🌑✨ perfect representation of our friendship lmao couldn’t keep a straight face for shit

9 month ago

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    • @qualityharmony_3 month ago


    • @miachel_333 month ago

      @heyalyssa___ eww you look like a tranny

    • @_shy_y3 month ago

      @heyalyssa___ yeah, you can watch on youtube

    • @gracefulgarcia3 month ago


    • @dr.diamond19953 month ago

      Fill ur hipdips

    • @cece_murphy3 month ago

      @pra_marionechegoyen no🙃

    • @cece_murphy3 month ago

      @_snichole__ how tf

    • @s_nichole__3 month ago

      @cece_murphy did you not hear her ending run. My cat could have sang that better tbh. This was not her best and I’m allowed to have my opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @cece_murphy3 month ago

      @_snichole__ but could u do better?No but anyways ur opinion is really underrated

    • @s_nichole__3 month ago

      @cece_murphy girl u have no idea 😂 Idk why I bother. I don’t need to explain it I mean anybody with a good ear for music can clearly hear what I’m talking about. Anyways u have a blessed night 🙏🏻

    • @darbyppurity3 month ago

      I don't want to use curse words on this company online.

    • @jostin5252 month ago


    • @jostin5252 month ago


    • @jostin5252 month ago


    • @jostin5252 month ago


    • @gabi_oliveirak2 month ago

      @gabiminchef ai agora que eu vi kkkkkkkkkkk eu amo tanto ❤❤

    • @suraiyajayde2 month ago

      @heyalyssa___ I'm dead all these people feenin' on u🤣🤣

    • @heyalyssa___2 month ago

      @suraiyajayde 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • @olympia2u2 month ago

      Some of you are just plain miserable smh

    • @smb_collection_lbb2 month ago


    • @secret_hymns2 month ago

      Y’all goofy!!!! I love it!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

    • @sela_90282 month ago

      Her voice is boring

    • @ourgorgeoushair2 month ago


    • @ruben_limaduarte2 month ago

      @_snichole__ i know i'm late but yes it is true ahaha looked like she was tired or something

    • @s_nichole__2 month ago

      @ruben_limaduarte yea definitely wasn’t her best

    • @overskill2 month ago

      This is the Norman I keep taking bout  @kaaay_doe

    • @zaryastacks132 month ago

      Hater need to stop trying to bully normani talking about her voice i bet yall ua cant sing anyways dtay in yo lanes ok ok got it🖕🤐😑

    • @superonyxis2 month ago

      yasss you are so right! zaryastacks13!

    • @superonyxis2 month ago

      it's like, she is a person too, if she was tired, that's not her fault, we all get tired!

    • @aakhorgirl20172 month ago

      Love you Normani and Khalid!

    • @peri.yt2 month ago

      Which song is this

    • @abxyz1011 month ago

      @sela_90__ not even gonna lie😂

    • @thabangkaudi1 month ago

      Your number one fan from south africa love u fal

    • @chorday.y1 month ago


    • @eaecpal25 day ago

      Some artists always sound so different live. Idk if I’m disappointed or not.

    • @itzelvegadomo16 day ago


    • @marydaiallday10 day ago

      Love it 👏💫

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    4 day ago

    Fashion yang bakal bersinar di 2019 . Credit :  @jakarta.keras

    3 day ago

    Waaah rame nih. Saatnya....

    7 day ago

    I love you, pumpkin

    4 day ago

    Mar del Plata ?

    6 day ago

    The perfect antidote for a chilly, stormy day!!  @sarahkatesilverman is in the attic, and all the hearts are warm. ♥️?♥️?♥️  @armchairexppod

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    2 day ago

    о чем я думаю с таким лицом? Скажу. Вот бы изобрести спрей-мудакоотпугиватель. Жить стало бы легче. И пробок меньше)))

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    Thank you Lord for the victory! Thank you to my wife  @jinkeepacquiao , my family, friends and fans from all over the world. Thank you to everyone who watched my fight tonight. Thank you for all your support. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of you. May God bless you all!

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    Go with the frothy flow! For more, explore  @disneylittlemermaid.

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    ede & kiwi

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