One of the photos I took on my incredible trip to South Africa 😭🐘(peep the 🖤) I cant even put into words how much I loved it there! But we tried to capture it on video for you! The vlog is now live on “THE PERKINS” vlog channel! Link is in my bio

One of the photos I took on my incredible trip to South Africa 😭🐘(peep the 🖤) I cant even put into words how much I loved it there! But we tried to capture it on video for you! The vlog is now live on “THE PERKINS” vlog channel! Link is in my bio

7 day ago

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    • @hmuabonnieb6 day ago

      Simply stunning and amazing! Booking a trip there just from your footage!! Thanks girl!  @desiperkins you da best! 🐔

    • @beepaoli5 day ago

      @grayevo this is my life dream

    • @grayevo5 day ago

      @beepaoli Issa heart

    • @beepaoli5 day ago

      @grayevo I am watching video now, sobbing over how incredible Africa is

    • @mahzebkhan15 day ago


    • @travelgirlboss5 day ago

      I loved your vlog so much  @desiperkins! I mean you saw the big 5! I’ve never been lucky enough to see a leopard and buffalo. It was really an emotional vlog... ✨

    • @ashleythaliaa5 day ago


    • @qo5245 day ago

      Incredible great shot 💞👏 I would Frame this one - lifetime memory 💞

    • @_soniak5 day ago


    • @breakevven5 day ago

      @v_ictory afrika .. 😢

    • @marilenafunaro5 day ago


    • @talisasharkey5 day ago

      Thank you for coming to our country Desi😍😘

    • @meghan_maxwell75 day ago

      Omg 😍 just watched your video. This is my dream also. I hope to do this with my family one day.  @desiperkins

    • @viccclifford5 day ago

      The vlog has my heart FULLLL ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • @mayaaron055 day ago

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    • @winterannsong5 day ago

      Hatari you need to watch it  @desiperkins

    • @cass_monique5 day ago

      Best video ever 😩😩😩 this made my heart so happy. Now I want to go to South Africa💕

    • @honimoni5 day ago

      The vlog is beyond beautiful desi! It made me cry as well!! Glad that u could find your absolute happy place 🐘❤️

    • @obsidianbutterfly.75 day ago

      It’s elephante! Or is this dumpling 🥟 Desi? 🥟🥟🥟 🐘🐘🐘🐘

    • @shannmariexox4 day ago

      I think I cried every time you cried watching this. Such a beautiful time you had.

    • @kaylag1514 day ago

      Just watched the blog! Omg!

    • @kaylag1514 day ago

      What an experience!

    • @mands.xo4 day ago

      @niikiie_xoco upside down snoot heart 🖤😭

    • @sannennas4 day ago


    • @mamaadee874 day ago

      @2ndchance66 😍🐘😍

    • @free_lancing4 day ago

      Why am I crying and smiling the entire time I watch this vlog 👏🏽 you twooooooo, I swear  #relationshop  #GOALS 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • @silvaxvee4 day ago

      @xjr08_ 😭😍

    • @primexposures4 day ago

      Awesome 📸💡

    • @kottur3 day ago

      can you save your africa insta stories as a highlight? 🙏🏼

    • @britt.thms3 day ago

      I really really looooooved this video!! 😍😍

    • @denise.n.aberin3 day ago

      Can you pls do a separate vid on tips for those that want to visit South Africa (where you can save money, must do’s, best time of the year to visit). Always been a dream of ours to visit and see the animals! Also what kind of camera and lens did you use. The video and photos are so professional!!! 💓

    • @denise.n.aberin3 day ago

      @denise.n.aberin p.s. I got so emotional 😭 one of my favorite travel vlogs hands down 🙌🏻👏🏻

    • @theleoboy73 day ago

      Omg I love your YouTube channel 😉

    • @makeupbytylerwilliams3 day ago

      Watching it right now and I am so damn proud of our country💖💖💖 so happy you loved it & you made me tear up!🦓🦒🐘🐆🦁💕

    • @mirella_asdfghjkl3 day ago

      Just watching that VLOG AND 😍 OMG I NEED TO GO THERE AND DO A SAFARI

    • @celestelemay_2 day ago

      When will you be uploading the insta stories of Africa on your highlights? Xx

    • @gabry.adventures2 day ago

      Oh so cute 😊🙏🏼

    • @nicollebennison1 day ago

      I'm currently looking at flights to South Africa after watching the blog!

    • @alyssaxbeth1 day ago

      Just spent the last hour watching this vlog 😭😭😭 seriously amazing ❤

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