Being in the nude gets even more comfortable. Weightless moisture-matte #MACPowderKiss comes in neutral shades Mull It Over, Impulsive, Influentially It and more.

Being in the nude gets even more comfortable. Weightless moisture-matte  #MACPowderKiss comes in neutral shades Mull It Over, Impulsive, Influentially It and more.

3 month ago

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    Sunday's best ♥️

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    Guaidó: ¿Es o no Presidente? Caricatura:  @marvinfigueroat  #Lapatilla?  #CaricaturaDeldía  #12Ene #SM

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    Yay it’s  #FitnessFriday and let’s start the year off by acknowledging the importance of a fitness partner. I challenge each of you to find a workout partner this year that will hold you accountable and support you in reaching your fitness goals. Your partner does not have to be a trainer, but it does have to be someone who is like minded and you both must be willing to push each other to the limit. And join us for today for our first  #PHITtalks of 2019 as it’s all about staying healthy, focused and in-sync in your fitness journey. We touch on migraine relief, strengthening the immune system, and the benefits of MCT & CBD. Join us on stories & IGTV for more and have a beautiful  #FitnessFriday!!

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    blocking anyone who doesn’t say my emo hair is tehsex i just did this full makeover on my channel XxXlink in bioXxX

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    Stunning ladies! Which one would you wear?! Let us know with one of the emojis below: ?  @xthuyle ?  @carlabeattriz ?  @ndeye.peinda Glam using our FARSALI favourites: Skintune Blur, Rose Gold Elixir & Unicorn Essence -  #farsali  #farsalicare  #skintune  #skintuneblur  #rosegoldelixir  #unicornessence

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    Giethoorn - Netherlands ✨???✨ . Picture by ✨✨@pinargltp✨✨  #wonderful_places for a feature ❤️

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    eu ai.

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    Wish u a very happy birthday maa. Thank u for bringing me in this beautiful world. This world is beautiful jus bcoz of u. May u keep laughing always. I will try my best to make u happy always . Love u ?

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    ??  #gypsyandthegym cr.  @forcejun ?

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    Знакомьтесь... мой новый питомец... давайте выбирать имя- у меня 2 варианта- ТИгра ( помните мульт?) или Диего ?? ! Это пацан! Голосуем !!  #сегейлазарев  #Диего ?  #Тига ? Пишите тут или голосуйте в сторис!!  #небылопоблемкупилабабапорося

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    QUESTION OF THE DAY: What star would you like to see me film with next? ?❓ Comment below and "like" whoever you agree with! ❤️?  #qotd  #adult

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    1 or 2 ...? Curly or Straight ...? ❄️ Tag your BFF ?‍♀️?  #snow  #anzeige  #winter  #twins

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    FED IS BEST! You have all asked or commented wondering if I was breast feeding or formula. I have wanted to explain myself because I felt like I had to, especially in a world of shaming. But here’s my decision...I don’t have to explain shit. I’m doing what’s best for me and my baby! Listen to this weeks podcast to hear more...

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    Переведу 3000 рублей на ваш счёт, просто так, потому что не знаю, о чем сегодня писать ?? Для того, чтобы выиграть достаточно: ?поставить лайк на этот и два предыдущих поста ?оставить любой комментарий под этой публикацией... И все! Будет три рандомных стопа по 1000 рублей, поэтому чем больше комментариев - тем больше шансов на победу! Погнали?))