at @TheOzzfest 2018 at @TheForum

Photo: @RossHalfin

at  @TheOzzfest 2018 at  @TheForum Photo:  @RossHalfin

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    2 day ago

    She can’t ever get in trouble ?

    2 day ago

    Festeggiamo insieme il primo trofeo della stagione! Forza ragazzi, avanti cosi  #finoallafine

    4 day ago

    3 points ✔️  #LS19  #inSané  @mancity

    6 day ago


    6 day ago

    1) когда забыла текст 2) когда забыла текст 3) когда сказала текст 4) когда забыла текст

    5 day ago

    It’s all about us.  @gooseberryintimates  #meandmygooseberry

    6 day ago


    3 day ago

    Сняли с  @vladimirdantes -  #adelechallenge , наржались ) лебеди довольны, я тоже) Видео у  @vladimirdantes ??

    6 day ago


    5 day ago

    Yaşasın hamile kadın ruhundan anlayan kocalar ❤️  @kemanikasound  #36weekspregnant  #36haftalikhamile

    5 day ago

    Walking into this new week with even greater focus than the last. Everyday we wake up, we are blessed with an incredible opportunity for personal excellence and to create joy for ourselves and possibly others. Recently I have been challenged in areas which I didn’t expect and that’s when I realized I have an even greater opportunity for more personal growth. See, Bodybuilding for me has enabled a great life through hard work, discipline, persistence, a positive-stubbornness (yes in my world there is such a thing) but where did that all start from??? I then began to recall every “Y” in the road growing up and the choices I made which were in fact defining moments that got me to where I am at today. Although I am not perfect, I am happy about that because there lies a huge set of circumstances that I will be challenged with. While going through these levels of life, I will learn through my ability to address the objectives with a greater sense of urgency, passion and intelligence oh and don’t forget faith, in receiving a new attribute. This will create an even better skill set for the next round of circumstances which I will call “battle-tested-moments” and also provide the confidence to go further in life with more vigor than before. I hope you all have a great week and use that mind, use that heart, use those muscles because we all have them and get some new success!!! It’s never easy, but it sure does feel awesome to achieve a new personal best not just under the squat rack, but in LIFE!!!!!! Love you guys! Train Hard, train smart & have fun! ??

    8 day ago

    Нешуточно слугу распетушило, Что избиратель замер и фигея, Он наблюдает будто в жопе шило Елозит у законотворца антигея. Цитируя то Пушкина, то Даля, Целует крест, потом звезду, затем киот, И спляшет, и прочтёт стишок Виталя, Как настоящий русский патриот. Считая нас за дураков и ванек, Он мелет чушь, но нет, не сгоряча. Уже и рэп читает наш избранник, И предлагает драться на мечах. Толковый парень это сразу видно. Очки и борода, костюм металлик, Но выглядит не то чтобы солидно, Как настоящий .......(депутат) Виталик.

    3 day ago

     #10yearschallenge aunque en realidad esa foto es de hace 9 años que mi ñeñe precioso Steewy  @losperroshoffman llegó a mi vida. ?

    10 day ago

    Elegant lines framing a grand design.   #MaseratiLevante  #Maserati

    3 day ago

    New styles. Same slay. My  #swimsuitsforall Essentials Collection is HERE! Link in bio to shop. ??(#bts footage at  @swimsuitsforall)

    3 day ago

    Má Hóy marréu merrmo ! ??