"‘Cause when I was low you was there for me
And never left me alone, because you cared for me"

"‘Cause when I was low you was there for me And never left me alone, because you cared for me"

9 day ago

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    3 day ago

    Happy bday my golden girl  @mimiluzon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    8 day ago

    So much star power. Vote them in to the  @nbaallstar game at okcthunder.com/allstar

    5 day ago

    Моя зефирушка ? Такая сладенькая, хочется скушать ?

    9 day ago

    muito feliz em fazer parte da  @sousmileoficial e poder usar o incrível aparelho invisível pra deixar meus dentes beeeem certinhos! Pra quem não conhece, a  @sousmileoficial tem tecnologia de ponta e um preço super acessível!! (O tratamento com eles sai por 1/3 do valor convencional) Obrigada  @dranatlombardo e  @drthaleswilson não fique com ciúmes ?

    4 day ago

    The funny thing is, I already had  @jazzfest in my calendar for a music and food tour of one of my favorite cities, but now I'll get to work off those calories on stage! Jazzed (I did that) to announce I'll be performing at  #jazzfest50 on April 27th! Ticket link in bio

    6 day ago

    Yaşasın hamile kadın ruhundan anlayan kocalar ❤️  @kemanikasound  #36weekspregnant  #36haftalikhamile

    7 day ago

    3 hour ago

    An ocean of plastic—or fish? Our challenge, our choice.  #100yearchallenge

    2 day ago

    a week after premiering the “ODSY-1000” running sneaker made in italy, Off-White™ is preparing to release its latest footwear development initially in limited quantities. The flower shop at Paris’ Hôtel Costes will host the brand’s “FLORAL SHOP” pop-up, where Virgil Abloh‘s label will debut its latest shoe design, along with two other exclusive models. The new “Vulcanized” and “2.0” models will also be on hand, two low-top models that blend canvas, leather and suede panels atop rubber outsoles with plenty of Off-White™’s signature imagery to go around. The brand’s iconic red hangtags further accent both low-top sneakers. head to Hôtel Costes from January 17 to 29 to shop the limited sneakers, available alongside fresh white roses and exclusive cotton flowers. Take a closer look at select “ODSY-1000” colorways below. post c/o  @hypebeast

    9 day ago

    Vauseman cuteness overload. #tbt  #oitnb ?:  @lauraprepon

    5 day ago

    Man nothing makes me happier than giving back whether it be my time, talent, or treasure. Had a complete blast working with  @dreamdirectors &  @coach at Barringer HS in my hometown of Newark, NJ. (Saw so much of myself in these students) These kids are some of the most talented & brightest and that keeps me enthused about the future. Keep Dreaming PS: I use to give Barringer buckets back in the day while I was at Arts High ????

    6 day ago

    Oversized and over-the-rainbow. A specially designed space dedicated to  @VirgilAbloh’s  #LouisVuitton  #LVMenSS19 Collection has opened in Harajuku, Tokyo, for a limited time only. Find more information via link in bio.  #LVHarajuku

    9 day ago

    بدأت اليوم حكومة دبي تنفيذ بنود وثيقة الخمسين التي تضم أهم ٩ مشاريع لتحسين الحياة والاقتصاد في دبي في عام ٢٠١٩. حمدان بن محمد ولي العهد ورئيس المجلس التنفيذي وأخاه مكتوم بن محمد سيتابعان التنفيذ مع فريق عمل أعرفه وأثق فيه وأراهن عليه. مباديء دبي الثمانية .. ووثيقة الخمسين اللتين أطلقناهما تمثلان ضمانة لنا للاستمرار بنفس السرعة .. وبنفس التجدد .. وبنفس الروح التي يعرفها العالم عن دبي والإمارات . ‏سألني أحدهم اليوم لماذا أطلقت الوثيقة ؟. قلت له : لأني أحب شعبي .

    4 day ago

    We’re making some changes.  #WorldRecordEgg  #EggGang  #Target

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    12 day ago

    Cookie Monster knows what’s up! Life can be hard AF sometimes! Focus on your self-care and enjoy a cookie when you need a little extra love! Tag a friend to remind them.