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Movie critic 🎥📹 Youtube Channel: Dr. Film. Christianity 📖 RCC Student 🎓 18 years old I have a great family☺ Spiderman:Into the Spiderverse review

3 day ago

Dr. Film here to announce my review Spider-Man:Into the Spiderverse is finally out. Hope you guys enjoy the video and have a greak weekend☺👋. Link to the video in the bio  #spiderman  #sony  #marvel

4 day ago

Hey guys, Dr. Film here, this afternoon my brother and I have just watched Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. And it was awesome. And don't worry, you'll be hearing more about this movie in my next review. Take care guys😎👋.

6 day ago

Psalm 103:1-5 Romans 6:1-4 For those who are struggling with sin, read these verses. God is like a Father to us. He cares about you, he created you, and he doesn't want you to live in sin. He wants to rescue you and he doesn't want you to be lost in the dark. Through these verses, God is telling you that it's never too late to do the right thing. He is encouraging you to humbly pray to Him and to seek for a new direction in your life. And believe, always believe that He's always with you, and never forget that when Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, he saved us and that our old sinful selves were crucified with Christ so that sin loses its power in our lives. Overall, you are dead to sin, but you're alive to God through Jesus Christ his Son.  #godisgood  #Bible  #Hope  #godislove  #followchrist

10 day ago

Dr. Film here to announce that my video is out and it'll take you to my most anticipated movies of 2019. Hope you guys get a chance to see it and have a great weekend☺👋.  #anticipatedmoviesof2019  #drfilm Link to the video in the bio

14 day ago

Hey guys which movie do you prefer to watch on a movie night, War for the Planet of the Apes or Logan? Hope you guys had a great weekend and take care👋☺.  #hughjackman  #logan  #andyserkis  #planetoftheapes  #mattreeves

18 day ago

Dr. Film here to announce that my new video is out and it will take you to my Top 10 Best Movies of 2018. Hope you guys check it out and take care. Link to the video in the bio

18 day ago

Psalm 107:1-2 2019 is a new year. A year to leave the past behind and moving forward into the future. If you're looking to start a new life, start by trusting in God because God has plans for you, plans that are more than you can imagine. And always believe that God will always keep his promises even when things aren't doing well. God will never leave you alone, and he will always watch over you. May God bless this new year and may he watch over all of those searching for Christ. Happy New Year!🎉🎊🎈  #2019year  #Movingforward  #trustinGod

23 day ago

I got Mission: Impossible- Fallout for Christmas, and I went crazy when I got this cause I wasn't expecting this movie. I like to thank my friend Archie for this gift, and happy almost new year everybody👋☺.  #missionimpossiblefallout  #tomcruise

26 day ago

My new review for this holiday is Elf. Hope you get a chance to see it and enjoy. Merry Christmas 🎅. Link to the video in the bio.

27 day ago

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas eve with your friends and family, and may it be an unforgettable night. Happy Holidays😀.  #Christmas  #happyholidays

28 day ago

My family and I have so many Christmas presents. I mean it's gonna be a long night to unwrap them when it's Christmas. Guess how many presents there are. The winner will get a thumbs up.

28 day ago

Imagine finding the Grinch in your home, at midnight, stealing cookies and milk and your Christmas tree. What would you do?  #grinch