Beaches & Cream Soda Shop serving a smile in a glass! 🎉 #DisneyResort #WaltDisneyWorld (📷: @weknowdisney)

Beaches & Cream Soda Shop serving a smile in a glass! 🎉  #DisneyResort  #WaltDisneyWorld (📷:  @weknowdisney)

Disney's Beach Club Resort6 day ago

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    4 day ago

     #TeamPacquiao  #PacBroner January 19 |  @mgmgrand |  @ShowTime PPV @premierboxing  @shosports  @showtimeboxing

    6 day ago

    Sainahm is officialy one month!! Our first family portrait by dearest bro  @sixtysix at  #SirJamesPlace ❤️ สายน้ำครบหนึ่งเดือนแล้วครับ!! ขอบคุณทุกกำลังใจที่ส่งมาให้ครอบครัวเรานะคะ ??

    5 day ago

    ?‍♀️?? tag a makeup lover

    9 day ago

    Did you always know you were gonna be a photographer? No.. Life takes us on some pretty weird journeys. I always love sharing something unexpected.. it’s what make us interesting... that’s usually the thing that draws me to other people honestly... their backstory. At 19 I had a scholarship to an automotive school in Wyoming, it was my dream to restore old cars in my teens. I bought and sold vintage cars through high school.. kinda a side hustle. But when the perfect opportunity presented itself through auto-shop competitions I turned it down.. I couldn’t go through with it. It would have definitely been a different career path & probably would have made me happy but I decided to I needed more time. I found photography. Fast forward 8 years into my career as a photographer & my wife introduced me to Yoga... I practiced for years & years.. watched her grow as a teacher & practitioner. Finally I got convinced to do a teacher training... I was wayyyyy out of my comfort zone ( like outer galaxy) and it felt really good. I left a lot of emotion on the mat. For a split second I even felt like teaching could be my thing .. a way to reinvent myself in what felt like a less competitive atmosphere than surf photography. But as soon my training ended & my certificate was in my hand I realized just how little I actually knew about myself.. about yoga.. about anything really. It’s amazing how life constantly gives us opportunities for growth. Take em. . What shaped you?

    3 day ago

    Remember the good old days when the only thing I had to worry about was my very infected belly button piercing? Couldn’t push myself to take it out because the chain was too freakin cute!!!!

    4 day ago

    Un placer verte hermano  @bruma_7 todo lo mejor !! ?❤️

    2 day ago

    who took this pic?! the world may never know

    3 day ago

    Mais um dia lindo com ela...Só que agora a foto tá de longe...❤️?

    5 day ago

    Boa noite turma! ?? Quer lingerie lindona? Temos Por Aqui ?? Terça-feira dia 15 de Janeiro tem a inauguração da loja  @excelencialingerie_oficial de Maceió/AL que ficou linda e aconchegante do jeito que vocês merecem! Em fevereiro eu vou estar na loja lançando a minha coleção especial pra vcs. Conto a presença de todos! ??  @excelencialingerie_oficial  #AlingerieDaMárciaFellipe

    6 day ago

    Caption my thoughts?

    8 day ago

    Follow your heart they said. I follow the food ❤  #weeeeeeeee

    7 day ago

    so pretty!!!!  #versacehome

    1 day ago

    ? 4️⃣ KEYS TO PERSONAL GROWTH ? ? ? 1️⃣ FEED YOURSELF- To grow you must continually be feeding yourself. What you put in will effect your growth. This is not only true physically, but also mentally and spiritually. ? ? 2️⃣ GET PLUGGED IN If you are always changing your surroundings, location and relationships, it is going to be difficult to grow. ? ? 3️⃣ LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF Being satisfied and content is a killer to growth. Don’t be afraid to take risk and try new things. ? ? 4️⃣ JUST DO IT! Take action, make it happen. Your growth depends on YOU not others. Others can surely help, but it’s ultimately up to YOU! Forget about trying to be perfect- take action NOW! : :  #inspiredaily  #entrepreneurlife  #entrepreneurship  #businessquotes  #growthmindset  #personaldevelopment  #lifecoach  #marketing

    5 day ago

    Game of the year so far tbh ? Aldridge gets the Pink Diamond for droppin 56 and Russ gets the Diamond for his triple-double. Fair Or Nah?

    1 day ago

    is it too late to say not to step on my Balenciaga’s?  #ripfinger

    5 day ago

    100 days of  #Andhadhun