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Covers and art from @g.wynplaine  #LanguageChallenge in progress 👉🏼 Lukas Graham cover ⤵️
7 day ago

after years without holding a single pencil here i am back at it... never thought this would happen again honestly. Guess  @badboyloo is my new inspiration 🤧 . . .  #badboyloo  #bloo  #피어싱 #김현웅  #mkitrain #khh  #drawing  #pencildrawing  #pencilart  #pencildraw #byn  #blackandwhite  #fanart

10 day ago

haciendo uso de los espejos de mis amigos

27 day ago

yo... i kinda miss doing this duo thingy, was actually fun  #Repost  @teller.kissie with  @get_repost ・・・ YAAAAASSSSS my girl featuring  @anastaciamusic on  @smuleofficial!! Will never get over this duo 😍😍😍  #smule  #smulecover  #smuleduet  #cover  #vocalcover  #anastacia  #kisej  #kisejaxn

1 month ago

FAKE LOVE COVER IS OUT!!! Link is in my bio guys, go watch! 💜 . Also we just made an instagram account for everything related to our channel 👉🏼  @kisendrew go follow to stay tuned 🤙🏼🤪

1 month ago

OFFICIAL PICS JUST CAME OUT 😭😭😭😭 why’s my hair so tragic tho sidlskfks i hate rain damnit but lOOK AT JESSI GAWD 😭🤧♥️💗💘💓💞💝💕💖💜🎀🌸 Also guys it was a pleasure sharing this with y’all srsly, you both are amazing 💞

1 month ago

Pues nada colegas, que ya tenéis también el Behind The Scenes de la cover que subimos ayer en el mismo canal. Link en mi bio. Pos porque somos así de pros.

1 month ago

Heeeeyaa it’s ya favorite girl and ya boy  @afrodrew_ opening a brand new channel for covers and reactions and we starting with this great BOP by kings  #Monsta_X!!! Y’all can watch it full on the link in my bio. Just a Disclaimer: don’t expect seriousness from this channel in any way. . Go find Kise’ndrew on YouTube and subscribe!!!! . . .  #monbebe  #monstax  #cover  #vocalcover  #kpop  #kpopcover  #몬스엑스

1 month ago

 #StandByYou Remix @keemhongwu  #talentedmusicians  @talented_musicians

1 month ago

 #StandByYou Remix @keemhongwu

2 month ago

I LOOK UGLY AF BUT LOOK AT THIS ANGEL!!!  @jessicah_o im missing you already ♥️  #jessitour2018  #jessitour2018london

2 month ago

So  @lukasgraham new album is out and i love it as much as i did with any other album they released whew i’m such a Grahamer 🤧 Anyways here’s part of my  #LoveSomeone cover! The link for the full version’s in my bio ✌🏼 Hope you guys like it and enjoy!

3 month ago

ok first of all PLEASE excuse my korean i thought i could remember the lyrics and made this in a total hurry so... let’s just see it in a funny way and focus in vocals ok? 😂 don’t be mean or get mad at me i did this in a total good way 😭 now ⚠️CHEESY TEXT ALERT⚠️: This was the very first Jessi song I ever covered and the very first time she noticed me. It was only a 15secs instagram video cuz it was the longest you could post on instagram by then. I was a new jebbie, like i became an actual stan a month before posting that video and she liked it. I started crying bc i wasn’t expecting her to notice me, my hands were shaking and my mom freaking out cuz i couldn’t even talk decently to explain what just happened... Then “Want to be me” became my casting song and she even wished me luck a couple times, every time i got an answer from her i truly believed that’d be THE time (but never happened lol yikes). Now I’m here, waiting to buy my vip ticket so i can meet her in just a month. Now I’m used to her liking my videos and even answering, and yet it’s still making me the softest to see how close she’s with her fans and how humble she’s. I’m “used to it” yet become the happiest everytime she likes one of my posts either here or my stan acc (@itsjessihos in case u wanna follow lol the spam) I’m proud to say i’ve been a jebbie for years and won’t ever take that title back. Can’t wait to meet her in London, I still can’t believe it’s gonna happen and I swear everytime I talk about it and imagine that moment I feel a knot in my throat. This may be dumb for many ppl but it really means the world to me. We’re just a month away♥️ See ya in London,  @jessicah_o. I love u🌹