New Episodian, who dis? 😘 Write any tips you have for #Episode beginners in the comments below 👇👇👇

New Episodian, who dis? 😘 Write any tips you have for  #Episode beginners in the comments below 👇👇👇

10 day ago

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    • @ili.lou6 day ago

      &command is magic!

    • @lucy.lulu.x6 day ago

      Read Mean Girls!

    • @crofty2007186 day ago

      Me propered for anything anything could happen btw love episode

    • @bridgetwastaken6 day ago

      Don’t be afraid to write your own story!

    • @addison.sso_rainclaw6 day ago

      @saulitario 👏👏👏👏👏👏😥😊

    • @vestamars5 day ago

      @snowyheadwig I literally hate the annoying and ignorant people who are responding to this

    • @snowyheadwig5 day ago

      @vestamars same girl

    • @esbiz.episode5 day ago

      @my4episode 😂😂

    • @episode_alyamaria5 day ago

      well if your just starting off writing episode stories watch some youtube videos they were very helpful to me

    • @briannapietri5 day ago

      My advice is to choose ink over limelight

    • @sab4ikaaa5 day ago

      @epy.kaitlyn i think she meant, when you are writing on mobile it's only INk

    • @ntombilwa4 day ago

      Hie i recently reset my phone and lost my game progress and i have tried to restore and it just wont work,problem is i didnt save my password back then, please help have been playkng since last year

    • @epy.kaitlyn4 day ago

      @sab4ikaaa I know, for ios devices LL is an option when writing

    • @sab4ikaaa4 day ago

      @epy.kaitlyn ooh, didn't know that 🙈 well that's cool

    • @episode.dilara4 day ago

      Make what you want

    • @episode4 day ago

      @ntombilwa Hey! We're sorry to hear you are having trouble restoring your progress. Could you send us a support ticket at so we can help you out? Thanks!

    • @ntombilwa4 day ago

      May i have your email adress instead

    • @ntombilwa4 day ago

      @episode may i have your email address instead

    • @episode4 day ago

      @ntombilwa Hi there! The best way to contact us is by filling out the form at

    • @olivepetersonhh4 day ago

      Episodes can you make tattoos for ink?

    • @_.jiya._.__4 day ago

      Read user stories😂 they don't cost diamonds😂😂😂

    • @dxlara.hypnotize3 day ago

      @amelwe_dabest noo you have to use gems with episode stories, user stories are gem free! 🥰

    • @amelwe_dabest3 day ago

      @dxlara.hypnotize Oh! Thanks for the tip 😁

    • @serahxenaphon3 day ago

      You should make it so we can make options whilst creating stories on our phones ☹️

    • @carmella_queen3 day ago

      I’m having trouble with my app loading and then when I get to my story it slows down and then kicks me out. I then have to start over and go back into the app. This happens over and over again to where I stop playing the game for 3 weeks maybe even a month 😒😡

    • @fatima.episode13 day ago

      1-Write something you like and love before anyone else because if you don’t like your own story, how others are supposed to like it? 2-Never give up on your story no matter how hard going on may seem. 3-Don’t hesitate to ask for help, everyone once was new too. 4-use youtube and forums as a reference. 6-Plan your story, know your characters very well, practice coding as much as you can and always always always preview your story in the app several times before publishing. 6-promote promote promote as much as you can.

    • @fxtimxhxmir3 day ago

      Hello Fellow EPISODE READERS AND WRITERS!! I want some help from you guys! I'm currently having this issue everytime I open up the this page to write or to gain some guidance it is showing me this "loading assets" etc! Means I can't read or write! I even leave it to load for almost an hour but still it was not working! I am a regular episode reader but it is my first time writing a story so I have no idea what to do! I am seriously very worried right now like do I have some technical issues or something! I will be very grateful to you guys if you help me out because it is my first time that I cannot solve my own problem but you guys can understand me! Again thank you very much for wasting your time reading my nonsense 😂😂😂😂 I hope I will get some help! I asked you guys because I know you guys can help!

    • @leilanightshade3 day ago

      Be ORIGINAL. Do not conform to what Episode promotes as good and popular stories. Write your own story, and write from the heart.

    • @episode2 day ago

      @carmella_queen We're very sorry to hear this! Could you submit a support ticket at so we can help you? Thanks!

    • @aurelfarrah2 day ago

      Episode can u add more clothing

    • @agnes_ahlqvistextra2 day ago

      like this if you want to stop having to wait before reading the next chapter

    • @ishita_63691 day ago

      I like My handsome roommate story , that one is my favourite.

    • @bea_7471 day ago

      I have never seen a story that has as many plot twists as "the secret of rain" does

    • @_eshmam_1 day ago

      I wish I could gain those 💎 without buying them

    • @mshleee1 day ago

      I am a beginner guys pls help me

    • @cerinaena20 hour ago

      You must do more royal dramas I LOVE them 🤗🤗🤗

    • @tia_aloha1012 hour ago

      How do you do the dressing game, because every time when I followed Joseph, evans it always has an error at the side

    • @tia_aloha1012 hour ago

      And how do you make the advance choices where the reader has to pay gems for can you send me the lay out or what ever thought email 📧📩

    • @tia_aloha1012 hour ago

      Just another question, how do you make the reader type in there name I've been trying since day one episode one I should say he he 😕😅😒😁

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    6 day ago

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    4 day ago

    Russian winter ⛄️

    6 day ago

    Happy birthday Beast, you wonderful crazy dog.

    5 day ago

    Found  @goodtrouble at the happiest place on earth❤️ Who’s tuning in next Tuesday?

    3 day ago

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