Baby tere jeya hor na koi mileya🌍❤️
Bottom wear- @tees_nd_more ❤️

Baby tere jeya hor na koi mileya🌍❤️ Bottom wear-  @tees_nd_more ❤️

8 day ago

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    2 day ago

    Thank you Albany.  #prayforthewicked ?-  @jakechams

    4 day ago

    Iba talaga kapag 3 years old na! So excited for Zia’s adventures with the milk that she loves... ???Alam ko rin kasi na protected siya with Nido 3+, kaya yes lang sa gusto mong gawin, 'nak! Click the link on my bio to see more Zia!  #MariaLetizia  #Basta3YesNa ?

    4 day ago

    Congratulations to  #BlackPanther on its 3  #CriticsChoiceAwards wins including Best Production Design, Best Visual Effects, & Best Costume Design!

    4 day ago

    Погадаем?? Ставьте лайк этому посту, затем смотрите, какое последнее число лайков вам выпало, тот актёр и предназначен вам судьбой. Не забудьте поделиться результатом в комментариях??

    6 day ago

    I miss Julian. Anyone else ?

    4 day ago

    4 day ago

    Fiiiiiiight weeeeeeek!!!! Cejudo vs Dillashaw for the flyweight title this Saturday LIVE on ESPN+!!!

    5 day ago

    Diferente das outras celebridades que estão curtindo o calorzão no Brasil esses dias, Preta Gil aproveitou o friozinho de Orlando, na Flórida, em uma piscina aquecida. Lindona! ?

    8 day ago

    muito feliz em fazer parte da  @sousmileoficial e poder usar o incrível aparelho invisível pra deixar meus dentes beeeem certinhos! Pra quem não conhece, a  @sousmileoficial tem tecnologia de ponta e um preço super acessível!! (O tratamento com eles sai por 1/3 do valor convencional) Obrigada  @dranatlombardo e  @drthaleswilson não fique com ciúmes ?

    4 day ago

    Dave and I keep seeing all the celebrities doing the  #10YearChallenge and we giggle at their “transformation” because they look just as beautiful and dreamy then as they do now. How’s this for a ten year glow up? Back in 2008 we lived off of fast food and never worked out— unless you count this single round of croquet ? This was back when we watched 5+ hours of TV a day and my dream of becoming an author was just that, a dream. The journey to get healthy took years. The journey to acquire to tools to pursue the dreams of my heart took years. The journey to a thriving marriage took years. Remember, anything worth having takes time.  #MadeForMore

    8 day ago

    in ??♥️

    2 day ago


    3 day ago

    Picture perfect of these two amazing couple ♥️

    7 day ago

    Starry-eyed over Playmate  @kaylajeangarvin's gallery, up now. Photo:  @doveshore

    4 day ago

    Oh ya know...just casually slaying literally all of us. ??  @makeupbyalinna picked up the 35M  #BossMood for this absolutely gorgeous glam. ✨

    3 day ago

    See you next month SNOW ❄️ ☃️