JB + JB #tbt

JB + JB #tbt

8 day ago

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    8 day ago

    "Tum Ho " from the movie Rockstar is my all-time favorite because it is powerful and inspiring. Its upbeat music energizes me anytime! Head over to the  @tagg_digital page and tell them what is your FAVOURITE SONG and why, to get a chance to win a Powerbass 700! Follow the rules below: 1) ✅ Follow  @tagg_digital 2) ✅ Follow  @jubin____shah 3) ✅ Answer the question in the comments on TAGG's page! 4) ✅ Tag three of your friends on the contest post for the day, with the hashtags:  #KeepsYouAhead  #FavouringTheBold  #TAGG  #KeepsYouAhead  #FavouringTheBold  #TAGGheadphones  #Bluetoothheadphones . Pic-credit  @freezeformoments

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    ? POWER UP  #NewLevels

    5 day ago

    Начался период когда 100% кайфовых моментов остаются за кадром) Настоящий отдых! Постараюсь больше не пропадать;) и тут действительно  #nofilter  #nophotoshop ?

    10 day ago

    Product of Grace  @victoradere Destiny can be delayed but can never be changed ?? You go big pass like this..On God  #skylevel

    1 day ago

    Resistir y persistir. Resist & persist.  #HalaMadrid

    5 day ago

    Thats what we do ?? The united way ?  #MUFC  #TogetherStrong

    5 day ago

    fitting headshot  @versace

    6 day ago

    Comment your fave COLOURPOP palette of all time ? |  @futilitiesmore

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    Какая песня у вас не выходит из головы последние несколько дней?) У меня на репите - Borrowed Love ? Metro Boomin & Swae Lee & WizKid //ph  @mavrinstudios

    4 day ago

    Друзья, недавно прошла неоднозначная ситуация. Сотрудничал с брендом  @calvinklein . Готовил для них рекламную кампанию. В последний момент бренд отказался от интеграции. Причины мне не понятны. Однако все равно хочу поделиться с вами такой красотой? Может вы подскажите , что не так?

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    ‘The Matrix’ was a pop culture phenomenon with a worldwide box office of $463.5 million, against a budget of $63 million. The film turns 20 years old this year — released the year that was referred to as ‘the year that changed movies.’ 1999 was the same year ‘The Sixth Sense,’ ‘Office Space,’ ‘Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,’ ‘American Beauty,’ ‘American Pie,’ ‘Fight Club,’ ‘The Blair Witch Project,’ and many more were released. What was your favorite movie from that year?

    2 day ago

    Pinguimzinhos da mamainnnn ???

    3 day ago

     #10yearschallenge yang kiri ntu siapa :))

    8 day ago

    Supermarket is upon us! Pre order my debut novel now. Link in Bio. I can’t believe it’s finally happening you guys! I want to thank you so much for your overwhelming support. Showing the world that we the RattPack are more than just music fans. That we are lovers of all forms of entertainment. Thank you for following me on this journey. I have kept you in the dark on what this book is really about and from now until it’s release I’m so excited to dive in and introduce you to this universe I’ve created. Writing a few pages of a script for the incredible true story or everybody was special. But creating an entire world from cover to cover for my fans to explore is a dream come true. I’ve created something that after the first read, you can go back and read it again and it’s a completely different book. I’m so beyond excited you have no idea. Thank you thank you thank you! Please get a copy, hell get three copies and share them with your friends. Fuck social media. Let’s put our phones down for a little while pick some books up and experience something together that we can discuss in great detail! The first half of this book was written at my lowest most depressed, anxiety filled part of my life. And the second half was written as I over came it. This isn’t just characters on a page. So much of it is me and because of that I thank you for your love and support. We kicked musics ass, now let’s show these nerds in the literary world what it’s really about!!! LOL  #Supermarket  #Author  #PeaceLovePositivity  #NerdLife