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🎬 Director of Global Artistry for  @morphebrushes 💄Makeup Artist ⭐ Los Angeles, CA 💌
11 hour ago

You guys wanted to see some of my first body/face paints so here’s a couple!! These are all from 2009-2012. Unedited just raw from my old shitty camera and old shitty cell phone. 😂 I used to make my friends model for me all the time. Thank you to everyone of my friends and family who have let me use them as guinea pigs and get ideas out of my head and onto faces! It’s fun to look back and see a lot of things I was doing then are trending again now and this new generation of artists continues to blow my mind with their creativity and execution! Don’t stop! 🎨💡🙏🏼

1 day ago

 #10yearchallenge I’ve always lived a very colorful life. The photo on the left, I was in Makeup school just graduated from High School, thought I was KILLING it! 😂 I love looking back on old photos seeing old trends and one thing I will say is I’m proud of myself for always experimenting and trying new things whether it came to my personal hair/makeup or my art. I love that I’ve always just done what I wanted to and I love that in every photo I look genuinely HAPPY. Positivity and creative expression are the key to happiness. 🔑 ❤️ Comment a 🎨 if you want me to post some old work from when I first started experimenting with makeup/body painting!!!

3 day ago

IMATS was so much fun today!  @fashionnovacurve “Key to my heart top” size: 3x (For everyone that was asking about my shirt) 😚 Thank you for coming to see me today on the Main Stage!

3 day ago

Love glam sessions with this beauty  @linda_morphe 🥰🤤 Makeup:  @lipsticknick Hair:  @jesushair

5 day ago

NYC ✈️ Canada  @fashionnovacurve “Curves for Days” Biker shorts size: 2x “Stole your Boyfriends Hoodie” size: 3x

6 day ago

Reflecting on this moment from 2018 when I got to design makeup looks for 3 different  @carnival cruise line shows!!! Wow what a blessing, these were so much fun to create. Thank you  @carnival for trusting me! ❤️

9 day ago

My Fluidity shade babes!! 😭@morphebrushes I am so proud to be apart of this brand and the inclusivity and love that was put into this launch specifically! Makeup: Me  @barbrajayne_  @_elements_of_camila_  @annadelcarmen Hair:  @jesushair  #fluidity

9 day ago

New Fluidity Campaign!  @morphebrushes The color range is insane!!! 60 shades!!! As an artist of course this entire Launch made me extremely proud to work for such a thorough and inclusive brand that took time to not leave out any undertones or shades. The 60 shades are broken down into 5 levels, each level has 12 shades in it and 4 different undertones within each level. Warm, cool, neutral and olive! 🤯 Pictured are our 5 shade babes who represent each level: @wesleybenjamincarter @amandaensing @dressyourface @princess.kaae_ @melaninrichnyajal  #fluidity

11 day ago

I never got to show off my  @fashionnovacurve New Years outfit!! I had so much fun at my friend  @kirstin house this night!! 🥂🎉 “Can’t Lose Me” top// Size: 3x

11 day ago

💙 Blue mood 💙 This weeks episode of  @rupaulsdragrace 💋 Love this look on @michellevisage! Makeup by me 💄 Hair by  @justhectorla Styling by  @artconn2

12 day ago

Black & White  @fashionnovacurve 🏁 I love being a Nova babe because it gives me the chance to hopefully inspire other plus size women who, like myself, have struggled to find cool trendy clothing that works for their body! It also forces me to take some time for myself, put outfits together and feel pretty. 🙃  #novababe Skirt: “opposites attract” size 3x (it’s stretchy) Sweater: “Look at her go” size 3x

13 day ago

Beyond excited for this MAJOR Launch for  @morphebrushes!!! 60 shades of foundation, 31 shades of concealer, 15 pressed powders and some new tools!! 🤤  #fluidity Makeup by me 💋 Hair:  @jesushair &  @hairbyyuichi