a look into the super subtle mating call in the witch community

a look into the super subtle mating call in the witch community

8 day ago

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    • @bleu.berii7 day ago

      @jinkiesb YES 😂

    • @jinkiesb7 day ago

      @bleu.berii LMAODAJABA

    • @nicolas.romero237 day ago

      Season is going to be the best . But I want Sabrina and Harvey to work it out

    • @jennycleverly7 day ago

      🤔 I assumed mating calls were for breeding purposes , not for sex 🤔🤔 oh well .

    • @blytheandshirley7 day ago

      SO EXCITED 😆 I need content

    • @rdreynoldsnyc7 day ago

      Breeding is a side-effect of sex.

    • @jennycleverly7 day ago

      @rdreynoldsnyc ooooh, I didn't know that , interesting 🤔🤔 yeah . Breeding is not a side effect of sex dumb ass , breeding is the purpose of sex ... nature made sex feel good so we would do it , to encourage us... an actual mating call is used to attract a sexual partner for the purposes of breeding ... not to get your jollys off ... mammals that don't mate for life have mating rituals too but all in all , it is for the sole purpose of making babies ... people and dolphins are the only species to have sex for pleasure , thus no mating call or ceremony needed . My point being a horny gay guy doesn't need s mating call ceremony..

    • @queenz167 day ago


    • @stefania.visan7 day ago

      That’s what I am wondering too

    • @alex_a_monica7 day ago


    • @cl.sp_ghorab7 day ago

      @thomashabib28 *guttural growl *

    • @trvem_trades7 day ago

      bro is season 2 actually coming in 3000?

    • @banderas_essens7 day ago


    • @babilonia.__7 day ago

      @visoliveira_ chamando todos os cornos

    • @visoliveira_7 day ago


    • @darierthefirst7 day ago

      @hesthecolm My Netflix says 01/01/3000. Well thats a bit earlier 😂

    • @audrey_dockter1727 day ago

      When does the next episode come out onto Netflix???

    • @chiaraatorres7 day ago


    • @kayla.faria.s6 day ago

      CANT WAIT FOT NEXT EPISODE  @sabrinanetflix 😍😍😍

    • @isaak25x6 day ago

      How come Netflix say season 2 coming in 3000😭

    • @averymartin81836 day ago


    • @chigiersamantha6 day ago

      Bitch is that a shofar

    • @enamorandonos_sincensura6 day ago

      Cuando sacarán otro capítulo de Sabrina?

    • @k_vanlalruata_khiangte6 day ago

      Rawn chhuah vat ula nimai

    • @iamtedgordon6 day ago

      Patiently Waiting

    • @elenagmanea6 day ago

      Hitteth 'r misseth, i guesseth those gents nev'r misseth i understand you not? thee gotta boyfriend i did bet that gent doesn't kisseth ya! muah! that gent going to findeth anoth'r wench and that gent wonneth't misseth ya! that gent going to skrt and hitteth the dab liketh wiz khalifa

    • @chanel_52.06 day ago


    • @jazzyjoshi6 day ago

      Is it true you will answer this comment no ok 😂

    • @katec_xox6 day ago

      @kcarty_xox did ya start watching it ah

    • @__jackiechan__6 day ago

      What is this

    • @esme.downs6 day ago

      @sabrinanetflix is an arguably better show than riverdale

    • @marc_decarli6 day ago

      This pic Made me say.... OH MY SATAN I WANT NEW EPISODES!!

    • @sarah_monica136 day ago

      @british_oyster it's a SHOFAR

    • @tupacca__6 day ago

      All good I know when ambrose is calling to me without that😉

    • @s_l_i_m_j_a_d_e_y6 day ago

      @caitlin.morrisey why not until December?

    • @s_l_i_m_j_a_d_e_y6 day ago

      @dunk.in LOL 😂😂😂

    • @soy_arielbl5 day ago

      Ambrose is great but what about harvey. He is the perfect boyfriend for sabrina

    • @taania_pastor5 day ago

      Oh I heard that 🤔🤔

    • @secret_spellman4 day ago

      Sorry for spam, but I would like to suggest you go to my fan account  @secret_spellman , there are a lot of interesting things on the CAOS fandom

    • @queenmandyofficial4 day ago

      ❤🤟🏻 great show loved it♥️

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