Palazzo Navona ☑️. The Old library☑️ #Rome #notadroneshot #travellerlife #keepexploring #bff #booksaregood #readmore #exploreeverything

Palazzo Navona ☑️. The Old library☑️  #Rome  #notadroneshot  #travellerlife  #keepexploring #bff  #booksaregood  #readmore  #exploreeverything

6 month ago

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    1 day ago

    This is a prophetic word. This is for so many people reading this ., If this is truly you right now. You're on the right Instagram page. Say Amen.

    9 day ago

     #Regram #RG  @nature_org: Plitviče Lakes National Park is a 295-sq.-km forest reserve in central Croatia. It's known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls, that extend into a limestone canyon. The region’s rivers, remarkably undisturbed and home to a wealth of different species, have earned the distinction of the “blue heart of Europe.” But now, the Balkan region is at the brink of a hydropower development boom of global proportions, with hundreds, if not thousands, of new dams planned and under construction. TNC is advocating for smart renewable energy use in the Balkans without sacrificing habitat. Photo by: Ken Geiger  #conservation  #nature  #thebalkans  #waterfall

    5 day ago

    Brows ?  @mvjdvmakeup Using  #Dipbrow in Medium Brows

    6 day ago

    Slay together, stunt together, & you bet damn right we gonna stay together thru it all?‍♀️ @juli.annee ???✨ ~ TAG YA BEST FRIEND IN THE COMMENTS? #bff  #slay  #glam  #wecute  #maddyxjulianne

    12 day ago

    Высоко-высоко в Карпатах. Вторая фотография сделана по многочисленным просьбам "надеть шапку" и в подтверждение того факта, что шапка всё-таки у меня есть, просто редко используется. ⠀ Больше моих фотографий на  @uakomar или по тегу  #еок ⠀  #доктокомаровский  #здоовье  #свежийвоздух  #капаты  #фотогафия

    12 day ago

    Ла Скала. Счастье быть вместе.?

    5 day ago

    Jejejejeje ???

    5 day ago

    The funny thing is, I already had  @jazzfest in my calendar for a music and food tour of one of my favorite cities, but now I'll get to work off those calories on stage! Jazzed (I did that) to announce I'll be performing at  #jazzfest50 on April 27th! Ticket link in bio

    6 day ago

    Dateline Tarrytown NY "Scene and Heard" column returning and reporting. Day 1 season 3 of  @divorceonhbo Sublime company. And too many laughs. Keep it up and they are going to separate us! X, SJ

    4 day ago

    On a three day tour to  #Gujarat and  #Maharashtra. Will see these friends of 7, LKM after 3 days! Look at the monkeys having fun at the ‘Chabutara’: the arrangement for feeding birds :)

    8 day ago

    Si hablamos de fiesta hablamos del  #FestivalDelPescador en  #SauceViejo  #SantaFe señores!!!??????? gracias x esta inolvidable noche!! Hasta pronto!!!

    21 hour ago

    Happy birthday to my partner in crime  @skeetme1 ? It’s incredibly rare to find someone as serious about their craft and yet always has a blast doing it. I’m so thankful that I get to work alongside you and more importantly call you my friend. Thank you for your generous, caring and kind spirit. Love you Skeet Skeet ?

    3 day ago

    Meus ídolos! Picole, Delcio Luís, Rogerinho e Anderson Leonardo! Obrigado pela visita ? que dia maravilhoso???

    5 day ago

    2009 - 2019  #10yearschallenge

    3 day ago

    Суретте нені байқадыңыздар? ?  @zhuldyzabdukarimovaofficial

    6 day ago

    my fav look is my boyfriend’s t shirt w/ a beat face and hoops but since I have no boyfriend... Lashes by  @jennhunnn ?