Actress #TontoDikeh opens up about the lingering Cold War between her feet and harmattan

Actress  #TontoDikeh opens up about the lingering Cold War between her feet and harmattan

6 day ago

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    • @maurice_star14 day ago

      @morenike_xx not everyone that says good things about you in your presence loves you my dear.

    • @issa_rukayat4 day ago

      Caption 🤣

    • @jace05084 day ago

      @tha_ragnarrok 😂😂😂😂

    • @adnanno154 day ago

      D pedicure is too much... reduce it Biko... allow it heal without anymore pedicure for the main time, Gbam

    • @georgeusifoh4 day ago

      @morenike_xx humans for U🤗

    • @sammy.ega4 day ago

      @ayokumbee Thanks 🙏🏾 I think I will try that method

    • @sgawd014 day ago

      Hunny you got a fungal infection b

    • @butybutiebutee4 day ago

      @sureboy4eva she shouldn't have feared any evil🤣🤣🤣

    • @tanasfourth4 day ago

      @kim_ideh No actually😂😂

    • @omapheny4 day ago

      @instablog I raise Yansh for una,i saw this coming

    • @omapheny4 day ago

      @zinnyokafor I dey tell you sis

    • @ugoomabala4 day ago

      @peri_glam peri nke a ato gi iche

    • @peri_glam4 day ago

      @ugoomabala Nne odi egwu 😃🤣🤣

    • @remy_ugo4 day ago

      Oboy dats a bad leg

    • @itzbenie4 day ago

      @olivet4real 😆😆😆😆

    • @aijay_temple4 day ago

      She is very right.....

    • @aijay_temple4 day ago

      She is right... Its harmattan, after harmattan it will stop

    • @ritamaqual4 day ago

      @bhalimatt really chai

    • @ritamaqual4 day ago

      @ritamaqual maybe is severe bad weather

    • @dipphotos4 day ago

      @anangfaith lols ator fah

    • @dipphotos4 day ago

      @sisieco hehe sense will not kill this Tonto

    • @_lyymahlaura4 day ago

      @tommytee007 😂

    • @ada_talks4 day ago

      Madam you have “pasau” 😂😂😂😂😂 I stay in the Same harmattan zone o..

    • @_qalibrecorp4 day ago

      @officialkunleadegbite I tot I’m the only one who observed doing pedicure only worsens the feet. Give it one wk after and the feet is hard again, its better not to start with it at all or jst use stone in the bathroom

    • @o.panacea3 day ago


    • @tari_anne3 day ago

      @olamide_bakare thanks ❤️❤️

    • @okoye_francisca3 day ago


    • @famosuoluwadayo3 day ago

      @morenike_xx 😂😂😂

    • @famosuoluwadayo3 day ago

      @sk39__ 😂😂😂😂

    • @krisdozie3 day ago

      @franny_taurusbred absolute truth, its good to educate people because most medical conditions are either ignored or labeled something different in Nigeria

    • @horlitton_horl__official3 day ago

      @sureboy4eva what what? 😂😭

    • @vickkyten3 day ago

      Get Shea butter

    • @bhalimatt3 day ago

      @ritamaqual yes😂

    • @lady_nengi073 day ago

      @ibisibibo 🌚🌚

    • @ruthieejames2 day ago

      @berrryjune she's now lying on port harmattan

    • @ruthieejames2 day ago

      @gozioleks_ but must you yabb anyone?

    • @ruthieejames2 day ago

      @gozioleks_ but must you yabb anyone?

    • @kaphayat1 day ago


    • @kevinejiofor5 hour ago

      @humblerohey 😜😜😅✈️

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