Ama baksana yaaa 😍😂😂 güzel yorumu hak etmiyormu bu kadın  Foto @hakanocall 💕🙏🏻 enerjisi harika insan 😎 sac makyaj ben ❤️❤️

Ama baksana yaaa 😍😂😂 güzel yorumu hak etmiyormu bu kadın Foto  @hakanocall 💕🙏🏻 enerjisi harika insan 😎 sac makyaj ben ❤️❤️

2 month ago

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      @selincigerci canımm adress💕🙏🏼💕

    • @aslinin_butigi2 month ago

      @selincigerci dm den yazdım selinciğimm 💕🙏🏼 adres bilgilerin

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      Fiuuyyttt fuuuiiiyyttt💋😋

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      Kalite tester parfümlerimiz kampanya kapsaminda kısa süreliğine tüm ürünlerimiz 100 tl dır sipariş için dm lütfen 👉😍  @serapersoyparfum

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      Kadın işte kadının has’ı

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      Salkom haricindeki beyazlatıcı kremi bilen varmi

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      Beleş malcı

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      Bu ne yaaaaa cok sığ bir hareket ;)))

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      Yine harika💕💕💕💕💕

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      Şu kadının erkekten dönme olduğunu duydum duyalı hayata küsüm

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      Bana gore bir cok kadindan daha kadınsın. Mükemmel insan. hep mutlu olun insallah..Sevgiler 😍

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      Cox gozelsen👍

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      😬 fazla kadınsınnnn 😍 seni görünce bir milyon estetik yaptırmak istiyorum

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      Bu ne muhteşemlikk Yarabbimm🔥

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      ÇEVREM YOK= Sadece instagram kullansan yeter📲 BEN YAPAMAM= Ben yapıyorsam emin ol sende yaparsın👍 PARAM YOK= iyi ya ben de sana iş teklifinde bulunuyorum💰💰 BECEREMEM=denedin mi?? VAKTİM YOK= Ben de sana zamanını kullanma özgürlüğü veriyorum👩‍💻 ANNEME, EŞİME SORAYIM=çalışacak olan onlarmı? *BUNLAR SADECE BAHANELERİN BİR KISMI ÖN YARGILARI KIRIP KENDİNİZE BIR ŞANS VERİN .AVRUPA NETWORKİNG İLE KAZANIN*💰💰

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      Abla olaysjn az önce yanlış yazdım😘👏

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      Sen mükemmel bir detaysın  @selincigerci ✋💞

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      Kylie senin yanında halt etmiş 🔥🔥

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      Daha çok tırnak reklam çekimi gibi olmuş 😂😂😂

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    That was such an amazing massage ???? now that that’s out the way... what y’all think I need next ?

    1 day ago

    Officer: you’re driving with a suspended license. Me: Suuussspendiiidd!!!!!!????

    4 day ago

    @vander_esch38 has been added to the Pro Bowl roster & now becomes just the 3rd ever defensive rookie in franchise history to make the  #ProBowl! ?

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    just wanted to say thank you so much. i neeever would have seen myself being nominated for literally any awards so this is INSANE. I love u guys so much. thank u for voting and thank u for being by my side thru absolutely everything . it’s our year (,: link to vote is in my story ?

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    As Mom I'm truly the luckiest  #10yearchallenge I have Known this amazing, wonderful , smart , talented, beautiful & God loving child for 10 years.  @sophialabraham has helped me be the best me. Over the years from the beginning til now I've seen such a change in society of "teen mom's" because of my successes it joys me to see I never became all the negative things people wished , lied, and said about me and teen parenting is really a beautiful thing rather then a constant struggle , I made it loving, fun, glamourous, beautiful , worldly, and so much more then hate and stereotypes, accept when society only told me the opposite.. news flash 2019! All mother's deserve this journey to be just that no matter what age you become a mother you deserve it to be your best and you will have it be your best . As I said on my 16&pregnant casting tape and lived boldly and honestly to this it's sad to see how society age descriminates against woman and motherhood at certain ages to hold us back make it horrible to be a young mom when really it's been the best , kids allow you to show unconditional love and being loved it's a luxury and blessing a new decade that is beginning for a both of us - So blessed - look forward to another 10 years.  #blesed  #ilovemylife  #2009  #2019  #sophiaabraham  #farrahabraham  #vertical  #decade  #memories  #legends #og  #singlemom

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    @psg: ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ Can  @manchesterunited stop them? ?

    4 day ago

    Happy Birthday James May.