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10 hour ago

Not great quality but hey it’s content. So we had an interesting day today. I figured he would be hot since it’s been a couple days so I was kinda prepared but there was a women in the arena breaking her draft to harness since Bucky is a harness race horse you could say he got a bit e x c i t e d so he was bolting and trying to pace and all that fun stuff but we powered through and actually got into a really good mindset by the end proud of my bean for overcoming one of his many fears.

2 day ago

Sorry I’ve been so inactive. it’s super cold so I haven’t been able to be at the barn much. I’ll have content when it warms up. For now just enjoy the disfunction in this photo.

10 day ago

Found this photo from the veteran show and I just can’t get over Bucky’s face. Ps. I know I am barrel racing in an English saddle. I don’t have a western one and there weren’t any that I could use.

21 day ago

My little bean did so well in our ride today! He’s coming along sooo well

24 day ago

Easily the best day of my life

27 day ago

This blanket fits Bucky so weird so I’ll probably end up getting a new one but it’ll work for now. On another note I cannot wait until Christmas! I cant believe it’s only five days away!

1 month ago

My horse is like super cute and I’m like super not

1 month ago

Happy with my little bean. Excuse the awful eq!  #standardbredscanjump

1 month ago

This has basically turned into a fan account for my horse and I can’t say I’m angry about it

2 month ago

I wish it was summer. All this snow is really killing my vibes.

2 month ago

This photo makes me very proud

4 month ago