With cake and gap and side boob and beauty from on high... 💜

Model @maudeup_

With cake and gap and side boob and beauty from on high... 💜 Model  @maudeup_

4 day ago

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    3 day ago

    Un Millón ???

    5 day ago

    먹어봤자 내가 아는 그 맛이라면 오늘 정말 먹고 싶다  #널끊겠어어어면발을끊어버어어어리겠어

    3 day ago

    Want: laatste dag dikke kortingen in de RUMAG shop.  #linkinbio

    1 day ago

    Thank you for waking me up another day! I’m about to step on the pitch in a minute and I just wanna thank you Lord for all the opportunities you gave me. I’ve been working for this since I’m 5 years old, we started on the streets now we in stadiums, inspire people all over the world ? with something what we love doing the most! ⚽️❤️??  #ivory  #blessed  #grateful

    4 day ago

    I touched Greatness! Thanks to the the fine folks at  @upperdecksports &  @upperdeckent, I met and interviewed my hockey hero,  #WayneGretzky! I first fell for the  @edmontonoilers icon back in 2008-ish, when  #zackandmirimakeaporno didn’t light the box office on fire. I went through what was either a mid-life crisis or a semi nervous breakdown. Locked away in my office and questioning myself as an artist, I watched old hockey documentaries. And for reasons I don’t fully understand, I was profoundly impacted by the story of the life and times of the greatest scoring genius the world has ever known. Even though I’m not an athlete and I’ve never dominated in anything, let alone in my industry, I nonetheless identified with the boy from Brantford, who always tried to give a little more and accommodate as many as he could. Gretzky’s life story became my gospel, and the advice his Dad Walter gave him became my creative mantra, leading to both  @tuskthemovie and  @yogahosers: “Don’t go where the puck’s been; go where it’s going to be.” Ten years back, I was looking for a savior - so I wrapped myself in  #oilers colors and made #99 my higher power. On Wednesday night, I sat on a stage and talked to  #waynegretzky only to discover that up close, The Great One smells like victory and Canadian Christmas. Before he skated off into the night, he signed the pictured piece of artwork that hangs in my bathroom - and if it creeped him out, he didn’t show it.  #KevinSmith  #upperdeckhockey  #upperdeckcards  #upperdeckent  #thegreatone

    1 day ago

    The way we look at each other lol oh and you Elmo |  @extratv interview this week ?  #totalbellas  #timesquare #nyc

    3 day ago

    Comment 1 if you off today ... comment 2 if you gotta work ... comment “tommy “ if you ain’t got no job

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    6 day ago

    ? Love your  #DAMN self this V-day with the newest collection - featuring decadent styles made of sweet mesh and embroidered details! Hit up the link in bio to fall in ?!  #SavageLove

    6 day ago

    @bravoandy thank your a wonderful night! ??  #dothelilo  #lohanbeachhouse

    4 day ago

    4 day ago

    GIANT w/  @ragnbonemanuk is out now! Link is in bio

    4 day ago

    i promise she likes my kisses

    3 day ago

    Дорогие мои, со старым новым годом вас! ? Счастья вам!?? Много много! Радуйтесь, отдыхайте, веселитесь, будьте всегда на позитиве, любите друг друга, забивайте на завистливых недолюбленных и злых, наслаждайтесь красотой природы и не только?, жизнь такая классная! Позволяйте себе быть самими собой и делайте то, что хочется? И, главное, улыбайтесь!?  #анастасияволочкова  #волочкова  #балет #россия #я  #любовь #радость  #цветы  #счастье  #мы  #мальдивы  #зима  #твочество  #volochkova  #instagood #be  #love #me  #enjoy  #best  #good  #ballet  #новыйгод  #отдых  #мальдивы

    4 day ago

    Lock out the Bullsh*** Just focus on work ⚽️

    5 day ago

    Beaches & Cream Soda Shop serving a smile in a glass! ?  #DisneyResort  #WaltDisneyWorld (?:  @weknowdisney)