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Georgia Legg

🚨Equilibrium Total Balance Signature Class Trainer 💪🏻Personal Trainer 💪🏻Does she even lift? She does! 🥦Greens Beans ‘n’ Chicken

1 day ago

I cannot explain how excited how I am to start teaching the new  @weareequilibrium concept class. Every trainer has put in countless hours to make every element of the class perfect. And it is... Perfect. Can't wait to see you all there! Also... The toilets are to the left in case you're wondering.

4 day ago

Took on  @nikoalgieri this evening in  @kingscrossn1c. We took to the streets and knocked out some Burpee variations! ALSO, as you'll see...HE CHEATED BEGINNERS: Step one leg out first then the other then back in again to stand up. INTERMEDIATE: Hands down, jump both feet out at hip width apart, catch your plank, jump them back in to squat width and stand up, squeeze the glutes! ADVANCED: Chest to floor people! No arched backs liek everyone else in the world. EQ fans do things perfectly.

6 day ago

The new  @weareequilibrium in King's Cross is simply perfect...testing classes at the moment and I can't get enough!

1 month ago

Immensely proud and unbelievably excited to start my new job with my new family  @weareequilibrium. I spent today at the new studio in King's Cross and its like nothing I've ever seen in London. It's beautiful. Jan 2019 I'll see you there...

1 month ago

I couldn't be more excited to start my new journey with the team at  @weareequilibrium.  @nikoalgieri and  @jaybrockwayeq are the best there is at coaching and I've loved every second that I've spent at EQ so far. EQ2 will open in Kings Cross in Jan 2019 and its going to be something quite unique and special.