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Eva Dunbar

❤️@ant.hob_power 🔹Anderson Powerlifting & Kabuki Strength Athlete🔹Nutritionist💪🏼IFBB PRO🔥 ATWR Powerlifter🔥Team DP Trainer

8 hour ago

A REAL goat 🐐 . Undeniable greatness comes from consistency over time, not one hit wonders or one time performances. He never has to tell you he’s awesome, he just shows you. He doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about him. He loves every thing hard... his family, his team, the game and winning.  #patriots🏈  #champions  #greatness  #cantbestopped  #heart  #fortheloveofthegame

3 day ago

I wonder how many more times I’m gonna tell  @ross_petkov he’s right this prep 😂 Top single for today @ 425lbs. First time squatting raw in 3 weeks over 300lbs. If it’s not one thing it’s another. My body seems to be on a different track than my mind these days but it WILL comply. There is only one option, and I’ll decide. In. The. Grind. 🔥  #ksvirtualcoaching  #kabukistrength  #andersonpowerlifting  #depthbeforedishonorsquatcompany  #rippedangel  #dualathlete  #strong #fbb  #notapoppie  #squats #148  #600to600  #lasvegas  #loveyourprocess  #rearviewmirror  #proudcanadian🇨🇦

6 day ago

The women’s powerlifting scene is so competitive. The best in the world are always a performance away from the changing of the guard. I personally don’t focus on beating someone else, or focus on breaking records but focus on my next check point that’s my next stepping stone to my own conceptualization of what real strength looks like in history. For most its just numbers or a title and the bragging rights of what that title is which competitively sure, you earned it, and if that’s your mojo awesome. To me, Greatness isn’t one performance but consistency over time and along with that a feeling that can only be earned practicing for the platform. Anyone that knows me well, can attest I actually don’t like competition. It’s not that I fear losing, or that I can’t perform under pressure, I just have more anxiety about people staring at me while I’m lifting; I feel the same way in the gym, although I seem to have no problem with bodybuilding but that’s my own artistic opportunity to showcase the aesthetic side of my hard work. Anyway, here’s a boring video of weights I’ve pushed over and over. Nothing special just another day in my grind posted cause sponsors like to see it and put more value on others seeing it than I do. Maybe I’m salty today. Maybe I’m tired of the self proclaiming insta brats that passive aggressively hashtag they are the goat 🐐 or the best in world when they only are in the social media world because they are better at marketing themselves until another calculated silent strength phenom decides to compete again. I am however extremely lucky. I wake up every morning with one of the most consistent, absolutely relentless examples of what true strength over time actually looks like. It’s not glamorous, it’s not balanced, it’s frustrating and it’s humbling but it’s so raw.... it’s inspiring and it’s what hard work looks like. It’s my dark horse; almost a mirror image of me in regards of pursuit. It’s my husband and I am eternally grateful I can ride through all of these emotions that encompasses my strength. In. The. Grind. 🔥 #ITG  #andersonpowerlifting  #lasvegas  #depthbeforedishonorsquatco  #kabukistrength  #ksvirtualcoaching

8 day ago

Selfie Sunday 🔥 #ITG  #knowyourworth  #strongwomen  #selfies  #lazysundays #fbb  #feelsexyinyourownskin

8 day ago

After exactly two decades...the present vs the past. Age is merely a number in my mind when you love your life. ❤️  #timemachine  #loveyourlife  #time  #aginglikefinewine  #timeofmylife

12 day ago

Working on my Close Grip and here’s my top set of 308lbs. Feels good to finally start pushing real weight again. This whole shoulder/arm pain is finally starting to subside. I’m relieved and grateful for everyone on my team helping me. In. The. Grind. 🔥  #andersonpowerlifting  #kabukistrength #ITG #148  #powerlifting  #dualathlete  #benchpress  #depthbeforedishonorsquatco  #dptrainer  #lasvegas

13 day ago

The look on my face when shit makes me salty.  #rearviewmirror  #fakelove  #strongwomenempowerotherwomen  #expertswithnocredentials  #berealbeyou

21 day ago

It’s the end of another year and the beginning of the next; another year to love harder, another year to aspire to be greater and more time to cherish the people that make it possible to experience the happiness that lies within you. I’m sitting in an airport talking to people I don’t know about life events and tribulations they have faced. It’s not planned or expected and it’s perfect. Every time I look to my right and catch my husbands eyes I feel incredibly grateful. My heart is full, because even in the situations that I find myself whether ideal or not, I never have to worry about feeling alone and we always laugh and are reminded how lucky we are to be where we are, and together. My New Years resolution this year isn’t about what I need to do, but what I need to appreciate; I need to focus on being in present time. I don’t know that this upcoming year will be my best year, but it will be certainly be one I will never forget. Happy New Year to all my family and friends. ❤️  #newyear  #andersonpowerlifting  #kabukistrength  #depthbeforedishonorsquatco  #friends  #cherisheverymoment  #2019

23 day ago

This picture represents why I personally love powerlifting. As teammates we have a lot in common, but the most important thing amongst us is our willingness and passion for something we love doing so much. We love to compete and train in the sport of powerlifting; camaraderie is the foundation of every record set and boundary pushed. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and people that powerlifting brings to my life.  #andersonpowerlifting  #kabukistrength  #depthbeforedishonor  #friends  #pushingboundaries  #discipline  #memories💕  #teammates  #powerliftingmotivation  #strong  @pitmankevin  @kenanderson4342  @bionicgorilla  @raemiller600 @ant.hob_power  @andersonpowerlifting

24 day ago

Cherish those who cherish you. Love them hard to the point it hurts. Tell them how much you love them every damn day. Make memories, take photos to remember and always try to give more than you receive. Our interactions define us. They shape our minds and forever change our hearts. Full hearts, clear mind.  #andersonpowerlifting  #ksvirtualcoaching  #kabukistrength #ITG  #familypictures  #lovehard  #depthbeforedishonor  #love  #loyalty  #fullheart❤️  #memories💕

1 month ago

I won this round. Elbow pain gone ✅ Forearm tingling and numbness gone ✅ Battle scars to show for it ✅ One thing I have learned about correcting body issues: you’ve got to be patient and be more stubborn than the muscles you’re trying to fix. I’m one step closer to being out of the weeds. So for today, I don’t want to cut my arms off and trade them in, I’ll be fine with the ones I have.  #andersonpowerlifting  #kabukistrength  #strongallyearlong  #uncharteredterritory  #bodywork  #grastontechnique  #depthbeforedishonor #ITG #148 #fbb

1 month ago

635lbs here. I am starting to get comfortable now with this process. This heavy doesn’t feel as heavy as it did last week and I’m feeling more confident. Time to take out the box and tighten up the briefs. In. The. Grind. 🔥  #andersonpowerlifting  #kabukistrength #ITG #148  #dualathlete  #depthbeforedishonor  #discipline  #rearviewmirror  #strongallyearlong  #uncharteredterritory  @andersonpowerlifting  @depth_beforedishonor_squatco  @kabukistrengthlab @dp.training