#Repost  @birthofamama ・・・ EMBARRASSED TO MOTHER ~ ( poetry and video by Hollie McNish  @holliepoetry ) At first I thought it was ok I could understand their reasons They said ‘There might be young children or a nervous man seeing’ this small piece of flesh that they weren’t quite expecting so I whispered and tiptoed with nervous discretion. But after six months of her life sat sitting on lids Sipping on her milk nostrils sniffing up piss Trying not to bang her head on toilet roll dispensers I wonder whether these public loo feeds offend her? Cos I’m getting tired of discretion and being ‘polite’ as my baby’s first sips are drowned drenched in shite, I spent the first feeding months of her beautiful life Feeling nervous and awkward and wanting everything right. Surrounded by family until I stepped out the house It took me eight weeks to get the confidence to go into town Now the comments around me cut like a knife As I rush into toilet cubicles feeling nothing like nice. Because I’m giving her milk that’s not in a bottle Wishing the cocaine generation white powder would topple I see pyramid sales pitches across our green globe and female breasts banned. Unless they’re out just for show. And the more I go out, the more I can’t stand it, I walk into town feel I’m surrounded by bandits Cos in this country of billboards covered in ‘tits’ and family newsagents’ magazines full of it Whsmith top shelves out for men – Why don’t you complain about them then? In this country of billboards covered in ‘tits’ and family newsagents magazines full of it Whsmith top shelves out for men, I’m getting embarrassed In case a small flash of flesh might offend.  @holliepoetry

5 month ago

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    • @sonflower19825 month ago

      @samrrshelton aww did i hurt your feelings. All you  #normalizebreastfeeding crazy ass moms need to get over your shelves. No one wants to see ur nasty titt hanging down to ur knees feeding your child. So seriously get over yourself. And use a breast pump. 🖕🖕

    • @samrrshelton5 month ago

      @sonflower1982 nope didn't hurt my feelings, you mean nothing to me and I'll do as I please, so go get the help you need and mind your own business and don't worry about how mom's are feeding their babies. No one is shoving any tits in your face!

    • @sonflower19825 month ago

      @samrrshelton 😂😂😂🤣 u crazy for letting ur nasty titts out. Keep them covered...no one and i mean no one wants too see that nasty shit! 😘😘🖕🖕

    • @samrrshelton5 month ago

      @sonflower1982 👍🏻

    • @luis.filipe.gomes5 month ago


    • @wildturski5 month ago

      This is gold! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 as a mother who fed both children for 2 years+ each I congratulate every women who has stood up n fed freely! I was once told to go do that in the toilets by a man rating I turned around n said maybe you should go eat your meal on a toilet as well hey? I didn’t get a response but my child peacefully got to peacefully eat his meal afterwards! 😘😘😘😘

    • @shelbyawalters5 month ago

      @waynzwrld63 why do you use quotes so much🤔

    • @alicia.vonlueders5 month ago

      💕💕💕  #nomalisebreastfeeding  #milkmakingmama here still feeding at 19m😍

    • @itsmyaeroplane_5 month ago

      Thank you for sharing

    • @mlj19845 month ago

      @rachelpalise have you heard this?

    • @waynzwrld635 month ago

      @aussiequeen29 1st off were not in India ! Were in America! 2nd . Really! Do you see pornograhy out in public!  #clueless

    • @meechelle765 month ago

      the other day an old woman leaned in to say hello to my Grandbaby as my Daughter and I sat on a bench and I scanned for judgmental faces, ready to pounce or say something to make them feel what they try to make her feel....this lovely frail woman leans in to say "good on you Mumma, when your baby's hungry, let her eat, it's only natural" in which Luna (the baby) pulled away from her Mumma and gave this woman the biggest smile with milk running down her chin.....never hide, always speak up, speak out, stand up, stand out....do you and teach your little one's that it's okay for them to do them and that standing up for the rights of themselves and others is a good thing and nourishing a small human being with human growth formula made by the human that loves them more than the world, is always a good thing

    • @lucid_dreamer_965 month ago

      @waynzwrld63 -plays a tiny ass violin- now. Get over it. Re watch this video if you must until you actually get it

    • @waynzwrld635 month ago

      @xlucid.dreamersx I have an idea since you have no class , ethics, values, morals etc... why don't you go to another country and put you and your child on display ! Sad way to get attention...snowflake!

    • @waynzwrld635 month ago

      @xlucid.dreamersx" funny thing in the video , did you notice in the paintings there's no else around but, the mother and child? Seems to me it was a private moment between mother and child . Not self exploitation!

    • @pink_fan4ever5 month ago

      @carla10306 Yass U go girl!

    • @misstaite5 month ago


    • @ctj19735 month ago

      I love  @holliepoetry. Saw her when she was touring and appeared in Stamford, UK. Hollie is amazing. I also really love that it is  @pink sharing this.

    • @g0thicab3auty5 month ago

      I can knit boobie hats to put on babies head whilst you feed them & i can jazz them up too. The world has gone pc fucking crazy if it’s overly sexualising a mother breast feeding her child & it speaks volumes about the NIMBY brigade out there!!!

    • @colahaffner5 month ago

      This is such an inspiring video

    • @littleb505 month ago


    • @imadmekki5 month ago


    • @_pinkpanther_15 month ago

      @kaybevo_x Remember this... 💪🏼

    • @nancy_d815 month ago


    • @mama.ashton5 month ago

      @nancy_d81 ugh its so hard

    • @cristianhazin4 month ago


    • @thatgingermomma4 month ago


    • @__davidharris__4 month ago


    • @rackb824 month ago


    • @stephanie_berger_csq4 month ago

      So she just acted like she’s stupid to the situation

    • @pieter1x4 month ago

      @sandybeekhuizen ik moest aan jouw denken toen ik dit filmpje zag 🤗 borstvoedende vrouwen ✌🏼

    • @ktk_artistic4 month ago


    • @sticky_marshmallow2143 month ago

      @misspicky07 🤘🏻💚👏🏻

    • @misspicky073 month ago

      @sticky_marshmallow214  #tetapower

    • @crystalbainter20172 month ago

      So very true God bless all the hard times to all the lady's

    • @kauffy2 month ago


    • @madmax31071 month ago

      @pink I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE this!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. 😍😍👏👏👏

    • @rhondablais1 month ago

      This is all because the media turned women into objects and motherhood as an undesirable thing. It got worse with social media. Much worse.

    • @jerseyjeeper11 day ago

      @cl_ddyy figured you would love this ♥️

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