Cracking way to kick off the weekend! ☀️Nice work Melbourne! ☀️ #funinthesun #fun #biking #twowheels #green #playday #lovelife #keepmoving #fitness #workinonmyfitness #ridewithme #radfahren #spaß #draußen #stadt

Cracking way to kick off the weekend! ☀️Nice work Melbourne! ☀️  #funinthesun #fun  #biking  #twowheels  #green  #playday  #lovelife  #keepmoving  #fitness  #workinonmyfitness  #ridewithme  #radfahren  #spaß  #draußen  #stadt

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia10 day ago

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    10 day ago

    i got my first top 10 record today ✨ it really means a lot to me, for the most part i stay cool in the cut and do my thing but this is a new realm i’m honored to reach, forreal. keep streaming, sharing, whatever you wanna do with Nights Like This... i appreciate all of it.

    9 day ago

    @alicemuzikali ?

    23 hour ago

    the second pic tho

    9 day ago

    Primeiro ano da minha princesa! ❤️?? Como passou rápido esse 2018 ? Eu, sua mamãe e seu irmãozinho vamos sempre cuidar de vc, minha Linda! FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO MINHA Linda Pêto Bezerra da Silva Pêto Bochecha Colo Pé de Pão!

    5 day ago

    O famoso Gel de Limpeza agora é 4 em 1! ? Ele remove as impurezas, esfolia, tonifica e ainda renova o brilho natural da pele. Impossível não amar. Comente com ? se você já usou e amou!  #SemPromessas  #SóResultados

    6 day ago

    Hoje eu to bem princesa

    2 day ago

    Привет! Обещала сделать лайктайм - ловите? Правила знаете, а если нет - "старенькие" вам подскажут, да ведь?? На фото - моя главная любовь, залайкайте нас тоже) Хорошего вечера❤

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    4 day ago

    Add a pop of color to your spring wardrobe.

    3 day ago

    La vida da muchas vueltas, cuando tenía 16 años todo lo que hoy día estoy viviendo parecía un sueño imposible de cumplir, pero ocurre algo en el universo donde Dios y la vida te muestran que la mejor forma de cumplir tus sueños es creer en ellos y trabajar para cumplirlos. Siempre seré ese niño que se sorprende con los pequeños detalles, que sueña con los imposibles, que tiene la mente en el espacio y los pies en la tierra. Gracias a ustedes por tanto.

    12 day ago

    Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes! Today was the best day I could hope for. I started with a Soul Cycle class so hard I almost puked and/or threw up but it made me feel SO strong AND since the instructor is my friend he made the entire playlist Beyonce and it was EVERYTHING. Then Dave and I ate guacamole at lunch— and we can all agree, guacamole makes everything better. Then we got massages (his Christmas gift to me was pre-booking a bday massage ??) then we watched J-Lo’s new movie filled with her perfect wardrobe, dewy highlighted skin and unrealistic yet still satisfying love story. Then we came home to “surprise party” made up of the Hollis kids. The entire day I wore stretchy pants and never once brushed my hair. What a beautiful start to 36, I am so blessed!! ❤️ PS - thank you to everyone who went to see  #MadeForMoreMovie tonight for the final showing. 200,000+ people went to see our little documentary in theaters throughout North America which absolutely blows our minds. Your support means the world to our little team!

    3 day ago

    ? Вона что откопал из 2012-ого! Листайте разок ? Пожалуй, тату делать не буду.

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    9 day ago

    Правильный ответ: два города - это Лос-Анджелес и Архангельск. Архангел один из главных по чину среди ангелов.

    5 day ago

    Baby Elephant Playing ? Tag someone who should see this! Follow ?  @ourplanetdaily for more! Photo by ©  @awildsole

    11 day ago