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    Робинзонио?☀️? всем тепла и позитивного настроя на весь 2019?  #kuramathi  #maldives

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    Островитяне ??

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    All aboard the Mum-Mobile ?@zookeeper_chad saw  @featherdalewildlifepark’s koala momma, Rose, carrying not one, but two joeys around! It’s not uncommon to see a  #koala mum with two joeys on her back, however, in this instance, Rose was hosting a playdate for her joey, Pebbles, who had invited a friend along for a piggyback ride ? Fun fact: the keepers often have to do a “baby swap” when they see a joey hanging out with the wrong mother. You can visit these cuties with a 45-minute drive from  @sydney’s CBD, and even get up close to them during bookable animal encounters.  #seeaustralia  #newsouthwales  #ilovesydney  #explore  #travel  #wildlifephotography

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    I love Dubai❤️??

    10 day ago

    마켄찡?  @mackenyu.1116

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    Photo by  @yorikokoro Hello, world! For today’s  #WeeklyFluff, we’re having a ball with Goma, a 5-year-old poodle who’s been groomed to be incredibly well-rounded. According to his human, Yoriko Hamachiyo (@yorikokoro), it takes two hours to transform Goma into a circular sensation. Thankfully, Yoriko is a dog groomer and owns a pet salon, where Goma gets the supermodel treatment he deserves. See more of Goma and let this fluff ball bounce into your life, today on our story.

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     #COYI ⚒  @westham

    3 day ago

    Madly in love with the idea to be loved...?

    2 day ago

    10 years Ago... lol ??

    3 day ago

    April 14.  #ForTheThrone

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    ใครดู อีลำยอง อยู่บ้างค่ะ  #ทองเนื้อเก้า  #ch33  #nuneworanuch

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    [17'S 호시] 연습실 도착했는뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뜻밖의 커플티???

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    Ready to ride,  #CES2019? Just say  #HeyGoogle.

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    Japanese green tea or Fanta green apple? ? or this vintage  @dior from  @moonstonevintagela ??

    8 day ago

    I recently visited  @harvard to learn more about robotics research. I saw some surprising inventions that challenge what we think of as robots. I wore one robot like a glove. Another you could pull on like a pair of pants. These incredible creations are powerful examples of the exciting innovation underway in the field of robotics. You can read more about them on my blog (link in bio).