Baseball #NYC

The Yankees have reportedly agreed to sign 2-time All-Star & 3-time Gold Glove infielder DJ LeMahieu to a 2-year, $24 million deal. Thoughts? . . . .  #Yankees #NYY #MLB  #Sports  #Baseball #NYC

12 day ago

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    • @wahl_thomas11 day ago

      Yes Bobby Is Right get some pitching we need starting pitching Mr. Cashman please look for starting pitching

    • @emarcus211 day ago

      Think it’s a good move ! Both are great players !

    • @h1ramgarcia11 day ago

      The yankees need pitchers for example Dallas Keutchel,

    • @vidal96511 day ago

      @storzy0789 all I hear and see about manny is hof material, I dont like the 10 years contract neither and to be honest I hope he don't signs with the yanks. Have you hear a teammate a coach a manager anybody else talking about him been lazy? All I'm asking you dude, but forge it you never found one because he's an awesome teammate and play hard for the team, I don't give a fuck about what the opposing players think or said

    • @menachem_melo11 day ago


    • @empire_state_boys11 day ago

      @justin7373123 money saved can be used to sign an ace a the deadline? What sports are you watching where there are free agent ace pitchers available mid season?

    • @empire_state_boys11 day ago

      @huntersgarage like who? Name me an available ace pitcher that can be signed?

    • @empire_state_boys11 day ago

      People out here happy cuz the Yanks saved money like its their money. They also happy thier team might pass on a future hall of famer.

    • @escottodionymanuelguzman11 day ago

      Excelente contratación porque le faltaba un segunda base ganador de guantes

    • @danielf80411 day ago

      Would be interesting if we pass on Machado and shock the 🌎 by signing Bryce Harper. He can possibly play 1B, OF, and DH.

    • @danielf80411 day ago

      They should pass on Machado and wait for Nolan Arenado!

    • @huntersgarage11 day ago

      @empire_state_boys maybe one can be traded for.

    • @huntersgarage11 day ago

      @wgseguin they need another starter. Sabathia and Tanaka are fragile.

    • @empire_state_boys11 day ago

      @huntersgarage everyone wanted wanted Synagard and he is more fragile than all Yankees starters

    • @themrburley511 day ago

      One word...NICE!

    • @michael_a_capasso11 day ago

      fantastic. no need for machado

    • @anthony_gallo11 day ago

      Embarrassing. George would have had Machado signed already.  #HalShouldSell

    • @taralewis109911 day ago


    • @justin737312311 day ago

      @empire_state_boys want me to list them genius because there’s plenty and you’re going to look stupid.

    • @justin737312311 day ago

      @empire_state_boys and they aren’t free agent pitchers if they’re on a team and being traded dopey

    • @empire_state_boys11 day ago

      @justin7373123 yes please, tell me which ace pitchers will be free agents at the deadline?

    • @nikomanatakis11 day ago

      Absolutely love this move!! Solid proven defender who has a good bat as well, who knows maybe we could see some power numbers with him hitting 20+ over the wall in right ⚾️💥 hopefully we could sign Otovato and finally finish setting up our super-pen

    • @justin737312311 day ago

      @empire_state_boys I don’t have a crystal ball so I couldn’t tell you lol.

    • @justin737312311 day ago

      @empire_state_boys I can name some aces that have traded teams at the deadline off the top of my head. Randy Johnson, Curt shilling, Justin Verlander, David Cone, cc Sabathia, Roy Oswalt

    • @empire_state_boys11 day ago

      @justin7373123 well damn, look who looked stupid then. 😂😂

    • @justin737312311 day ago

      @empire_state_boys retard you don’t know who will be available until teams start tanking. The teams that tank will want to trade. You’re a clown who knows nothing about baseball. Lay of the green bud lol.

    • @erinlahv11 day ago

      That’s not Manny Machado

    • @vcontreras212111 day ago

      I’m a Yankees fans and I think it’s dumb we need pitchers

    • @chazzy965810 day ago

      Geesh THOUGHT the focus was on PITCHING🤨

    • @thelastpalabra10 day ago

      YESSSSS 🔥

    • @wgseguin10 day ago

      @huntersgarage CC for sure but that’s why we have 2 plug in starters ready to go. Tanaka has been healthy with the usual missed starts here and there. He just has struggled in the first half each of the last two years but he’s been our best postseason pitcher. Postseason pitching is the only reason Boston gets to shit talk us. Here’s to hoping another year of experience helps Sevy, Paxton delivers and Tanaka stats his usual postseason self.

    • @thedball10 day ago

      @newyorican78 Totally agree, I was not happy they resigned Gray. 😞

    • @trevor.910 day ago

      @rpfister814 luxury tax champs

    • @johnnypaco9 day ago

      Great move! Sign Ottavino to sure up the bullpen. Save that money for the Trade Deadline for team needs and let’s get #28 🙌🏽

    • @ladosoleado9 day ago

      there are no pitchers out there and Corbin is not worth 140

    • @edward__millican6 day ago

      @jay_stay_finesin trading Andujar would be unwise, especially for an overpriced toddler like Muchado

    • @jay_stay_finesin6 day ago

      @edward__millican well how else did you plan on getting another starter?🤔

    • @edward__millican6 day ago

      @jay_stay_finesin the money Manny would require would be enough for Kluber and Keuchel

    • @jay_stay_finesin6 day ago

      @edward__millican well keuchel isn’t really an ace and kluber is not a free agent🤷🏾‍♂️ so try again

    • @edward__millican6 day ago

      @jay_stay_finesin rumor has it Kluber is headed to Cincinnati

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