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      Yo in the last second u can literally see her scar from the nose job lol

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      SOMETHING good in life? Watching her working

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      @justheftruth I SEE IT

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      Are you a hair styler?

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      hi kendall im francisTorres from manila Philippines i luv u forever

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      Kendall you are a natural beauty, you don't need a drop of makeup, you lucky thing, I would kill for that. Keep up the great work! I'm writing in the hope that you might encourage your followers to vote in November. I'm hoping you too want our country to return to decency where life long friends are together and happy and not splitting up because of politics. Please Kendall, your family has been given enough $ for 1000 lifetimes, please be the brave soul that recommends or asks for a country of love and good intentions for the human race as it always has been. Armenians should come and live here if they want to with no fear of abuse and a girl should be able to become a boy if her body is screaming at her for a lifetime. Please let's get back to a country of fairness and compassion. Thanks!!🌻

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      Lemme get one

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      @_sarakhalid same vibe as your shoots

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      You are too much my legend

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      What camara is that?

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      The Asian girl is my friend ! What is she doing here 😂

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      @vymai.nguyen C'est Linda dans la vidéo? 😱

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      @audreycpck lol oui oui

    • @audreycpck20 day ago

      @vymai.nguyen ah ouais quand même! Chapeau à elle !

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    “Bu hikaye benimle kocam Aziz’in hikayesidir.” Mızgin ?  @mucize2film  @mahsunkirmizigulofficial  @boyutfilm  #mucize2aşk

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    The classic pareo skirt is elevated to fashion status with this polka dot print  #zaranewin Tap to shop!

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    Primer show del año!!  #calibashla2019  #auratour  #nibiru  @dimelovi Gracias a toda mi gente de LA!! NOS VEMOS ESTA NOCHE ???

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    Akşama Nefiis bir tarif hazırladım❤️ Kazağım  @semrabutikk Esarbım  @vissona Başörtü kazananlar  @elf_ozogul_kahveci  @yasemin_ilgimnisa tebrikler?❤️ kazanamayanlar üzülmesin en kısa zamanda yine çekiliş olacaktır❤️

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    Glückwunsch,  @marcinho11! ? Marco  #Reus wurde beim Voting des  @dfb_fanclub mit 33,9 Prozent der Stimmen zum Nationalspieler des Jahres 2018 gewählt.  #DieMannschaft

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    Which Naruto character has the most coolest jutsus/powers?

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    Experience the adrenaline of the track on any road with the  #Ferrari488Pista’s sculpted, sporty forms.  #Ferrari  #Details  #ItalianDesign

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    İyi insan ol ama bunu ispatlamak için zaman harcama.

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    Pagi! Dari Vanessha dan Hotman! Kenapa pasal 27 .1 UU ITE? Dimana para ahli hukum pidana kita?

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    Photo by  @stephenwilkes | The newest image in the Day to Night series is finally complete! This scene, photographed in British Columbia's Bella Coola, captures grizzly bears looking for food in their natural habitat during the salmon run. Due to climate change, the rivers in which the salmon travel are hotter and drier than ever before, leading to an increase in fish mortality and fewer fish for the bears to feed on. I plan to continue this project, capturing other threatened and endangered species, in the hope of creating awareness about the dangers of climate change and the effect of man on natural habitats. The Day to Night series began in 2009. These epic cityscapes and landscapes, portrayed from a fixed camera angle for up to 30 hours, capture fleeting moments of humanity and nature as light passes in front of his lens over the course of full day. Blending these images into a single photograph takes months to complete. To see more photos from my travels near and far, follow me  @stephenwilkes.  #DayToNight  #StephenWilkes  #Bellacoola  #Grizzlybears  #Dawntodusk  #Canada  #Landscape

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    Walking into the weekend like ???