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9 day ago

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    9 day ago

    Happy Birthday to the greatest human alive! You’re my best friend for life. Thank you for making life better all the time. I love you. YOU’RE 25!!!! ♥️????  @griffinsteinfeld

    2 day ago

    Dulu kurus,skrg berisi sikit... ?  #10yearschallenge  #dululainskrglain  #persuibofhappyness  #MVSemakin

    4 day ago

    А вот и Мальдивы с Колей  @nikolaibaskov  #анастасияволочкова  #волочкова  #балет #россия #я  #любовь #радость  #цветы  #счастье  #мы  #мальдивы  #зима  #твочество  #volochkova  #instagood #be  #love #me  #enjoy  #best  #good  #ballet  #новыйгод  #отдых  #мальдивы

    2 day ago

     #10yearchallenge . “Un Gancho al Corazon” y “El Último Dragón” Se aceptan comentarios ?. L@s amoooooo. Gracias  @rullinaticasworld por las fotos. ????

    6 day ago

    Con calma.. ?

    5 day ago

    Sunday's best ♥️

    9 day ago

    Magic by  @harryjoshhair &  @ttmakarova?

    3 day ago

     #10YearChallenge...nothing has changed ?

    6 day ago

    I touched Greatness! Thanks to the the fine folks at  @upperdecksports &  @upperdeckent, I met and interviewed my hockey hero,  #WayneGretzky! I first fell for the  @edmontonoilers icon back in 2008-ish, when  #zackandmirimakeaporno didn’t light the box office on fire. I went through what was either a mid-life crisis or a semi nervous breakdown. Locked away in my office and questioning myself as an artist, I watched old hockey documentaries. And for reasons I don’t fully understand, I was profoundly impacted by the story of the life and times of the greatest scoring genius the world has ever known. Even though I’m not an athlete and I’ve never dominated in anything, let alone in my industry, I nonetheless identified with the boy from Brantford, who always tried to give a little more and accommodate as many as he could. Gretzky’s life story became my gospel, and the advice his Dad Walter gave him became my creative mantra, leading to both  @tuskthemovie and  @yogahosers: “Don’t go where the puck’s been; go where it’s going to be.” Ten years back, I was looking for a savior - so I wrapped myself in  #oilers colors and made #99 my higher power. On Wednesday night, I sat on a stage and talked to  #waynegretzky only to discover that up close, The Great One smells like victory and Canadian Christmas. Before he skated off into the night, he signed the pictured piece of artwork that hangs in my bathroom - and if it creeped him out, he didn’t show it.  #KevinSmith  #upperdeckhockey  #upperdeckcards  #upperdeckent  #thegreatone

    3 day ago

    Brows ?  @mvjdvmakeup Using  #Dipbrow in Medium Brows

    3 day ago

    7 day ago

    Prepare your perfect  #PotionPurple outfit with all new merchandise and pleasing purple treats!  #Disneyland

    1 day ago

    Love at first sight with me and Cookie  @mrkimjones ❤️

    2 day ago

    ген прогоны продолжаются ? 17,18,20 января #крокусы Ты идёшь???

    8 day ago

    Hi ??

    13 day ago

     #골든디스크 #대상?  #iKONic 아이코닉!!!! 2018년 !! 그대들 덕분에 행복했습니다 항상 우리가 드린 사랑보다 더 큰사랑 주셔서 감사해요 이 상은 아이코닉을 대표해서 아이콘이 받은거에요 !자랑스럽습니다 !!아이코닉 항상 부끄럽지않은 자랑할 수 있는 아이콘되도록 노력할게요!! 사랑해요!!❤️❤️