What are you doing to do? Comment below👇 Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one.

What are you doing to do? Comment below👇 Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one.

6 month ago

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    • @thepriyankuggoswami5 month ago

      But how can I date her

    • @jayniegarcia5 month ago

      @jayshetty I believe in this

    • @mikebritoo5 month ago

      @shanellelisa yes we will!

    • @gabbyangelesa55 month ago

      @jayshetty i moving to Sacramento CA.

    • @gabbyangelesa55 month ago

      Because of this post it made me think a lot. So kow im moving to Sacramento CA getting a transfer from work but going to be looking to getting that dream job!

    • @gabbyangelesa55 month ago


    • @bollywoodzumba245 month ago

      @fousey  @iisuperwomanii

    • @unorthodoxclothing5 month ago

      @posie4510 its true. What you got to lose

    • @emmaleemarie835 month ago

      My life right now! 😍😍

    • @ur.mummzie5 month ago

      snort that cocaine

    • @justinteo_au5 month ago


    • @audreych.n5 month ago

      @justinteo_au ❤️

    • @emilieheuvelman5 month ago


    • @emilieheuvelman5 month ago


    • @d4rk_energy5 month ago


    • @valereally5 month ago

      @amarch11 PBI all the way lol

    • @amarch115 month ago

      @valereally do it 😘

    • @pattyrose805 month ago

      I am a 55 year old single woman who just quit both my jobs, packed my stuff and moved from CA to Nevada. Both of my adult children live in NV as well as my first grandchild. My heart was empty being away from them...but I was in no position to move. My daughter lined up a cute little back house for me to move into temporarily, but it fell thru literally 2 days before I was set to move. I've been staying with my son for 12 days, and now I'm staying with my ex husband's new wifes' sister!! OMG. I'm so misplaced and discombobulated! My health ins ran out July 31st, and I kinda feel myself losing my steam. Uggg. I love listening to you speak, and your words are so motivating and real. Any advice?

    • @aidiafy5 month ago

      I did but it’s not worth

    • @kirth37a5 month ago


    • @diana_edens_19805 month ago

      I wish it was that easy!

    • @yengiang2375 month ago

      @van_nguyen0607  @nganhuynh.90  @hannahle486

    • @van_nguyen06075 month ago

      Tình hình chung hả 😁@yengiang237

    • @zunglee_4 month ago

      @divyarn today I saw it ... Already half of it did

    • @obre12124 month ago

      @meis_jean look at this!

    • @meis_jean4 month ago

      @obre1212 awww so i did one you know hahah

    • @nacolem264 month ago


    • @stacey_rebekah4 month ago

      @nacolem25 OMG love it 😂

    • @nitznambiar4 month ago

      ALL THAT I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU!  @zac007rox

    • @_therealivy_4 month ago

      @i.am__fatmira__ ✌🏻

    • @i.am__fatmira__4 month ago

      @_therealivy_ 💜

    • @elmo76o3 month ago

      @silent.patriot let's go

    • @silent.patriot3 month ago

      @elmo76o I’m game

    • @rhodystone3 month ago

      Move to that city

    • @irvcabarcas3 month ago

      Such an important message!! 🙏🏻❤️

    • @sara.ghorayeb3 month ago

      @jennatieh okay

    • @jennatieh3 month ago

      @sara.ghorayeb miye miye! I approve 😂

    • @_alejandraestev2 month ago

      @wendyr93 dude!! This says a lot

    • @wendyr932 month ago

      @_alejandraestev omg dude!!!! He’s speaking to us!!! Another sign!

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    Picture perfect of these two amazing couple ♥️

    1 day ago

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    5 day ago

    Teşekkürler  @ferrari

    1 day ago

    Last night in LA!?

    3 day ago

    Happy birthday to my brother always loyal always wants the best for me always there anytime...Gianni Smokina aka ? aka  @habibizcafe Walahi I got you for life yala bye

    10 day ago

    Ören Bayan ??♥️ Sizce Bitti mi?? ??

    4 day ago

    samruddhi, thank you so much my girl for the wonderful letter and the gifts... it truly means a lot:)) Puran poli someday in pune is on for sure... Thanks  @shivani.deshmukh  @shubhu.kadam for helping her you guys are love ... fly high ?❤️???