Machiavelli’s “The Prince” became a personal source of inspiration in working with Ivar and his storyline on the newest season of @historyvikings ⚔️ Interesting read peeps!#methodinhismadness

Machiavelli’s “The Prince” became a personal source of inspiration in working with Ivar and his storyline on the newest season of  @historyvikings ⚔️ Interesting read peeps!  #methodinhismadness

14 day ago

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    • @krov.v6 day ago

      You’re the best man in the world 😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️

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    • @giulio.deangelis25 day ago

      @coolbeanssabi Machiavelli talks about the appearance of those traits not the true possession of those . Have you watched the last episodes ? Ivar shows his violent wants to us viewers and to a few selected enemies but he’s able to manipulate the people of kattegat and rally their support in a very charismatic way . By killing the seer he also mastered absolute power in his own hands depriving the people of another guide into the dark times ahead . Machiavelli also dedicated an entire chapter on cruelty and violence and how both are sometimes necessary to hold power and he makes many relevant examples very similar to Ivar for behavior .

    • @giulio.deangelis25 day ago

      @coolbeanssabi the scene when he tells the people that the seer is dead shows how he’s able to feign his feelings and moral values in front of the common people and he totally rallies their support

    • @emadi.khani5 day ago

      If you die, I hope the series will not continue. I love you💙💎

    • @bren_b.a5 day ago

      El mejor actor de la serie!

    • @_candelaobregon5 day ago

      TE AMOO

    • @areisyusuf5 day ago

      Bronx Tale 🙌🙌

    • @nixrocha5 day ago

      ta lindo, amor

    • @tjj2_5 day ago

      Nailed it with Niccolo’s Prince! Cesare Borgia was a real renaissance thug!  @alexhoeghandersen

    • @argyris._5 day ago

      Wise words are written in this book 👌

    • @nadeeraanwar5 day ago

      look, at this point you can blink and i’d be falling off the couch in the front the tv yelling “what a brilliant, brilliant acting genius!!!”.

    • @coolbeanssabi5 day ago

      @giulio.deangelis2 that’s an interesting interpretation. I’ll re-watch those eps, I would like to see what you’re seeing. I suppose when I think Machiavellian, I think of Kevin Spacey’s character in House of Cards (specifically in the first two seasons). Thanks :)

    • @madinqa_s5 day ago


    • @chrisbloodaxe5 day ago

      Kralım düşünüor

    • @aliozkn124 day ago

      this season not good because Hirst trying to make ivar look bad.

    • @diyecs4 day ago


    • @oskgg914 day ago

      @diyecs tmb es mi referente 🤙

    • @giulio.deangelis24 day ago

      @coolbeanssabi of course but house of cards is our own interpretation according to our modern standards . In the fifteenth century the prince was used to torture , murder , wars and violence to suppress rebellions . Ivar is a viking , a brutal leader , historically he was the only viking to be defined a “ tyrant “ so there’s no space for redemption or human growth there . He’s not a lot relatable for sure .

    • @verosmetal4 day ago

      You are a great actor. I really love your work like Ivar and the Vikings s Serie🙂

    • @brendafigueiredo3 day ago

      Brazil loves you 🔥💕

    • @morteza__.__3 day ago

      You are the best

    • @morteza__.__3 day ago


    • @ssaoe_3 day ago

      Traducción para los que no saben ingles plis 😒

    • @bekah_diamond3 day ago


    • @jasmin.dilara_2 day ago

      @jeannedesef_ verrückt ich hab vorher aus meiner ZF machiavellis Text gelesen und dann seh ich das :D

    • @wolf_lady842 day ago

      It's a perfect character you to be playing and such a pleasure to see how you are rising in this chapter of Vikings. But that character Ivar is getting me also 😡 for making many nice people disappear there .. 😂😂😂

    • @ahmad3mad2 day ago

      makavelli 2pac

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    • @c.pollitoo2 day ago

      eres hermoso mi amor 💕

    • @samer_zz872 day ago

      ليش مخلينك حقير

    • @rehansh_roy1 day ago

      @alexhoeghandersen You have unbelievable Acting Skils like  @travisfimmel You are Now my Best  #Showmen in  #Vikings Series after  @travisfimmel &  @katherynwinnick 👌😊 ❤️ From  #india🇮🇳

    • @rehansh_roy1 day ago

      @http_selene yes👍😊

    • @rehansh_roy1 day ago

      @http_selene he always Stole the scene in  #Vikings👌😊👍

    • @rehansh_roy1 day ago

      @ian_baron yes i am Big Fan now

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    • @_czzg1 day ago

      يا معوق ماخرب المسلسل الا انت

    • @son.ali.v1 day ago

      person ivar is very bad

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