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11 day ago

@gopro Fusion + snow + me = ultimate kook experience, especially my face at the end 😂 And no I didn't check for any random things sticking out that might have been covered by the snow so I guess I was lucky to live another day and not get skewered 🙄 (Super basic edit done in the  @quik_app)  #goprofusion  #gopro  #austria

13 day ago

When you're trying to be stoked about winter but still don't quite know how to deal with it 😂  #desertkid  #gopro  #hero7

17 day ago

Can I just say that January is definitely the Monday of the months? I've had a similar conversation with a few friends since the Christmas come down and now it's paired with the post New Year's funk. Looking back, looking forward and getting that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach of where am I going, what am I doing with my life and so on. One thing that has helped me befriend that feeling instead of letting it be a scary monster is reminding myself that I need to feel that in order to get to the next step. I need to feel a bit of that 'oh shit' feeling to set my goals and intentions straight again. Because if the alarms in your head aren't ringing how are you going to know that you need to do something different? I try to make sure to listen to them and listen to what they're trying to say instead of just tearing myself down for it. Another bit of unsolicited rambling.  #gopro   #hero7   #austria   #surfskate   #surfyourskate  #vienna

19 day ago

2018: Started with a nervous breakdown and a break up, continued with a spiral of depression, then a chase for a happy ending across the world, decided to leave the place I grew up for good, spent the summer living out of a suitcase in limbo, bid farewell to that awful wave of depression, committed to a bachelor program so I can finally get that piece of paper, didn’t get that happy ending, worked on my relationship with my parents, started living alone again for the first time in a long time, DIYed myself a carver board, learnt a hell of a lot more about myself, pushed myself to create my own happiness and be complete on my own, got to go to the MotoGP twice (fuck yeah), stumbled upon love unexpectedly, riding constant up and down waves but always got out alright and gave myself a pat on the shoulder. Most importantly, learnt and figured a lot of shit out. 2019: No expectations. Be good, be kind and keep pushing.  #gopro  #munich  #germany  #nightlapse  #newyear

1 month ago

(Insert cheesy caption on how last weekend was the kick off for ski season) Had a blast with this little gang last weekend making the slopes a little less safe.. at least there was barely anyone around 😂 Are you a skier or snowboarder? I did try my luck at snowboarding once and was useless.. maybe I'll give it another go this season..  #gopro  #hero7  #austria

1 month ago

I'm still here 👋🏻 I've just taken a bit of time off of here to focus on what's going on in real life.. I'm pretty good with not getting too deep into this whole online life thing and forgetting about what's going on around me. The last few weeks has been all about taking in the real life stuff. Getting used to a new country, making new friends, new experiences, studying, trying to see family, looking for work, traveling, falling in love and just doing the whole adulting thing too. This whole Instagram thing has never been about numbers but just treating it as a hobby and sometimes some hobbies get set aside when more important stuff comes through. Now it's time to pick it back up and enjoy it again, a few eyeballs less and probably some engagement to build back but c'est la insta-vie 🤙🏻  #mydubai  #brappp  #gopro

2 month ago

#tb to getting a quick sesh in at Sunset beach last weekend... surf 🏄🏻‍♀️ Feeling just as wet in Valencia at the moment with all this rain ☔️  #gopro  #hero7  #surfbroads  #dubai  #mydubai

2 month ago

Last weekend Dubai riding  @ktmuae bikes, this weekend Valencia for  @motogp 🎉🎉🎉 Stoked doesn't even cover it 😁 I got lucky enough to be at Silverstone this year but unfortunately torrential rain got in the way of the race, so fingers crossed all goes well this weekend despite rain being on the forecast for  #valenciagp 😂Massive thanks to  @ktmuae for the sweet ride while I was in Dubai ❤️  #gopro  #hero7 #ktm  #ktmuae  #dubai  #mydubai  #visitdubai  #superduke1290  #superduke

2 month ago

Dubai you were short, sweet and super rad! Still sifting through what I captured on my  @GoPro so here's an old shot from when I still had all my gear piled into my FJ (miss you boo) a few months back. Still can't say what I was shooting for while I was in Dubai but I can't wait to share when it goes live ❤️ This weekend reminded me of the importance of having a passion and to keep pushing, learning and progressing in it. And how being a girl can be pretty sweet sometimes, this might not be everyone's cup of tea but I find it exciting that we get to break stereotypes and that we get to change the norms and what people expect of us. How boring would it be if being who you are didn't surprise people every now and then ;)  #gopro  #dubai

2 month ago

I'm coming for you  @dubai ❤️ Going to be an interesting quick few days working on a little project in my favorite place in the world, the desert 🐪 People in Austria sometimes ask me 'but where's the nature in Dubai?' and this is my idea of nature. Desert over forest and mountains any day.  #dubai  #brapp  #gopro  #experiencedifferent  #mydubai

2 month ago

Who needs boys when you've got toys ✊🏼💨💨  #austria  #brapp  #gopro  #experiencedifferent

2 month ago

Exploring and catching bruises at a new spot in Munich this time 🤙🏻 Type 'Hirschgarten Skatepark' into Google and have fun kids ✊🏼💨 (shot on  @gopro Hero 7 using voice command for burst, 10frames/3sec)  #gopro  #hero7  #munich  #surfskate  #surfyourskate  #germany