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DO YOU GO TO BED HUNGRY? @katieosterhoff . Are you going to bed hungry? Should you eat before bed? Don’t believe the lie of not eating after 7 PM —————————- Back up and look at your day from the beginning... Did you eat enough throughout the day? If you are not consuming enough calories, during the day you were setting yourself up to be starving before bed How do you solve it? EAT! Let’s pretend that you’re supposed to eat 1800 cal during the day. But it’s 10 PM, you’re headed to bed and you’ve only eaten 1200 cal. Guess what, you still have 600 cals that you can eat it no matter what time of day it is As long as you don’t go over 1800, (or whatever was prescribed to you) you’re OK. Some great options for bedtime snacks are: -Greek yogurt with fruit -oatmeal -vegetables with hummus or cottage cheese -Cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with frozen fruit Mixed in and a dash of Stevia -Leftovers from dinner If you are tired of being exhausted, you’re not able to focus, you’re not losing weight, in fact, living this way, you aren’t even able to live up to your fullest potential. I coach women to lose weight and keep it off, especially busy moms who often times put themselves last in a day. If you’re tired of living in a state of exhaustion, and/or unable to lose weight, you may have hit a fat loss plateau because your body needs enough nutrients in order to sustain itself. So your body, in order to survive, holds onto fat since there are not enough nutrients to feed the body and live at its highest potential. If you’re ready to take your health to a higher level and you want personalized coaching and accountability from me, then DM me.

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PLAN FOR LEFTOVERS...  @katieosterhoff . take a few minutes to look over your calendar for the week. . Find the nights that you’ll have extra time to prep and cook extra protein (chicken, wild caught fish, grass fed beef, nitrate free pork) . this will be a lifesaver on those busy nights of the week that you may lack time to cook. . . . . .  #prep  #prepare  #useleftovers  #katieosterhoff  #busynight  #lifesaving  #wellness  #fitmom  #busymom  #busymomlife  #busy  #leaneating  #womenwholift  #plantheweek  #planyourmeals  #organized  #healthydiet  #busymomma  #workinglady  #goalslayer  #momboss  #getorganized  #successfulwomen  #goalcrusher  #moms

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*ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS* @katieosterhoff .  #Repost  @healixmethod ・・・ Changing the way you eat is so vital to how you feel day in and day out. Obviously having a treat is okay, but the majority of your diet should remove food on the bottom. - Good post by  @chris.rocchio_fit (Top) Anti - Inflammatory Foods Just some foods I ate post-injury to help speed my recovery. All of these foods are rich in antioxidants, so they reduce oxidative stress on the body. Plus each of them has their own unique mix of inflammation fighting elements: 🍍🥦🥥🥗🍜🐟🌰 1) Leafy Greens- flavonoids| 2) Bok Choy- choline & antioxidants| 3) Celery- good source of potassium| 4) Beets- potassium & magnesium, helps repair cells| 5) Broccoli- potassium & magnesium, flavonoids, carotenoids| 6) Blueberries- quercetin & anthocyanins| 7) Pineapple- bromelain, vitamin C, B1, potassium & magnesium| 8) Fish Oil- Omega-3 fatty acids; Wild-Caught Salmon = great source| 9) Bone broth- chondroitin, sulphates, glucosamine; plus vitamins & minerals| 10) Walnuts- Omega-3s| 11) Coconut oil| 12) Chia Seeds- 1:1 fatty acid profile| 13) Turmeric- curcumin| 14) Ginger- lowers certain inflamm. processes at cellular level| 15) Hemp Seeds- GLA and 1:1 fatty acid profile. 🍍🥦🥥🥗🍜🐟🌰 (Bottom) Most Inflammatory foods Most of these foods in general have a high ratio of omega-6 to omega-3’s (inflammatory) ** Average American has a ratio of 20:1 due to these types of foods. -- 1) Refined Sugar/Flour- Pastries, cereals processed foods—> Insulin spike, more glucose than body can handle (cytokines). 2) Vegetable Oil / high PUFAs- soy, corn, safflower, sunflower, palm oils —> high levels of AGEs (highly inflammatory), go rancid easily. 3) Fried Foods/Fast Foods- most are fried in PUFA oils. 4) Artificial Sweeteners & Additives- aspartame, saccharin, HFCS, carrageenan, etc. 5) Conventional, Grain-fed Meats- mainly beef, chicken, & pork are fed high Omega-6 diet 6) Processed Meats- bacon, hot dogs, bologna, sausage, jerky 7) Gluten- especially from mass-marketed breads that speed up processes 8) Drinking too much -- - Comment below if you have any questions on any of this. —  #inflammation

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WHATS’S FOR DINNER @katieosterhoff . . Moms - wouldn’t it be nice to come home and know what you’re making for dinner? . If you’re : . •fed up with being stressed, and rushed to come up with dinner ideas... •There’s more nights in a week you end up feeding your family fast food or Frozen meals.. . Then listen up! Imagine coming home from work, and having the confidence of knowing you have all the ingredients you need for your meal, you know what you’re making, and maybe you even did the prep work days earlier on preparing extra protein, or chopping vegetables. . . Interested in learning more? . Take 20 seconds and message me.

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IT’S ANOTHER YEAR - WHICH MEANS WE TOO WILL BE ANOTHER YEAR OLDER  @katieosterhoff . . Will you stay the same? . OR grow in a way that you can look back in another year and say, . “WOW!! Look at how I’ve changed” . How are you going to make this year different? . . What do you want to change, what do you REALLY want to change? . . Start with ONE THING, and focus on it for 30 days until you’ve conquered it. . . Comment- what’s one goal you’ll work on for the next 30 days?

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ARE YOU TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF @katieosterhoff . . You know you need to take care of yourself before you can effectively take care of your family. The problem is, you know you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of others, but you’re not. You may feel like you just can’t get there. I believe you can do it. But you have to ... 1) not only believe you can 2) believe that you are worth the investment 3) ask for help 4) take action Today is about forgetting those things which are behind, and feeling excited about the things that are before you! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Make 2019 the year of working on you! Direct message me with any questions, goals, or concerns. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •What holds you back? •What isn’t working with your nutrition & health? •Where do you see yourself in 2019? . .

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YOU READY?  @katieosterhoff . .  #Repost  @zanderfryer ・・・ Type YES if you are ready!💥💥💥

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HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just going to the gym or losing a few pounds. 💦 WATER - Making sure we get enough, 8, 8-ounce glasses to keep us WELL hydrated. Hydration is crucial, giving us energy, good skin, assists in digestion, and helps with inflammation. Not to mention bad breath. 🥗🥦🍗🍠A BALANCED DIET - if you have certain groups of food missing from your diet, you’re missing out on important nutrients can offer you. Are you someone who focuses on getting protein at each meal, yet don’t eat enough vegetables? Consequences of not consuming enough vegetables can be constipation, a low immune system, causing you to get cold frequently, and fatigue. 😴 SLEEP - an adult should be getting 6 to 8 hours of good quality sleep each night. Benefits of a good nights rest will leave you feeling energized, sharpen your attention span, lower stress, have a healthy body weight, curb inflammation, and promotes creativity. 💪🏼 PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Promotes mental and cognitive health. Increases physical strength. Physical activity can help keep your weight at a healthy level. If you lose weight by diet alone, you may lose not only fat mass, but also muscle mass and bone mass. Physical activity, particularly muscle-strengthening activity, can preserve bone and muscle mass. Restores restful sleep. When you’re regularly active, you’ll have a better quality of sleep. Being active also decreases your feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

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Oil to avoid-HYDROGENATED OILS @katieosterhoff  #Repost  @just.ingredients ・・・ #1 HYDROGENATED OILS - the first ingredient off of yesterday’s list to avoid in 2019. Let me help you get started with this. . Pictured above are a few examples of where you may find your hydrogenated oils lurking in your pantry or fridge. . Just FYI, PARTIALLY hydrogenated oils have been banned by the FDA (after 30 years of showing them how horrible this man made ingredient is), but the companies have until Jan. 1 2020 to get rid of their inventory. So you will still see products in the store with it. . Hydrogenated oils have not been banned yet by the FDA (but by no means are they healthy). They take a liquid oil and put it through a process called hydrogenation, where usually nickel or aluminum is used in a chemical reaction to help turn the liquid into a solid. . My sister battled breast cancer at the age of 35 as she was being a mom to 4 young children. Her oncologist gave her a list of things that she needed to do to help her fight the cancer. The number one thing she had to do was eliminate hydrogenated oils from her diet. . . . 👉🏻If you’re new to my page, I believe cancer rates and mental health issue rates have skyrocketed due to the huge amounts of chemicals added to our foods. I suffered severe depression 15 years ago due to these chemicals. I healed my gut with food and have been off all medication for 13 years due to keeping a healthy gut. But at the same time, I’m a mom of 6 kids (3 teenage boys) who still want packaged foods at time. Like really, my 17 year old is not going to have his basketball friends over on a Friday night to eat kale and chia seeds 😂. So I understand the need to buy packaged foods. BUT, I always show you a “better choice” of the product available on the market because the foods we grew up on, do not have the same ingredients as back then. They’ve replaced real food ingredients with man made chemicals. And yes, those teenage boys get the “better choice” junk food 😂.

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2019 @katieosterhoff . . . “ do you not cling to old ways as you step into a new year...” Sarah Young . .  #goals  #newyears  #2019  #katieosterhoff  #momgoals

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FAMILY . . ..  #newyear  #christmas  #christmasbreak  #family  #blendedfamily

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MOODY? @katieosterhoff . . .  #Repost  @carriewilkerson ・・・ Self explanatory. True story. . . . . . .  #CarrieOn  #katieosterhoff  #moods  #moody  #weightlossjourney  #moms  #momboss  #manners