Which middle infield duo is the best?  @dailybaseball

11 day ago

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    7 day ago

    Jejejejeje ???

    5 day ago

    Yillar yillar ? ↔️ a bit longer than a  #10yearchallenge

    8 day ago

    Let me see how much my followers f**k with me can we get this pic 100k likes first hour  #worldrecordegg

    14 day ago

    Shade range strong ?????????? These top foundations now come in even more shades ✨  #FoundationAtSephora . . . @FENTYBEAUTY  @DiorMakeup  @LancomeOfficial @beautyblender  @NARSissist

    7 day ago

    ECHARÁN DEL PAÍS A EXTRANJEROS QUE COMETAN DELITIOS EN LA CIUDAD. "El que viene a hacer daño, matar o robar no puede quedarse en nuestro país", dijo Diego Santilli. El vicejefe de Gobierno porteño coincidió con Patricia Bullrich, quien había confirmado el proyecto para expulsar a los extranjeros que cometan delitos. ¿ESTÁS DE ACUERDO?  #DiegoSantilli  #CiudadDeBuenosAires  #Inseguridad  #Extranjeros  #CABA  #Capital  #BuenosAires  #TodoNoticias

    8 day ago

    How do you snowboard? Lingerie? Photo:  @officialbaeza

    6 day ago

    Horrifyingly enough, this is not an "I've had one too many, stayed up and thought it would be a great idea to post about it" kind of post. This was a morning snowpig walk last week before stepping in to get my Geralt on. "But what time is it?!" I hear you cry. Well my friends, if you were to zoom in on my conveniently, and totally unintentionally, placed Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris watch, that particular riddle will be solved. And all of your burning (post-specific) questions will be answered.  #Witcher  #SnowPig  #JaegerLeCoultre @JaegerLeCoultre @Netflix

    1 day ago

    Thank you so much for 1 million subscribers on youtube!! Hindi ko inakala na aabot ako dito? maraming salamat sa lahat ng nanonood ng vlogs at mga kabaliwan ko. 10 year old blythe would be soooo happy? thank you again Brilliants! I love you all so much!!❤

    6 day ago

    Yg namanya adik kakak pasti selalu main bareng, dan yg namanya berantem pasti ada tapi ngga lama peluk2an lagi. Trus yg namanya ngompol bareng juga ada tuh. Nih mereka berdua kiya sama thaya hobinya sama, sama2 doyan ngompol deket bapaknya hahaha. Malem2 bangun dr tidur trus punggung udh basah gara2 ompol hhaha tp seru sih malem2 bersihin ompol trus tidur sambil bau pesing kasurnya ? sabaar sabaarr ? . Bukan begitu yg udh berkeluarga dan punya anak ? Haha . Sharing dong pengalaman kalian sama anak2 kalian klo lg tidur di comment aku yaa hehe . Buat yg belom punya anak aku doain semoga cepet di anugrahi anak yaa aamiin ??. Buat yg belom nikah alias jomblo y udh sabar2 aja dulu hahahhaa.  #keluargamoyapoya  #kiya  #thaya

    7 day ago

    ⚡️ 1998 vs 2018 ⚡️

    7 day ago

    Как же я не люблю заниматься спортом ? Лень -матушка ?. А надо. Придумала,как облегчить себе задачу. Во время занятий смотрю сериал «Ходячие мертвецы»?? Никогда не смотрю ужасы, потому что боюсь. Но тут увлек сюжет. Люблю фильмы,которые оставляют свой след, заставляют задуматься. Вряд ли «ходячие» оставят теплые воспоминания ? но уж очень интересно,чем же все это закончится. А что смотрите вы? Есть ли фильмы или сериалы,которые могли бы рекомендовать?

    3 day ago

    Привет! Обещала сделать лайктайм - ловите? Правила знаете, а если нет - "старенькие" вам подскажут, да ведь?? На фото - моя главная любовь, залайкайте нас тоже) Хорошего вечера❤

    3 day ago

    Photo by  @russ_wildlife || I have spent years following big cats but never thought in my lifetime I would see a ‘black panther’ in the wild. (Which is just melanistic color variant of a leopard or jaguar.) Myself,  @shannon__wild and  @shaazjung have spent hours everyday over many many months tracking every inch of this forest in the south of India just to have the privilege of but a glimpse of this ghost. Follow  @russ_wildlife for more moments in the wild.

    6 day ago

    Misma ilusión... mismas ganas... misma felicidad junto a vosotros  #10yearschallenge

    1 day ago

    What’s been on your mind ???  @prettylittlething

    7 day ago

    NYC .. ✈️ guess I won’t be able to wear a skirt this time ❄️?