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    7 day ago

    Yaşasın hamile kadın ruhundan anlayan kocalar ❤️  @kemanikasound  #36weekspregnant  #36haftalikhamile

    2 day ago

    Walking into the weekend like ???

    5 day ago

    Thank you for waking me up another day! I’m about to step on the pitch in a minute and I just wanna thank you Lord for all the opportunities you gave me. I’ve been working for this since I’m 5 years old, we started on the streets now we in stadiums, inspire people all over the world ? with something what we love doing the most! ⚽️❤️??  #ivory  #blessed  #grateful

    5 day ago

    @huzurislamda ? Âmin..

    2 day ago

    Bugün fil yetimhanesine gittik. Kurtarılmış filleri, yıkadık, temizledik, besledik, sarılıp öpüştük vedalaştık ?❤️⭐️ #fil  #elephant  #thailand

    7 day ago

    There’s only one right answer and it’s Jess, do not @ me ???

    3 day ago

    Tag your Love ?

    8 day ago

    ❤️  @waltdisneyworld

    8 day ago

    А я говорил Вам что я эти шортики слил своими руками? И знаете что мне говорили в Крыму в 2000 году при этой внешности? Меня спрашивали не гей ли я и что настоящий мужик такие шорты не оденет??‍♂️.  #сашашпак  #фото  #мы  #люди  #мысли #архив  #sashashpak  #foto

    3 day ago

    لەلای ئێوە کەشوهەوا چۆنە؟

    10 day ago

    On capturing nightfall in New York City, photographer  @dave.krugman wonderfully described the scene and the beautiful, poetic dance and chaos that the city brings with its energy, its buildings, and its stories: "The firefly blinks of glowing city lights popping on push against the rising dark that turns the city from a concrete sprawl into a glittering galaxy. Stars like stories in their millions, each with gravity, swirling and colliding in infinite interactions." New York has a way of inspiring visitors and locals with its infinite opportunities, much as the sky full of stars inspires hope for tomorrow. (?:  @dave.krugman ?: New York City)

    7 day ago

    생일축하해 김종카이❤

    12 day ago

    *GIVEAWAY CLOSED* — ? Congratulations to the winners:  @jennies_vanity and  @lydsquid ? — ✨FARSALI x LILLY LASHES  #GIVEAWAY!✨ Who wants their beat to be on FLEEK?! ? We’re picking 2 people to win a $500  #farsali &  #lillylashes haul! -- To enter: 1️⃣ Follow  @farsalicare &  @lillylashes (we’ll be checking!) 2️⃣ Like this post! 3️⃣ Tag 3 BFFs! PS — for an extra entry, like any of our posts from the last 24 hours! -- Good luck beauties ? Ends tomorrow, 01/09 at 11:59pm EST!

    10 day ago

    멋찐남자는 운동을 하고 댕댕이를 끌어안찌