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BEAUTY VLOGGER/  #selftaughtMUA  #fightingformylife / 15 yrs old/ I am really sick/  @makeup_by_haileyg FOR PR: haileymaegarofalo@icloud.com /YouTube👇❤️🎗🙏

4 day ago

Off to NY to her more surgeries. Wish me luck and thanks for the prayers!

4 day ago

Link in bio! ❤️  @jaclynhill

7 day ago

Subscribe to my YouTube channel! Link is in bio (or you can look up “Hailey Garofalo” on YT) These are some memories of my YouTube channel so far.  #fightingformylife  #JaclynHill  #Severepain  #makeup

8 day ago

I had such a fun day with you  @jaclynhill and thanks for FaceTiming us  @mannymua733 and  @larlarlee❤️🎗🙏

3 month ago

I was scared about my surgeries but I made it through with the power of God. My surgeries are more risky and more painful than an open heart surgery. I have never been in so much pain in my life and it was hell going through it. I spent my birthday in the hospital and had many serious complications. I am home now barely able to type these words and I am hoping to be recovered by 2019. I am the worst case the neurosurgeon has ever seen. He sent me home to start recovering and then I have to get another surgery. They already did 3 procedures and I have to get a fourth one. I am laying in bed in the most pain I have ever been in while everyone but me and my amazing mom are on a trip and having fun. Life is hard and I never thought I would come so close to dying twice in my life. Thank you for your prayers and never take life for granted. I would like to thank my mom my dad and grandma for being there for me through this scary experience. We still don’t know if the surgery was successful but I am trusting God.

5 month ago

NEW SCARY LIFE CHANGING NEWS ON MY CHANNEL. Link is in my bio and it would mean so much if you would watch this because I worked hard on this video and this is really scary for me to be going through.

5 month ago

There is a new pre filmed video on my YouTube channel! It is a full face of beauty guru makeup. (Link in bio) Watch until the end to see if you won the shoutout and watch to see how you can be the next shoutout. I have been really struggling with severe pain from my diseases. PRODUCTS USED: PRIMER:  @hudabeauty  @shophudabeauty  @hudaboss FOUNDATION:  @toofaced  @jackieaina  #bornthiswayfoundation EYEBROWS:  @benefitcosmetics  @larlarlee  #preciselymybrowpencil POWDER:  @hudabeauty  @shophudabeauty  @hudaboss  #easybakepowder BRONZER:  @benefitcosmetics  @mannymua733  #hoolabronzer HIGHLIGHT:  @ofracosmetics  @nikkietutorials  #glazeddonuthighlight EYESHADOW:  @shopvioletvoss  @nicolconcilio  #nicolconciliopalette MASCARA:  @benefitcosmetics  @jeffreestar  #rollerlashmascara EYELINER:  @toofaced  @kandeejohnson  #iwantkandeeeyeliner PENCIL LINER:  @larlarlee  @lauraleelosangeles  #nudiepatootieeyeliner LASHES:  @jazzifilipek  @euphoriabyjazzi  #falselashes LIPS:  @colourpopcosmetics  @kathleenlights  #dreamstreetlip GLOSS:  @christendominique  @dominiquecosmetics  #lemonadegloss SETTING SPRAY:  @smashboxcosmetics  @vladamua  #shimmerspray

6 month ago

I am in too much pain to do makeup videos. I will still do medical videos and updates but it isn’t safe for my neck to do them. I don’t want my medical conditions to get the best of me but I think they are😢🎗🙏

6 month ago

Happy 4th Of July! I am in a lot of pain from my diseases so I have to watch the fireworks in bed. PRIMER:  @esteelauder FOUNDATION:  @makeuprevolution CONCEALER:  @katvondbeauty  #lockitconcealer BRONZER:  @narsissist palette BLUSH:  @narsissist palette HIGHLIGHT:  @narsissist palette LINER:  @morphebrushes  @linda_morphe BROWS:  @anastasiabeverlyhills  #browdefiner and  #clearbrowgel LASHES:  #lilylashes FIREWORKS:  @nyxcosmetics  #vividbrightseyeliner SETTING SPRAY:  @morphebrushes  #prepandsetspray  #morphe  #4thofjuly LIPSTICK:  @smashboxcosmetics

6 month ago

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone has a great day. I have to watch the fireworks from bed😢  @undiscovered_muas

6 month ago

Have you guys checked out this video yet? Link in bio! BROWS:  @anastasiabeverlyhills  #browdefiner PRIMER:  @tatcha  #unicornessence FOUNDATION:  @lancomeofficial CONCEALER:  @tartecosmetics  #shapetapeconcealer POWDER:  @coverfx powder BLUSH:  @toofaced  #loveflushblush BRONZER:  @benefitcosmetics  #hoolalitebronzer HIGHLIGHT:  @colourpopcosmetics  #supershockhighlight and  @hourglasscosmetics  #ambientlightingpalette EYESHADOW:  @anastasiabeverlyhills  #modernrenaissance and  @tartecosmetics  #tarteletteinbloom EYELINER:  @maybelline  #eyestudiogelliner WATERLINE:  @marcbeauty  #highliner MASCARA:  @buxomcosmetics  #mascara LIQUIDLIPSTICK:  @jeffreestarcosmetics birthday suit  #velourliquidlipstick SETTING SPRAY:  @urbandecaycosmetics  #allnightersettingspray

6 month ago

The link is in my bio! I have been struggling with my pain and can’t get any relief. It is really hard to get through the day but here is a tutorial/first impressions from a couple weeks ago. PRIMER:  @tatcha silk canvas FOUNDATION:  @colourpopcosmetics no filter foundation CONCEALER:  @tartecosmetics creaseless concealer BAKING POWDER:  @colourpopcosmetics SETTING POWDER:  @colourpopcosmetics sheer powder BRONZER AND BLUSH:  @toofaced natural face palette HIGHLIGHT:  @anastasiabeverlyhills Dream Glow Kit EYESHADOW:  @urbandecaycosmetics Born To Run Palette EYELINER:  @stilacosmetics Micro Tip Eyeliner MASCARA:  @milk Kush mascara FALSE LASHES:  @euphoriabyjazzi  @jazzifilipek Wifey Lashes LIPS:  @lauraleelosangeles  @larlarlee Nudie Patootie Lio Trio SETTING SPRAY:  @coverfx Illuminating setting spray