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2 hour ago

People have been running the steps ever since Harvard Stadium was built, in 1903. Many of the runners arrive before dawn to get their workout in. β € β € Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

1 day ago

Pink skies over Harvard πŸ’žβ € β € Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

5 day ago

Campus is a bit quieter these days, but we'll see students back in those seats soon! β € β € Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

7 day ago

Olga Romanova, Mattea Mrkusic, and Michael Liu have earned international Rhodes Scholarships and will attend Oxford in the fall! β € β € At Harvard, Olga Romanova is concentrating in bioengineering with a secondary in global health and health policy at Harvard. β€œI want to explore the intersection of these fields with bioengineering to see how some of the innovation and research that is happening within the field of bioengineering is being translated into practices and policies that leave an impact on society,” she said.β € β € Mattea Mrkusic will pursue master’s degrees in public policy and refugee and forced migration studies at Oxford. β€œIt’s always hard to forecast the future, but there are two fields I can’t seem to shake: climate migration (migration that will occur as anthropogenic climate change worsens) and deepening democratic civic engagement,” she said. β€œI’d love to work for the U.N. Platform on Disaster Displacement and then head back to the Pacific region to work on climate displacement policy co-designed by Pacific and indigenous communities.”⠀ β € Michael Liu has a passion for helping others, and for finding creative solutions to complex medical and societal issues. β€œThroughout College, one of the most rewarding things I have done is directing at the Youth to Youth Homeless Shelter, and a lot of the work I have been doing has been really focused on social advocacy and social justice,” he said. β€œI’m interested in understanding how early adversity and trauma affects development over time, and I’m interested in looking at this from a very interdisciplinary perspective.”⠀ β € Photos by Stephanie Mitchell and Marion Marigo

12 day ago

It's  #NationalBirdDay! πŸ¦…πŸ¦†πŸ¦‰ These are part of the collection at the Harvard Museum of Natural History - see our story for more!

12 day ago

Beautiful photo from  @harvardhbs'  @stevenisotel - thanks for sharing!

16 day ago

Happy 2019! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ We hope you have a healthy and happy year ahead! β € β €  #NewYear2019  #HappyNewYear

17 day ago

Thanks for sharing 2018 with us! ❀️  #NewYearsEve  #HappyNewYear  #Harvard

24 day ago

Some holiday Harvard cheer πŸŽ€β € β €  #HappyHolidaysβ € β € Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

26 day ago

Holiday lights πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸβ € β € Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

27 day ago

A bright Winthrop House on the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  #WinterSolsticeβ € β € Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

27 day ago

Exams are ending and students are packing up! Safe travels and enjoy the break! β € β € Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer