Shade range strong 🙌🏽🙌🏿🙌🏻🙌🏾🙌🏼
These top foundations now come in even more shades ✨
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@beautyblender @NARSissist

Shade range strong 🙌🏽🙌🏿🙌🏻🙌🏾🙌🏼 These top foundations now come in even more shades ✨  #FoundationAtSephora . . . @FENTYBEAUTY  @DiorMakeup  @LancomeOfficial @beautyblender  @NARSissist

10 day ago

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    • @mdmlg9 day ago

      This a fondation fenty beauty or the new concealer

    • @shinebetsylastyle8 day ago

      Informed 💥

    • @stephenie_veverica_118 day ago

      @sephora is the James Charles pallet being sold at your stores? Or no

    • @sephora8 day ago

      @stephenie_veverica_11 Hi there! Sorry, the James Charles Pallet is unavailable in stores and online at this time.

    • @stephenie_veverica_118 day ago

      @sephora ok thank you though 😊😊

    • @wigglyyypigglyyy8 day ago

      Hey you! Yeah YOU! Follow us for daily pig pics and the occasional pun. 😉 Our goal is 700 followers!

    • @carolineggibbs48 day ago

      ❤️😊😍  @sephora

    • @tsementa8 day ago

      Oh god. ♥♥

    • @miaamiabeauty8 day ago

      Ugh want the nars one sooo bad 😍

    • @artallaroundu8 day ago

      @narsissist 🙌

    • @clearlykae8 day ago

      @_brittanymason ask for store credit. Technically they can say no but most places want to please you since usually you spend more money anyway

    • @clearlykae8 day ago

      @i.bleed.mak3up ... then pay $15 for a year of flash

    • @s_downie8 day ago

      Looks like James Charles video today

    • @5tra18 day ago


    • @camilleots8 day ago

      So so excited! Saturday lets go to sephora 🤩🤩🤩

    • @akshita87138 day ago

      That Fenty foundation looks so gorgeous in the first picture that I almost wanna drip it on my vanilla ice cream and eat it😍😥

    • @zahrahaliyah8 day ago


    • @mariachiara.scandolera8 day ago

      Want it!! 😍😍✨✨

    • @nainachka028 day ago

      I wanna try the beauty blender one but idk if it would be good for my oily combination skin

    • @choffmanxo8 day ago

      @briwale one of the worst foundations I ever had I returned after a week looks gorgeous for like an hour and then after very patchy ( dry skins) and says to wear without primer .. used with primer and still looks awful

    • @aryam_haydir8 day ago

      😍😍my love

    • @mechiparonzini8 day ago

      Youre saying “shade range strong” and the beauty blender foundation is there

    • @cassia.a.barbosa8 day ago

      @sephora  @sephorabrasil bring  @fentybeauty pro Brasil!!

    • @cuchiep7 day ago

      Do u hav a branch in French Guiana?

    • @sephora7 day ago

      @cuchiep Hi! We suggest checking our site here: Thanks!

    • @rosegodwin47 day ago

      @torigodwin8 These swatches are so satisfying. Also wish I had each one 💙 💅💄

    • @tugcesaner7 day ago

      @celal_trak Doğum günüm için hediye arıyorsan şayet mağazaya yönlendireyim canım kardeşim malum son 16 🐍  #buralardeğerlenir

    • @tzoannanatis7 day ago

      Why is beauty blender foundation on this list?

    • @dwwighhtt7 day ago

      Siz çok güzelsiniz keşke bende alabilsem 😧🍷

    • @endlesssummer_247 day ago


    • @chinei336 day ago

      Damn come check this out though 💥💥💥

    • @inalsr6 day ago

      how much

    • @sephora6 day ago

      @inalsr Please tap on the photo to view the price of each item. Thank you!

    • @uoniko_test5 day ago


    • @uoniko_test5 day ago


    • @mahamkalmati3 day ago

      Who much of nars

    • @mahamkalmati3 day ago

      Who much pakistan

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