Big love to my brother @cristiano for coming to my show last night in Paris!! #2SidesWorldTour #OhYea

Big love to my brother  @cristiano for coming to my show last night in Paris!!  #2SidesWorldTour  #OhYea

France3 month ago

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    Quanto ero già Business Man da piccolo? ? Poi ho conosciuto Youtube ed è andato tutto a quel paese ?  #animah  #matesyt  #milano  @lookatsascha  @matesyt

    11 day ago

    ТәтТті шәй!!! @nurdaulet_shertim

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    .  #smtowninchile .  #hyostyle

    6 day ago

    Who else got flu this winter season? I forgot what it felt like to feel well again. It’s slowly getting better though. ?

    4 day ago

    К Алисе приехала подружка. Ураааа!!! Здравствуй отпуск!!!??❤️

    3 day ago

    "Passing through the old city.”  #ShotoniPhone by Ali J.  @alijahanaraa

    4 day ago

    Shuffle up the deck mi a the queen inna the pack  #Romanticmood will now be my stage entrance song  #capturedmixtape subscribe to my vevo  #SpiceOfficialVevo more new video coming soon

    10 day ago

    I rarely ever straighten my hair so I didn’t realize how long my hair actually is now! 8 years of growing it out ? I can’t wait to dye it again hehe.. and get a trim because the ends are very very very dead ?

    10 day ago

    This was from the day I found out we got nominated for 3 iheart radio awards!! Thank you  @iheartradio for my female artist of the year nom, best dance song of the year and best music video with  @calvinharris for our song ONE KISS ? but thaaas not all, my girl  @pixielevinson who took this snap and all of my pictures while i’m away on the road got nominated for favourite tour photographer!! You can all vote via twitter if you like using the appropriate hashtags ❤️ THANK YOU

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    Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year! What do you want to do in 2019?  #newyearnewme

    8 day ago

    Essa foto com  @karolconka é importante no programa de hoje . Quem assistir por favor volte aqui pra comentar.  #altashoras

    9 day ago

    When they tell you  #Salvaje has been restocked ???  @colourpopcosmetics  #BeckyGxColourPop

    2 day ago

    Fogo ? man  @jpcancelo

    4 day ago

     #10yearchallenge . “Un Gancho al Corazon” y “El Último Dragón” Se aceptan comentarios ?. L@s amoooooo. Gracias  @rullinaticasworld por las fotos. ????