I guess I thought I was the coolest then🤷🏼‍♀️

I guess I thought I was the coolest then🤷🏼‍♀️

Level Green, Pennsylvania2 month ago

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    10 day ago

    Homebody bitches ain’t getting no check ?

    4 day ago

    A small collection of photos from the Senja midnight sun tour ☀The 2019 edition is now finally open and will be guided by legend @marcograssiphotography. Which photo is your favorite?  Don't miss out - link in bio for more info ⬅️

    4 day ago

    For the past five years, artist Parth Kothekar (@parthkothekar) has hand-carved creations, each from a single sheet of paper. It takes him about three weeks to sketch 20 to 30 designs. Then, Parth, 27, selects his 10 favorite ones and starts cutting away. Each papercut can take up to an entire week to complete, down to the last detail. Although Parth’s intricate masterpieces might seem frail, the women they depict are anything but. “I was brought up seeing the struggle of my mother,” he says. “That’s why I always create female characters. I wanted to show them as powerful and strong through my artwork.” See how these intricate papercuts are made, today on our story. Photo by  @parthkothekar

    7 day ago

    Happy to share with you my new  @johnhardyjewelry campaign  @josholins Spring 2019 Nueva campaña para  @johnhardyjewelry  #spring 2019  @pabloidbeauty

    10 day ago

    “Bu hikaye benimle kocam Aziz’in hikayesidir.” Mızgin ?  @mucize2film  @mahsunkirmizigulofficial  @boyutfilm  #mucize2aşk

    14 day ago

    “The remains.”  #ShotoniPhone by Kiarang A.  @kiarang_alaei

    6 day ago

    Meus ídolos! Picole, Delcio Luís, Rogerinho e Anderson Leonardo! Obrigado pela visita ? que dia maravilhoso???

    6 day ago

    Best friends who were trying to figure this thing called love out...❤️ #tbt

    2 day ago

    Mr. Goodell,  @cantguardmike would like a word. The rule that Thomas is referencing is titled "Penalties for unfair acts." In theory, Goodell could order the NFC Championship replayed.

    3 day ago

    Life is what you make it✍?

    7 day ago

    Prom Night by  @autumndewilde

    13 day ago

    Beaches & Cream Soda Shop serving a smile in a glass! ?  #DisneyResort  #WaltDisneyWorld (?:  @weknowdisney)

    7 day ago

    Shop smarter not harder itty bitty lil bich ???  @copycatbeauty has that ??? and it’s Bhabie approved !!  @copycatbeauty

    12 day ago

    All aboard the Mum-Mobile ?@zookeeper_chad saw  @featherdalewildlifepark’s koala momma, Rose, carrying not one, but two joeys around! It’s not uncommon to see a  #koala mum with two joeys on her back, however, in this instance, Rose was hosting a playdate for her joey, Pebbles, who had invited a friend along for a piggyback ride ? Fun fact: the keepers often have to do a “baby swap” when they see a joey hanging out with the wrong mother. You can visit these cuties with a 45-minute drive from  @sydney’s CBD, and even get up close to them during bookable animal encounters.  #seeaustralia  #newsouthwales  #ilovesydney  #explore  #travel  #wildlifephotography

    8 day ago

    @vander_esch38 has been added to the Pro Bowl roster & now becomes just the 3rd ever defensive rookie in franchise history to make the  #ProBowl! ?

    1 day ago