Was an honour to meet and interact with the honourable prime minister @narendramodi. Very grateful to him for the reduction of gst which will be a big boost to the economics of our film industry. He was very receptive about our concerns which was honestly very cool. Ps- I missed eye contact here cause I was taking facing 🙏 #jaihind

Was an honour to meet and interact with the honourable prime minister  @narendramodi. Very grateful to him for the reduction of gst which will be a big boost to the economics of our film industry. He was very receptive about our concerns which was honestly very cool. Ps- I missed eye contact here cause I was taking facing 🙏  #jaihind

10 day ago

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    • @subbhachakrab1 day ago

      @mussaib97 when our army goes there to save kashmiri muslims from Pakistan terrorists some people just like u throw stones at them.... They are one of the bravest army but not cowards... Still they use pellet not real bullet to disperse those stone throwing moron so that they can save ur own daughters and wives... But u guys will never tell the truth... Now donr try to teach me your madarssa logic...

    • @preetysixteen161 day ago

      Yeah reducing gst rite before election 😕😕😕😕...same old strategies of politicians 😒😒😒😒

    • @preetysixteen161 day ago

      @shivamyadav._ so true 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣even he is one of greatest entertainer

    • @mussaib971 day ago

      @subbhachakrab your army saves us ???are ya fukin kiddin me,😀😀😀 it's the best illiterate sentence i've ever heard from an Indian and u don't know a shit about why we throw stones at 'em we throw stones at them coz we don't want them here in our kashmir an Indian doesn't have any right to control kashmir or throw pellets at us who the hell are these people to tell us what to do.As a kashmiri i know how brave your army is😀😀 so don't wing about that.Now don't show me your RSS,COW WORSHIPER,LYNCHER,YOGI LOGIC.

    • @subbhachakrab1 day ago

      @mussaib97 whole world saw how ur wife and kids were saved by Indian army during floods

    • @mussaib971 day ago

      @subbhachakrab i already told don't wing about your army you don't know anything now i am cent percent sure you are a zee news fan .

    • @subbhachakrab1 day ago

      @mussaib97 Kashmir will always be ours... Ur paki masters cant do shit about it... And our army saved ur women and kids during flood... Where as ur cowards mujahideens were watching mujras... I dont need to even think of ur uneducated and illogical rehtoric which is a direct result of madarssa and jihad manual... Ur mazhabi logic is what gave rise to killing of hindus... And such is the beastality u wanted the hindu women and kill tje men... Such type of inhumanity is nit found anywhere else... Its u guys who propagate it... Thats why whole world shits on ur ideas.... CHINA is perfectly correct to put ur people under rehabilitation centers... Becoz what u propagate is sick and not even human... Wonder why dont ur muhahideens go and bomb china... Go post shit there.. Ur lies and bs is world renowned.. Ur masters pakis are anyways treated like donkeys in the outside world... Lol...

    • @subbhachakrab1 day ago

      @mussaib97 yes we worship cow... But ur own hadith bukhari proves that someone raped a 9 year old child... So dont bs here.. If i start giving proof if ur own idelogy u will shit in ur pants... Do u want me to post shahih bukhari...?? So. Dont dare go that street... U jihadi kid...

    • @__kriti_sharma64341 day ago

      Mere 2 hero😄😍😍😘😅😆😆😆😘😁😀😁😂👌😘😘😘

    • @mussaib971 day ago

      @subbhachakrab don't go religious fella if we go that way i am sure u"ll get hurt and i don't want that and yeah i am jihadi and if it offends you let it be i don't care.

    • @mussaib971 day ago

      @subbhachakrab talk about education hanh you are the educated folks ok it get it😁😁😁 but how on the earth is in illiterate cunt ruling your country and don't u fukin dare to interfere in my religion or say somethin i got ya i know u are a perfect zee news fan and and to debate with ya is a wastage of time

    • @shivamyadav._1 day ago

      @preetysixteen16 lol

    • @adult_gallary1 day ago

      @adult_galary follow for follow 🔥🔥🔥

    • @shobit_babbar1 day ago

      With all due respect Modi ji, in our culture respect for women begins at home. Stop shaking.Be a man and answer RG’s question: Did the Air force and Defence Ministry object when u bypassed the original Rafale deal? Yes or no..? And also  @varundvn is A very good actor and  @narendramodi ji is standing at the right place as he is an actor more than a politician

    • @yashmodi19961 day ago

      1st pic ..that I liked of Varun....

    • @yashmodi19961 day ago

      @zoya_hasan9 Yes.... Muslim🤣

    • @subbhachakrab23 hour ago

      @mussaib97 yes what u can do.... Will u blast bomb here...? Ur a perfect terrorists... And the word u jhst use is ur illegitimate father.. Do u think i am scared of cretins and insects like you... U are delusional... Now do u want mw to recite ur hadith and show who is that pedophile who raped a 9 year old. Bloody terrorist... Go show ur bravado towards those chinese... I dont even spit at insects like u... 😂 😂 😂 😂

    • @subbhachakrab23 hour ago

      @mussaib97 u terrorists are of no value.. U can only bark over here... Lol... Our army makes an ass out of u guys... And will continue to do that... How they neutralised burhan wani etc... Rhey will continue to finish such illegitimate fathera if urs... Now if u dont want to know about ur religious truth dont start barking or the truth gonna make u more of a coward jihadi... Lol

    • @mussaib9723 hour ago

      @subbhachakrab first look at your fukin bihari face my footheel is brighter than u now talk about rapes u fukin bihari in more than 500 rapes happen everytime u should be ashamed to talk about rapes, u son of rapistan soil..and u fukin look at ya pig face than talk about me🖕🖕🖕😁😁😁😁

    • @mussaib9723 hour ago

      @subbhachakrab whole world knows muslims are cowards😁😁😁😂😂 hahaha bihari fuck talkin about bravery.

    • @mussaib9723 hour ago

      @subbhachakrab and u know what PRofanity is the crutch of inarticulate motherfuckers." and u are one of them.😁😁😂😁😁

    • @pegah__mozaffari23 hour ago

      سلام خاله شبنم هستم واستون از همه جا واسه سکس حضوری سکس چت شب تا صبح ساعتی فقط تماس 09308249869

    • @subbhachakrab23 hour ago

      @mussaib97 haha ur whole vocab revolves around abuses... Well thats the ideology u want to propagate... Do u know any reality about ur own religion... That u started to talk shit about my religion... And when given back with the same coin... U showed ur jihadi terrorists steaks.... Lol cowards... Get screwed by pakis day in day out and then get screwed by our armies too... Lol what a life.. Even insects have more dignity than cretins like u.... Lol... Now dont dare start talking about my dhram.. I will start posting about ur own hadiths etc and u will shit in ur pants.. So beware....that ur talking to a educated Indian not a madarssa chap.... Now start ur jihadi abuses again....😁😁😁

    • @jitendrb22 hour ago


    • @udaynarula621 hour ago


    • @___inder___kaushik___21 hour ago

      @zain.sakina sb mullo ki modi se jalti h ye suna tha but ab mulli bhi 😂😂😂 akela sher sab mullo mullio pr bhari h 😂😂😂

    • @___inder___kaushik___21 hour ago

      @zain.sakina tum muslim womens ka tin talak khtm krvaya or burkha se ajadi dilvai or jada achai dkhni h to pakistan or Afghanistan ki ldkia or womens dkho apna stand pta chl jaega kha pr ho tum 👏

    • @ujjwalverma816820 hour ago

      On fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • @khananas32519 hour ago

      2 chutiye

    • @vedaantsaluja17 hour ago

      @udaynarula6 Saw it long back. See the other ones also na of the rest of the actors with the PM

    • @aditya_the_rock__16 hour ago


    • @zain.sakina10 hour ago

      @___inder___kaushik___ Abe nikal subha subha gu khane aagya manhoos modi manhoos modi bhaqt

    • @bhawna.chouhan7778 hour ago

      follow fast full support 😍😍

    • @mrs_smita_raghujoshi5 hour ago

      😀😀😀😀😀 😀 😀 👌🙏🙏🙏

    • @rajneesh81934 hour ago


    • @sahil_cr7___54 minute ago

      2 dalinde ek saath

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    Thank you, Puerto Rico! Excited to share the show with you tonight!!  #TonightShowPuertoRico

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    Do or die, you’ll never make me, because the world will never take my heart. You can try, you’ll never break me we wanna it all, we want to play this part. ?  @karenguzmanfoto

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    As Mom I'm truly the luckiest  #10yearchallenge I have Known this amazing, wonderful , smart , talented, beautiful & God loving child for 10 years.  @sophialabraham has helped me be the best me. Over the years from the beginning til now I've seen such a change in society of "teen mom's" because of my successes it joys me to see I never became all the negative things people wished , lied, and said about me and teen parenting is really a beautiful thing rather then a constant struggle , I made it loving, fun, glamourous, beautiful , worldly, and so much more then hate and stereotypes, accept when society only told me the opposite.. news flash 2019! All mother's deserve this journey to be just that no matter what age you become a mother you deserve it to be your best and you will have it be your best . As I said on my 16&pregnant casting tape and lived boldly and honestly to this it's sad to see how society age descriminates against woman and motherhood at certain ages to hold us back make it horrible to be a young mom when really it's been the best , kids allow you to show unconditional love and being loved it's a luxury and blessing a new decade that is beginning for a both of us - So blessed - look forward to another 10 years.  #blesed  #ilovemylife  #2009  #2019  #sophiaabraham  #farrahabraham  #vertical  #decade  #memories  #legends #og  #singlemom

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    Thats what we do ?? The united way ?  #MUFC  #TogetherStrong

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    Guaidó: ¿Es o no Presidente? Caricatura:  @marvinfigueroat  #Lapatilla?  #CaricaturaDeldía  #12Ene #SM

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    The night watch.  #PorscheMoment  #718Cayman  #Porsche (?:  @filip_faken)

    3 day ago

    trying to find motivation to get through the next 148 days till summer  #swipe

    13 day ago

    Jan 11th  @netflix

    7 day ago

    Света  @a030aa , спасибо тебе за душевный разговор, ??❤️ успели поговорить откровенно о многом. И спасибо команде  @hello__ru за профессионализм и замечательную съемку. ? /  #coverstory

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    21 hour ago

    On this day in 2006, it was the start of something new. Happy Anniversary, High School Musical!