Every. Color. Please. 🙏 Which color Varsity Short is your fave?

Every. Color. Please. 🙏 Which color Varsity Short is your fave?

13 day ago

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    • @vspink8 day ago

      @chanelle_n_girls Yes they are! Click the link in our bio to see which ones you are gonna buy💞

    • @chewy_938 day ago

      @mmoreno____ soon babe ;)

    • @jayayohx38 day ago

      I’ve been waiting for these to be out in the app and I went on there last night to see if they were there and they were, but all sold out in my size 😔 what a bummer

    • @herreramrt8 day ago

      @k.ry_vs_lovepink mmmm están padres yo pensé que si usabas porque acá en Qro me acuerdo que si te latían pa fofonguear aunque sea 🤣

    • @pinkglitz_848 day ago


    • @deannwooten778 day ago

      I can't choose just one, I'd say the gray, black and maroon

    • @whatthefreck15_8 day ago


    • @mperreaultt7 day ago

      @thec96 🛍🎊🎁

    • @kristinagrosso7 day ago

      Grey ♥️

    • @vspink7 day ago

      @kristinagrosso You are going to love these shorts, Kristina! 💕

    • @kristinagrosso7 day ago

      @vspink can’t wait to purchase them in stores ❣️💕

    • @meenacool_singareddy7 day ago

      Marron red varsity shorts are my favorite  @vspink

    • @eae.117 day ago

      Are these online?

    • @chloesabean137 day ago

      @jessiccawoodgate_model they are niceeeee 😍🔥

    • @k426_7 day ago

      @kimburlee__x3  @chiquitabanana918  @abryissa wanna get these today

    • @kimburlee__x37 day ago

      @k426_ those wont fit my big ass

    • @chiquitabanana9187 day ago

      @kimburlee__x3 my nuggets gonna hang out those are booty short shorts

    • @kimburlee__x37 day ago

      @chiquitabanana918 they cute thou bit they forget the chubby girls in PINK

    • @major_ki12097 day ago

      You y’all posted this picture 6 days ago BEFORE they were even on the website! Then now all of a sudden there’s a link...I click on it and the ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE!?? You guys are ridiculous.

    • @vspink6 day ago

      @major_ki1209 We've shared your request to bring these shorts back!

    • @aroyal.liz6 day ago

      @kingc.m 😍

    • @kingc.m6 day ago

      @aroyal.liz que lindo bb, pero they sold out😏

    • @xo.hannah146 day ago

      What are these called ?

    • @whatrisalikes6 day ago

      @major_ki1209 they literally put them on the website, while saying they weren’t available 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m just as upset. What was worse was telling ppl to go to the store just to be told they don’t have them yet cause its still winter 🤔 they be playin 🤣🤣

    • @elizxbxth___5 day ago


    • @adeb19835 day ago


    • @ashleyday8195 day ago


    • @bustos_keila4 day ago


    • @bambi_lacree4 day ago

      Love these 🗣❤️

    • @so.ft.ba.ll_kayla3 day ago

      Do they still have those in stock!😍

    • @vspink3 day ago

      @so.ft.ba.ll_kayla They are too cute, right?! Just click on the link in our Bio and tap the pic to shop. They are going fast!

    • @needbuyspendbehappy3 day ago

      Make them go on sale ❤️❤️  @vspink

    • @msvsecret1 day ago

      Are you all going to get more of these in stock....I haven’t been able to snag me a short since I’ve seen these but I still want!!!!  @vspink

    • @skylar5paige51 day ago

      @jennnalack  @ahsilly_ we should get these matching

    • @ahsilly_1 day ago

      @skylar5paige5 I like the maroon ones 😻

    • @vspink1 day ago

      @msvsecret Stay tuned!

    • @nora_salinas231 day ago

      @gutierrez_70 cough cough.😂😉

    • @jessebiancamiramontes1 day ago


    • @sums.039 hour ago

      Will these be available again?

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    5 day ago

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