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Reportage & street photog with a Leica. Founder of  @everydayclimatechange. Shooting human rights & environmental projects.  @pulitzercenter grantee

16 hour ago

Although it looks natural, this canal originally excavated by African slaves, that cuts from the Commewijne River to the Atlantic at Matapica, has been completely reclaimed by the surrounding mangrove forest, and colonized by caimans and other wildlife near Bakkie Plantation. Commewijne, Suriname. Canal excavation was considered by slaves the hardest of backbreaking work and led to more slave escapes than other forced labor, leading to the creation of bands of free Africans who later formed various Maroon ethnic groups.  #suriname  #slavery  #freedom  #maroons  #unconquered  #plantations  #dutch  #nonfictionphotography  #pulitzercenter #geo  #geofrance

1 day ago

Stagnant, fouled pools of water stand beside a gold camp run by Brazilian "garimpeiros" artisanal miners in the deep Amazon in Suriname. Bensdorp, Suriname. (R) Brazilian “garimpeiros” handmade sluice box used to separate gold from the soil and river stones at the downstream outlet of an artificial pond of foul water. Brazilian “garimpeiros” are artisanal miners working independently on Maroon land, scouring out entire watersheds, to extract gold from the riverbed using mercury (quicksilver) to enhance recovery of gold. Large quantities of toxic, mercury is discharged into the watershed, which contaminates fish stocks, poisoning a primary source of protein for the local Maroon population. In the end what is left is an inorganic poison wasteland where once stood one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Bensdorp, Suriname  #gold  #artisanalminers  #amazon  #unconquered  #garimpeiros  #nonfictionphotography  #pulitzercenter #geo  #geofrance

3 day ago

The Americas’ Unconquered Africans. Young woman walking through the market in central Paramaribo. Suriname. Maroons and Creoles mix, indistinguishable to the outsider, but the enmity between the two groups remains, dating back to the days when Dutch slave masters would send out patrols of Creoles to recapture escaped slaves before they were able to reach safety in Maroon territory.  #paramaribo  #creole  #maroons  #suriname  #history  #unconquered  #nonfictionphotography

4 day ago

The Americas’ Unconquered Africans: Melissa, the daughter of Djumu's headman, atop Pineapple Mountain, a granite dome that, though modest in height, towers over the flat interior rainforests. Djumu, Suriname. Pineapple Mountain is named by the local Saamaka Maroon people after the wild growing pineapple plants, the spiky plants at Melissa's feet, that cover the top of the mountain and promise a reward of sweet fruit after the climb to the top. Djumu sits on the banks of the upper Suriname River in a sea of largely untouched forest which provides an important source of protein through hunting for bush meat.  #suriname  #maroons  #saramaka  #saamaka  #unconquered  #amazonas  #freedom  #nonfictionphotography

5 day ago

The Americas’ Unconquered Africans. Iwan, a Saamaka Maroon man, stands in front of a massive rainforest tree near Djumu, Suriname. The Maroon people along the upper Suriname River are effective stewarts of the land they claimed centuries ago after fleeing their Dutch slave masters. In 1762, the Saamaka signed a treaty with their Dutch colonial master affording them freedom, territory and autonomy. In the landmark 2007 decision for "Saamaka v Suriname" at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica, the court "guaranteed territorial rights not just for Saamaka, but for all Maroons and indigenous people" in Suriname. In Djumu, Boven Suriname (Upper Suriname River). Suriname.  #suriname  #maroons  #saramaka  #saamaka  #unconquered  #africans  #freedom  #rainforest  #amazonas  #nonfictionphotography #geo  #geofrance  #pulitzercenter

6 day ago

The Americas’ Unconquered Africans: Saamaka Maroon mother with her newborn child in front of her house in Ben Dikonde, near the village of Djumu, Boven Suriname (Upper Suriname River). Suriname. The Maroons, a general name derived from the Spanish, "cimarron" used in Hispaniola to refer to escape cattle that took to the hills, are descendents of Africans who escaped slavery on foot centuries ago to live deep in the Amazon much as they had in the rainforests of West Africa. Maroons refer to themselves as "Busikonde Sembe" or "People of the Bush”.  #maroons  #africans  #southamerica  #amazonas  #unconquered  #freedom  #motherhood  #nonfictionphotography #geo  #geofrance  #pulitzercenter

6 day ago

This week: The Americas’ Unconquered Africans. In the 17th & 18th centuries, enslaved Africans escaped into Suriname’s (then Dutch Guiana’s) rainforest and created a new society with the help of the indigenous people. Their descendants would come to be known collectively as the Maroon peoples. In the 18th century, after fighting the Dutch to a stalemate, the Dutch colonial authorities signed a treaty acknowledging various Maroon peoples’ autonomy.  #maroons  #africans  #southamerica  #unconquered  #rainforest  #freedom  #nonfictionphotography #geo  #geofrance  #pulitzercenter

7 day ago

“Ju-Hyo" (Ice Trees) trees encased in rime ice, high in the Hakkoda Mountains, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. The area has been buried every winter in up to 5 meters (16.4 ft.) or more of snow. The Japanese also lovingly call the trees “snow monsters”. The Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper reported this week that Japan’s ju-hyo are threatened by bark beetles that are threatening alpine forests at the tree line throughout Japan, and in North America as well. Ju-hyo are created when supercooled water droplets from clouds forming over the Sea of Japan accumulate and freeze on Aomori-todomatsu (Marie’s fir/abies mariesii) trees. In the past, enough bark beetles’ eggs were killed by extremely cold winter temperatures. Now, with climate change, more survive eggs survive the winter and infest the forests, killing the trees. In the case in Japan, the warmer winter is allowing pest, for which the trees have little defense, to move up the mountain and weaken the trees, making them even more susceptible to the bark beetles.  #climatechange  #globalwarming  #blight  #jyuhyo  #snowmonster  #dieout  #Japan  #winter  #snow  #jameswhitlowdelano

9 day ago

Ginnalyn Soriano, 21 encounters the body of her elder brother, Julius, 24 years old, whose corpse is being carried away in a body bag after he was executed. His body showed signs that his hands had been bound before he was shot to death during a police operation in Caloocan, Metro Manila. Philippines  #philippines  #extrajudicialkillings  #duterte  #humanrights  #womensrights  #nonfictionphotography

10 day ago

Long hours: Lights burning bright after dark on one of the longest days of the year in June. Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan  #japan  #overwork  #overtime  #tokyo  #midnightoil  #exhaustion  #humanrights  #workersrights  #documentaryphotography  #jameswhitlowdelano

12 day ago

An abandoned hotel almost at the water's edge due to beach erosion in Talipanan Beach in Puerto Galera. By law, all structures are supposed to be 3 m from the high water mark but unregulated or underregulated rampant development has meant that when stronger storms, due to climate change, have washed away the beach, the land behind the beach, which would allow the beach to be replenished, is increasingly sealed under concrete. Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippine Recently world-famous Boracay Island was forcibly closed for six months of clean up. Puerto Galera, Mindoro along with El Nido, Palawan and Panglao Island off of Bohol Island have been mentioned as possible subjects to similar closure in the future.  #climatechange  #globalwarming  #risingseas  #rampantdevelopment  #tourism  #philippines  #mindoro  #puertogalera  #documentaryphotography  #jameswhitlowdelano

13 day ago

Year in Pictures 2018: Commuters push into a packed Yamanote Line train during the morning rush hour in Shinjuku Station, by volume the busiest in the world. Tokyo, Japan  #japan  #overwork  #japanoverwork  #commuters  #trains  #tokyo  #documentaryphotography  #jameswhitlowdelano