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12 day ago

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    • @ktvkot12 day ago


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    • @mohamedsheikkargbo12 day ago

      😂 🔥❤️

    • @mariammalik2711 day ago

      @asim_olakf if she can than u can obviously

    • @ths_dad_rcks7911 day ago

      @ths_dad_rcks79 kamikaze - eminem

    • @me_the_palestrato11 day ago

      @ths_dad_rcks79 yea true!! Realised after hearing!!😎😎

    • @thakali_bishu11 day ago

      @sandhya_pun 😉

    • @shante_thephoenix11 day ago

      Awesome! Keep up the good work 😊

    • @shante_thephoenix11 day ago

      @xpider_g exactly 💪🏾

    • @simonemariegardner11 day ago

      @warrickamorgan how do you know what she’s eating? Are you her doctor/nutritionist? Quit mansplaining stuff that she probably already knows.🙄

    • @warrickamorgan11 day ago

      @simonemariegardner at 150 lbs over she knows everything, ok, sure... just like you...

    • @lucianaortiz__11 day ago

      Hermosa mujer fuerza que se puede

    • @simonemariegardner11 day ago

      @warrickamorgan I never said I did know everything... why can’t you just be positive for her instead of you thinking she eats everything. You don’t know that. Do you know this woman? Do you watch her eat? Are you her doctor? Just be positive for her instead of assuming and criticizing her. She’s doing an awesome job.

    • @ginevralapi11 day ago

      @warrickamorgan stopping eating is never the solution, if anything it will slow down her metabolism and produce a weight loss stall... or worse it could end up developing an eating disorder (I say this from personal experience)... never tell anyone to stop eating

    • @l.e.brodsky11 day ago

      You go girl. You can do !

    • @penniesparks11 day ago

      Way to go ive recently lost 147 lbs so i understand!

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    • @misserikainvegas11 day ago

      Love her.

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    • @1_______xo11 day ago


    • @tfc102511 day ago

      Keep going you will do it !

    • @dovaleevelyn11 day ago

      @warrickamorgan You are right. Unless she fasts, it's going to be hard to lose the weight.

    • @warrickamorgan11 day ago

      @dovaleevelyn Thank you Dova!!! Everybody needs to watch Jason Fung Youtube Fasting videos - such morbid obesity is a SERIOUS SERIOUS PROBLEM!!! This is No Joke!!! FASTING FIXES HORMONE PROBLEMS - She is Hyperinsulinemic, Insulin Resistant, and SURELY full type 2 or 99% there - Why do people refuse common sense, refuse to burn fat?? No fat burn when body is still overflowing with daily sugar intake!!!!! No Cure For Stupid!!!

    • @2005_lj_11 day ago

      She’s fat

    • @danielvanboven10 day ago

      @romyvlist 🙋🏽‍♂️

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    • @ankitklr10 day ago

      @kunwarmehta  @prabhkaran9871

    • @lisahestaas9 day ago

      @marrius_ea its never to late!!!!!!

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    • @marrius_ea8 day ago

      @lisahestaas ja men.. du burde begynne snart altså

    • @georgiarogerss5 day ago

      @niamhmaca shook but aww

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      @aby.12 wow😛

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      @vanessa_93wuelman clm

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